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As we know, many days are celebrated as a part of Valentine’s Week; Chocolate Day 2023 is one of the days celebrated. Chocolate Day is celebrated on February 9th.

Chocolate Day is one of the special days when lovers celebrate expressing their love with the hope that their love remains as sweet as the chocolate throughout their lives.

Irrespective of age, everyone in the world loves chocolates. Additionally, we have wide varieties of chocolates one can choose as per their choice. Chocolates are gifted to express emotions and love for each other.

Gradually, along with other days, Chocolate Day has become sentimental for some people who wait for this particular day to propose to their lover.

People usually love celebrating this Chocolate Day by taking their loved ones on a romantic date and surprising them by gifting their favourite chocolate.

Many believe that since most people will have cravings for sweets, they can create sweet memories by celebrating this Chocolate Day. You can celebrate Chocolate Day with anyone, be it family or friends, who are precious and important in your life.

When did Chocolate Day start?

It was believed that Chocolate Day had become a part of the celebration of Valentine’s Week from Europe in 1550. In the 1840s, Valentine’s Day began getting global attention, and people worldwide started celebrating it.

Soon, Chocolate Day has become one of the important days of Valentine’s Week.

From History, the most important aspect of the Chocolate Day count is Richard Cadbury, a chocolate maker and philanthropist.

The following are the benefits of Chocolates:

  • As we all know, chocolates are high in antioxidants and have cacao, which is very important for the skin’s glow.
  • Dark chocolate has many health benefits, and if your loved ones love it, you can choose it on this Chocolate Day.
  • Chocolates have a strong aroma as they have the properties like phytochemicals like polyphenols and are an antioxidant. Chocolates also have flavonoids like valeric acid, which helps relax your body from all kinds of stress.
  • A bar of chocolate boosts a person’s mood and gives a refreshing feeling.
  • Flavonoids present in dark chocolates reduce the risk of having Diabetes.
  • Many believe that giving chocolates on this Chocolate Day is a sign of love and commitment towards each other on this special day to start their love journey.

There are mainly 10 different types of Chocolates:

Since you got many lists, you can know the taste and preferences of your loved ones well in advance and can gift them chocolates on this Chocolate Day 2023.

1. Milk Chocolate:

This chocolate consists of ten to 40 percent cacao mixed with milk and sugar. This chocolate is sweeter when compared to other chocolates.

2. White chocolate:

It consists of cocoa butter. The taste of this chocolate is smooth vanilla. In this chocolate, there is 20 percent cocoa butter, 15 percent milk solids and 55 percent sugar.

3. Dark Chocolate:

This chocolate consists of cocoa butter, liquor and sugar. These chocolates do not have any milk solids. Cocoa present in dark chocolates is 30 percent to 80 percent. These chocolates taste bittersweet; some semisweet chocolates  also considered dark chocolates.

4. Semisweet Chocolate:

These chocolates contain 35 percent cocoa solids. These chocolates taste bitter. This kind of chocolate primarily used in baking.

5. Bittersweet Chocolate:

These chocolates consist of 35 percent cocoa, as per the FDA, and most of the bittersweet bars contain 50 percent of cocoa. These chocolates are bitter in taste.

6. Unsweetened Chocolate:

This chocolate is also called Baking Chocolate. This pure chocolate liquor made of ground cocoa beans. We cannot consume this chocolate directly, but it can used in baking or cooking with other ingredients to make a particular dish. It gives a sweet aroma and a rich chocolate taste to the food item that prepared.

7. Cocoa Powder:

This powder consists of no sugar but 100 percent of cacao. Cocoa butter extracted from this powder. Its taste bitter, and it used in recipes. It usually used in easily mix with batters and doughs.

8. Sweet German Chocolate:

This chocolate was first made by Samuel German. It is one of the dark baking chocolates. The bakers can conveniently use this chocolate by adding sugar directly to it. We find these chocolates mostly in German Cakes.

9. Couverture Chocolate:

It is one of the most expensive chocolates since it has a higher percentage of cocoa and butter. This mainly used in making candies.

10. Ruby Chocolate:

The first Ruby was made in China in the year 2017, September. This chocolate made from ruby cocoa, naturally found in Brazil and Ecuador. It tastes like a combination of berries and white chocolate.

We wish you a happy Chocolate Day 2023!

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