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One important day celebrated as part of Valentine’s week celebration is Promise Day. It is celebrated on 11th February every year. It is also considered one of the most awaited and important days since the lovers promise to love each other selflessly throughout their lives.

Many people who want to propose to their love wait for this day so that they can express their love and also make a promise to their love on this special day. Promise Day comes as the first important day of Valentine’s Day. On this day, lovers make promises and present something to their special ones so that they can make a special day in their lives.

How to Celebrate Promise Day in 2023?

Any promise made on Promise Day to the special one is meant to be fulfilled so that the truth and honesty can be shown to the partner. It is essential that whatever promises you are making for your loved ones on this particular day should be the most realistic and practical ones. One should be loyal and keep their promise so that their relationship would enrich and love, care and affection between the partners grow each year. Try to spend some time before the promised day and understand what your partner is looking for. Then, you can try and make promises to fulfil them.

Different Kinds of Promises that you can make on this Promise Day:

  1. I love you every day, no matter how old we get; we will grow old together and love each other.
  2. I will never hide anything from you; let us share the happiest and saddest moments of life with each other.
  3. I will never break your trust and lie in our relationship.
  4. I will fulfil all my commitments and be devoted to our relationship.
  5. I will remember every important day of our life; no matter how busy we are, we will take some time and celebrate together.
  6. After any fight or argument, let us both sit together and resolve by ourselves.
  7. I promise to be on your side in every important decision that you take in life.
  8. I am always there for you to encourage you and do my best to achieve your goals.
  9. No matter how big a problem we face in our lives, let us solve it together.
  10. I will ensure you are happy and give you the best memories in our love journey.

Importance of Promise Day

Keeping up the promises is equally important as making them. Promises play an important role in a person’s life. It gives positivity and hopes to a person that there is someone in life who is always caring and loving them. You can maintain a simple diary whenever you make and fulfil a promise.

This way, you can keep track of your promises. In this busy modern world, we have become so busy that we hardly get time to do anything. But it is equally important to keep up our promises to our special ones. While making promises, sacrifices, and adjustments may needed, it is worth making loved ones happy.

On this Promise Day, you can also promise your family members and friends whatever you want to do to see them happy. Some promises can fulfilled immediately, but some take time; it is okay to promise them and work towards fulfilling them. When you are making promises to your family members, friends or loved ones, spend quality time with them and understand their emotions and feelings better.

Then, think about the promise you can make and fulfil it so they will be really happy. This way, you can bring a strong bonding in your relationships, and you will start feeling special about yourself. You will find love, joy, care and happiness in life.

Valentine Day Week List 2023



07-Feb Rose Day
08-Feb Propose Day
09-Feb Chocolate Day
10-Feb Teddy Day
11-Feb Promise Day
12-Feb Hug Day
13-Feb Kiss Day
14-Feb Valentine’s Day
15-Feb Slap Day
16-Feb Kick Day
17-Feb Perfume Day
18-Feb Flirting Day
19-Feb Confession Day
20-Feb Missing Day
21-Feb Break Up Day

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