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One of the important days celebrated in Valentine’s week is Propose Day 2023. Propose Day is celebrated on 8th February. Lovers wait for this special Day to express their love towards their partner and propose to them.

It is also the most awaited Day of Valentine’s week. Lovers plan differently and uniquely to propose to their love so that it becomes the most memorable moment of their lives.

In this blog, we would like to help you with a few ideas that may be helpful to you to propose to your loved ones on this special Day.

Here are some excellent proposal ideas for you on Propose Day 2023:

1. Proposing in front of family members and friends:

You can arrange a lunch or dinner with family members and friends, and then in front of everyone, you can propose to your love. This way, your special one will be thrilled and happy.

2. Taking for a Favourite movie:

You can take your partner to their favourite movie and in the middle of the movie looks for an opportunity and propose, if there is any possibility you can talk to the staff of the theatre well in advance and can ask them to roll a slide of your both pic together while proposing.

3. Proposing on a Beach:

These busy days, people hardly get any time to spend with each other, so take a holiday, plan and take your special one to a beach, make a few surprising arrangements there, and then propose.

4. Candlelight dinner:

Take your special one to a candlelight dinner, and that would be the most romantic way of proposing; you can treat them to their favourite food and express your true feelings towards them.

5. Taking on a long drive:

If your special one loves a long drive, plan well in advance and take a long one, and you can propose at the right time to express your love and affection.

6. Skywriting:

One of the oldest but the most effective even today is skywriting; you can approach any local skywriting company and then plan to display your proposal and surprise your loved one.

7. Surprising with Memories:

You can fill your room with all the pictures of you together taken in different situations and can surprise your partner; they would understand your proposal that you are so caring and would take care of them in all situations and be there for them whenever needed.

8. You can invite the best buddies:

You can invite all your best buddies and their best buddies and can present a gift which they want it for a long time and surprise them.

9. Taking on a trip:

Take your partner to their favourite place they have wanted to visit for a long time, and you can express all your emotions and feelings towards them.

10. Make a unique greeting card:

Make a greeting card on your own with both your pictures and write down your feelings towards your partner; this way, they can understand your love and affection towards them.

Here are a few quotes to help you on your Proposing Day:

  • You are my answered prayer. My dream is you live with you in my life. Happy Propose Day!
  • I knew you were my soulmate from the Day I first met you. Thanks for coming into my life and making it beautiful. You are everything in my life. Happy Propose Day!
  • Would you promise to be with me today and forever on this special Day? I promise you that I am always there for you. Happy Propose Day!
  • Today I want to say that I want to grow old with you. Shall we spend the rest of your lives together?
  • This world has many love stories, but ours is the most special one. Happy Propose Day 2023!

Whatever the plan, make sure that you are confident they love you before planning a surprise and proposing. You may get hurt if you are unsure about others’ feelings and propose. You can take time to spend with them and let them also have the same feelings for you, then plan and have a special Proposing Day this Valentine’s week.

Valentine Day Week List 2023



07-Feb Rose Day
08-Feb Propose Day
09-Feb Chocolate Day
10-Feb Teddy Day
11-Feb Promise Day
12-Feb Hug Day
13-Feb Kiss Day
14-Feb Valentine’s Day
15-Feb Slap Day
16-Feb Kick Day
17-Feb Perfume Day
18-Feb Flirting Day
19-Feb Confession Day
20-Feb Missing Day
21-Feb Break Up Day

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