Kala Ghoda Art Festival

Significance of Kala Ghoda Festival

Kala Ghoda Festival 2023 is coming back with a splash. It is a multicultural festival which is the largest in the country.

It is a nine-day festival which starts on February 4, Saturday, and will go on till February 12, Sunday. This nine-day festival takes place in the area of south Mumbai, which the Kala Ghoda Association organizes.

The remarkable things about this place are the boutiques, restaurants, institutes of education, the spaces where culture is reflected, and its heritage buildings. It is a celebration of music, theatre, comedy, and films.

How is the Kala Ghoda Art Festival 2023 going to be celebrated?

Kala Ghoda Art Festival 2023 is held in Mumbai and attracts more than 150,000 people worldwide. 2023 will be the 24th edition of this Kala Ghoda Art Festival in the Kala Ghoda Art District.

Since 1999, the Kala Ghoda Arts Festival has become one of the biggest street art festivals in the country. One of the country’s largest multicultural festivals is the Kala Ghoda Arts Festival, which takes place annually in the month of February.

Kala Ghoda Art Festival is a non-profitable organization. The festival named after the blackish equestrian statue of Edward VII, which used to be located in the fort area of Mumbai.

Though this festival renowned as an art festival, its main highlight is that it is a street festival. The motto is to refurbish and preserve the art in the districts of Mumbai.

It is South Mumbai. One of the country’s street art festivals, drawing large numbers of visitors, not just from Mumbai but all over the country and the world.

Aims to promote arts, crafts and heritage culture; the annual funds raised from this festival used to renovate the districts of the organizing team.

It has a speciality to organize online markets, which helps to reduce the gap between communities and small artisans who are striving hard to bring authenticated art.

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The Importance of Kala Ghoda Festival Activities:

  • The Activities help people relax from their daily routines.
  • People gather and do street paintings;
  • There are so many photo exhibitions;
  • People perform theatres, interactive installations held;
  • People organize a marketplace for food and fashion;
  • People gather at a place and perform live in different journo,
  • Sports of different types can organized,

Street boxing can organized by making teams and so many other activities can organized.

Kala Ghoda Festival Quotes

The following are the quotes, which inspire people to exhibit different types of art in the south Mumbai districts.

The following quotes are:

  1. I’m not afraid of computers taking over the world.
  2. I am the one with popular culture.
  3. (Despite the miracles they had seen God perform in Egypt, their eyes were on the power of the Egyptians.
  4. Be patient under all conditions and place your whole trust and confidence in God.
  5. If man retained faith in God, he might also retain faith in man.
  6. This installation sends a strong message: do not destroy nature. Humans can be selfish or unaware of the damage they inflict on the environment, and should confront their inner demons,” Ami explains.
  7. “Absorb whatever you have exposed to or done in the past, and build on the layers positively. Take these threads forward and weave your narrative with them,” explains Ami.
  8. Environmental conservation is another theme running across many of the stalls and exhibits, with messages of ‘refuse, reduce, reuse, repurpose, reclaim and recycle.’

These motivational quotes show the importance of India’s old culture and art.

The Important Theme of Kala Ghoda Festival:

The Theme has different events which organized by different areas of people.

There are mainly 14 categories of events which will held:

  • Dance: Dance programs held on different themes from Indian Classical to Contemporary to International.
  • Food: Food walks and stalls with different ingredients featured here.
  • For Children there will b nearly 77 events on this day.
  • Theatre: Around 35 plays in various languages held here. And other events like music, movies, literature, visual arts, heritage walks and stalls, Urban Design and Architecture, Standup comedy etc performed.

What is the Kala Ghoda Festival History about?

The History states that it formed on October 30, 1998. It celebrated to maintain and preserve the old art and heritage in the districts of south Mumbai.

The Kala Ghoda Art Precinct is located in Mumbai’s Fort area, one of the city’s trendiest districts. It runs north along Mahatma Gandhi (MG) Road from Regal.

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