Saint Valentines Day

On February 14, AD 269, a man named Saint Valentine was killed who was from Rome. This Day is observed as Saint Valentine’s Day. Pope Gelasius announced this celebration in AD 496. Saint Valentine’s Day 2023 is celebrated to honor the Christian martyr.

The dark truth about Valentine’s Day is that people think it is a festival of candy and cupids, but the truth is unclear; it is bloody and a bit muddled. Lupercalia is a feast that Romans enjoy in February from the 13th to the 15th.

This was celebrated every year in ancient Rome; it was called a pastoral feast, which was observed to clean the city and help to purify health and fertility.

On these, people sacrifice goats and dogs, and then this blood whips with the hides of animals they had just slain. A Yale University professor called Noel Lenski said that the Roman romantics were drunk and naked, and the young women would line up for the men to hit them.

This was done because they thought this would make them fertile. This was their disbelief. On this, they used to play a lottery for matchmaking where men drew the chits of women’s names from a jar. Then it is believed that they would be a couple during the festival or can be a couple for longer whose names were matched right.

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The history of Valentine’s Day for students

It is a festival called Valentine’s Day, where the Roman Catholic Church honors the two saints named Valentine. Both saints were of ancient Romans of the period 200AD who believed in sacrificing their lives for the Christian faith.

The modern generation celebrates this Valentine’s Day by picking the Valentines from a box. People also believe that Valentine wrote a letter to the jailer’s daughter, who fell in love with Valentine.

He wrote this letter before he died. Valentine’s Day is celebrated yearly when love and friendship are expressed. On this Day, people send messages of love and affection to each other.

It known as Saint Valentine is the patron saint of love. It said that on this Day, God wills life to perform miracles and gives a chance to experience true love to people.

The holiday declared by an Italian doctor who was also a priest. It also believed that a vast range of spiritual responsibilities exists on Valentine’s Day.

Valentine expected to the patron saint who matched the couple for a happy marriage. Saint Valentine was born in AD 255 at Narbo Martius in Gallia Narbonensis, Roman Empire and died in AD 288 Rome in Italia, Roman Empire. Catholic Church, Orthodox Church, and Oriental Orthodoxy Anglicanism Aglipayan Church revered him.

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The following are the ten facts about Saint Valentine’s Day are:

  1. Saint Valentine’s Day celebrated on February 14 each year. It celebrated in many countries worldwide, although it remains a working day in most of them. It is the second most celebrated holiday in the world.
  2. Malaysia, Iran, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia and Pakistan has banned Valentine’s Day! Celebrating Valentine’s Day with flowers, chocolates, or a glass of wine could result in severe punishment.
  3. In Japan, women give chocolates to their boyfriends, male friends and co-workers on Valentine’s Day. Men return the favor on March 14, known as White Day, by handing out white chocolates, lingerie and jewelry to their female friends and loved ones.
  4. More than One Day needed for the Argentineans. They take a week to celebrate Valentine’s Day, and in addition to February 14, they also set aside seven days in July for “sweetness week”!
  5. Valentine’s Day is not the most popular holiday for greeting cards. Christmas is more popular.
  6. Teachers receive the most Valentine’s Day cards.
  7. Nearly three-quarters of men will buy flowers on Valentine’s Day.
  8. Pets can be your Valentine too. About 3 percent of pet owners will give Valentine’s Day gifts to their pets.
  9. Women buy most Valentine’s gifts – even for themselves!
  10. The first ever Valentine celebrated in 496.

On Valentine’s Day, people do the following activities:

People gather at a place to celebrate their love for their loved ones. People make cards where they express the affection they have towards each other.

On this Day, people make Valentine’s flash cards. Poems written for their favorites. We can post these activities on social media, bringing peace to society. Lovers plan outdoor dinners and movie nights.

People go to NGOs and nursing homes to celebrate the love and make them believe they are not alone. Valentine’s Day shows that we are with our loved ones. This Day resembles the life choices and the current status of happiness.

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Valentine Day Week List 2023



07-Feb Rose Day
08-Feb Propose Day
09-Feb Chocolate Day
10-Feb Teddy Day
11-Feb Promise Day
12-Feb Hug Day
13-Feb Kiss Day
14-Feb Valentine’s Day
15-Feb Slap Day
16-Feb Kick Day
17-Feb Perfume Day
18-Feb Flirting Day
19-Feb Confession Day
20-Feb Missing Day
21-Feb Break Up Day

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