World Radio Day 2023

World Radio Day 2023 Wikipedia says that February 13th observed as World Radio Day every year worldwide. The member states of UNESCO announced this in 2011, and the United Nations General Assembly took it in 2012, which known as an International Day.

The most powerful medium to celebrate humanity in all aspects and tries to bring the democratic discourse under the same roof is radio. The Spanish Radio Academy requested, on September 20th, 2010, the UNESCO Executive Board announce World Radio Day 2023.

What is the main Agenda of World Day Day?

The Executive Board had an agenda to make September 29th, 2011, world Radio Day. The Executive Board had discussions with stakeholders, Broadcasting associations, Agencies, NGOs, Organizations, Bilateral agencies, UNESCO Permanent Delegations, and National Commissions for UNESCO.

Then in December 2012, the General Assembly of the UN announced the decision of the World Radio Day for which all the UN agencies, funds, programs, and partners celebrated. Lifeline Energy, Frontline SMS, SOAS Radio, and Empower house organized a meeting in London in honor of World Radio Day in 2012.

A large number of academics, practitioners, and tool providers collaborated with the School of Oriental and African Studies to look for different ways where radio reaches every corner and the most vulnerable communities. The College of Telecommunications Engineers of Catalunya organized a public event in Barcelona in 2012, which is in Spain, to celebrate World Radio Day.

This event held with the coordination of the Government of Catalonia. The collaboration of public services Broadcasting, Commercial Broadcasting, and community Broadcasting at both local and national levels celebrate World Radio Day, which Bangladesh NGOs Network promotes for Radio and Communication.

The National Committee started in Bangladesh when World Radio Day announced. The International Committee of Radio started in 2012 when UNESCO declared World Radio Day. Jorge Alvarez, who was a Spanish Radio Academy president, proposed the idea of announcing the International Committee.

What is the prominence of the Committee?

This Committee has the most popular broadcast organizations. The organizations are like ITU-International Telecommunication Union, Spanish Radio Academy, IAB-International Association of Broadcasting, ABU-Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union, ASBU-Arab States Broadcasting Union, EBU/UER-European Broadcasting Union, AER-Association of European Radios, AMARC-World Association of Community Radio Broadcasters, AIBD-Asia Pacific Institute for Broadcasting Development, BNNRC-Bangladesh NGOs Network for  Communication, URTI-International Radio and Television Union and AUB/UAR-The African Union of Broadcasting. Finally, the Founding Act signed on March 12th, 2012.

The World Radio Day 2023 theme

The main theme of “Radio and Peace.” Radio plays a significant role in maintaining and bringing peace, exploring the topic on demand from the public and the government, and making salient features on burning issues. Also, they have an agenda-setting function and provision of important services.

The theme of the 2022 year of it was “Radio and Trust.” On World Radio Day 2022, UNESCO calls on radio stations worldwide to explore this event’s 11th edition and more than a century of radio. The 2021 year had three sub-theme based: Evolution, Innovation, and Connect.

World Radio Day Dates

1. World Radio Day 2020 observed on Thursday, February 13th, with the theme of “Radio and diversity.” UNESCO and the UN called on radio stations to uphold diversity in their newsroom and on the airwaves.

2. World Radio Day 2019 held on Wednesday, February 13th, around the theme of “Dialogue, Tolerance, and Peace.

3. “World Radio Day 2018 held on February 13th, 2018. Around the theme of “Radio and Sports” to celebrate momentous sporting events.

4. World Radio Day 2017 held on February 13th, 2017. Around the theme of “Radio is you” to celebrate how audiences interact with radio.

5. World Radio Day 2016 held on February 13th, 2016, around the theme of Radio in Times of Emergency and Disaster to build partnerships with the humanitarian and emergency sector and the community at large.

6. World Radio Day 2015 held on February 13th, 2015, around the theme of Youth and Radio to increase the participation of young people in radio.

7. World Radio Day 2014 had the theme Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment in Radio, proposed by UNESCO.

8. World Radio Day honors the oldest and most widely used communication medium and diverse platforms.

The slogan of Indian Radio is “Bahujanahitaya Bahujanasukhaya.” Radio is not like TV. It is portable and used to convey information from one place to the other through media without wires.

Radio has become the primary source of Broadcast news which changed the landscape mass medium. Radios had real-time communications or discussions during the world wars. Radios have laid the path to technological improvements.

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