February 2023: List of Important National and International Days

international days in February 2023

February typically has 28 days, with 29 days in leap years. The second month of the year has arrived. Important dates in February 2023 are observed to raise public awareness of the significance of holidays, days, etc. Certain events draw attention to issues like disease, poverty, etc., educating people about their importance and raising awareness.

The General Knowledge section is significant in government exams like S.S.C., banking, etc. This section’s questions cover a wide range of topics. Occasionally, questions are inspired by significant occasions.

Candidates can quickly refer to the important days of February 2023 in India and abroad. This list of important dates in February 2023 with related themes is helpful for candidates preparing for competitive exams. Additionally, it will help you increase your general knowledge of historical events that have occurred worldwide as well as themes offered in accordance with current needs.

Candidates can anticipate questions in the general awareness section of competitive exams based on the list of important dates in February 2023. Feb is a month with several significant events, festivals, and celebrations domestically and abroad. The list of effective days and dates for February is provided below. This February month’s important days list will aid your preparation for the competitive examination.

Indian Coast Guard Day

India observes the I.C.G.’s (Indian Coast Guard) Raising Day on Feb 1. This year, I.C.G. celebrates its 47th Raising Day. I.C.G. was first established 1977 on February 1 by the Coast Guard Act 1978 of the Indian Parliament. On August 18, 1978, the Coast Guard, a division of the Ministry of Defense, was formally established. It is one of the February 2023 special days. Read More.

World Wetland Day

Several environmentalists gathered in 1971 to reaffirm their love and protection for wetlands, which are the microenvironments of plant life and organisms found within water bodies and promote ecological health in abundance to water bodies and environments as a whole. It is one of the important dates of February 2023 and is known as World Wetland Day.

World Cancer Day

Every year on Feb 4, the World Health Organization (WHO) observes World Cancer Day raise awareness of cancer and its treatment. 2020’s theme is “I Am and Will.” According to WHO, the theme is a motivating call to action that encourages individual commitment and symbolises the potential for individual action taken now to affect the future. Read More

International Day Against Female Genital Mutilation

To end female genital mutilation, the U.N. sponsors the annual awareness day known as the “International Day against Female Genital Mutilation” on February 6. It is one of those important days in February 2023 that was initially presented in 2003.

International Development Week – 7th – 12th February 2022

In Canada, International Development Week is observed from February 7 through Feb 12 and is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year. The purpose of these February 2023 important days in the form of International Development Week (I.D.W.) is to raise awareness of global partnerships that Canadians are forming and their significant contributions to international development. Read More

Safer Internet Day

It is observed on the second day of the second week in February. This year, it will celebrated on February 8. The day’s goal to everyone involved to cooperate in making the internet a safer and more entertaining place for everyone, especially kids and teenagers. This one of the important dates of February 2023.

National De-worming Day

The holiday observed on February 10. The Government of India’s Ministry of Health and Family Welfare has started a campaign to ensure that no child in the nation has worms.

International Day of Women and Girls in Science

On February 11, it recognised that women and girls in science have benefited from and influenced change. As a result, the day’s main goal is to ensure that women and girls can participate in science on an equal footing. Other goals include promoting gender equality and women’s and girls’ empowerment. Read More

National Productivity day

Every year on Feb 12, the nation celebrates national productivity day. The National Productivity Council observes the day (N.P.C.). Read More

The birth anniversary of Sarojini Naidu

Sarojini Naidu, also known as the Nightingale of India, was born in Hyderabad on February 13, 1879. She presided over the Indian National Congress as its first female president. Read More

World Day of Justice

On February 20, people worldwide observe World Day of Social Justice every year. The purpose of one of these important Feb 2023 dates to inspire people to consider how social justice impacts the fight against poverty.

World N.G.O. Day

On February 27, non-governmental and nonprofit organisations recognised and honoured worldwide as part of the World N.G.O. Day celebration.

National Science Day

Every year on Feb 28, India celebrates National Science Day. The day commemorated in honour of Indian physicist Sir Chandrasekhara Venkata Raman, who discovered the Raman Effect and awarded the 1930 Nobel Prize in Physics.

List of February 2023 Important Days


 Name of important Days
1 February National Freedom Day (US)
1 February National Signing Day
1 February Jackie Shroff Birthday
1 February Manoj Tiwari Birthday
1 February Indian Coast Guard Day
1 to 16 February Surajkund Mela
2 February World Wetlands Day
2 February Rheumatoid Arthritis Awareness Day
2 February Groundhog Day
2 February National Hedgehog Day
2 February National Tater Tot Day
4 February World Cancer Day
4 February National Day of Sri Lanka
4 February Varun Sharma Birthday
4 February Urmila Matondkar Birthday
4 February World Hypnotism Day
5 February Bhuvneshwar Kumar Birthday
5 February Abhishek Bachchan Birthday
5 to 13 February Kala Ghoda Festival
6 February Female Genital Mutilation
6 February International Day of Zero Tolerance for Female Genital Mutilation
6 to 11 February International Development Week
8 February Safer Internet Day
8 February Mohammad Azharuddin Birthday
8 February Jagjit Singh Birthday
9 February Rahul Roy Birthday
10 February World Pulses Day
10 February Kumar Vishwas Birthday
10 February National Deworming Day
10 February International Day of Women and Science
11 February World Day of the Sick
11 February International Day of Women and Girl in Science
12 February National Deworming Day
12 February Abraham Lincoln’s Birthday
12 February National Productivity Day
13 February World Radio Day
13 February International Epilepsy Day
13 February Sarojini Naidu Birth Anniversary (Women’s Day)
14 February Saint Valentine’s Day
14 February Sushma Swaraj Birthday
15 February Randhir Kapoor Birthday
17 February Arunoday Singh Birthday
18 February National Thesaurus Day
18 to 27 February Taj Mahotsav
20 February Arunachal Pradesh Foundation Day
20 February Annu Kapoor Birthday
20 February World Day of Social Justice
20 February Arunachal Pradesh State Formation Day
20 February Priyanshu Chatterjee Birthday
21 February International Mother Language Day
22 February World Thinking Day
23 February Bhagyashree Dasani Birthday
24 February Central Excise Day
24 February Pooja Bhatt Birthday
27 February World NGO Day
27 February Nirav Modi Birthday
28 February National Science Day
28 February Rare Disease Day

Valentine Day Week List 2023



07-Feb Rose Day
08-Feb Propose Day
09-Feb Chocolate Day
10-Feb Teddy Day
11-Feb Promise Day
12-Feb Hug Day
13-Feb Kiss Day
14-Feb Valentine’s Day
15-Feb Slap Day
16-Feb Kick Day
17-Feb Perfume Day
18-Feb Flirting Day
19-Feb Confession Day
20-Feb Missing Day
21-Feb Break Up Day

F.A.Q.s on Important dates for February 2023

Q. 1 When February’s Taj Mahotsav observed?

The Taj Mahotsav observed between Feb 18 and February 27.

Q.2 Which of the important days in Feb observed on February 20?

Feb 20 observed as the International Day for Social Justice.

Q.3 Why is February the month when World N.G.O. Day observed?

All nonprofit and non-governmental organisations that benefit society and the people who work for them recognised, honoured, and celebrated on this day.

Q.4 What are the special dates in February 2023?

The most important days in Feb are National Science Day, World Scout Day, International Mother Language Day, World Pulses Day, World Radio Day, and the National Day of Sri Lanka.

Q.5 On what day does International Mother Language Day occur?

Feb 21 is International Mother Language Day or Bengali Language Movement.

Q.6 What will be the focus of National Science Day in 2022?

In 2022, National Science Day will be celebrated under the theme “Integrated Approach in S&T for a Sustainable Future.”

Q. 7 What will the focus be on for World Cancer Day in 2022?

Ans. “Close the Care Gap” is the theme of World Cancer Day in 2022.

Q. 8 When Indian Coast Guard Day observed?

Ans. On February 1, we commemorate Indian Coast Guard Day.

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