International Development Week

Why is International Development Week Celebrated?

International Development Week celebrated from February 6th to February 12th every year. It observed in Canada. This event organized by the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA).

This event started in 1990 by CIDA. The first event of International Development Week organized in 1998. The motto of International Development Week to work for the feeble states and countries in difficult times, the countries to focused on, the Canadian population, and underdeveloped institutions.

This event aims to eradicate poverty and build a peaceful and prosperous society. On this day, hundreds of countries across the world participate in different events. In 1968 CIDA established to administer the official development assistance program.

Since 1991 the first week of February, IDW has celebrated annually. This week the organizers and the people try to remind and show what role Canadians play in the development of the world. People participate to show their enthusiasm for the event.

Activities of International Development Week:

The International Development Week Activities are like this:

  • People can plan a blueprint to show how the development activities carried out and how United Nations Sustainable Development Goals support them.
  • Try to educate the local community about the issues and challenges faced by society and encourage them by showing alternatives or solutions for those problems.
  • Include and promote the challenges of daily life.
  • Try reading books, novels, and articles about global issues.
  • Try to educate people on the issues like wastage of food, less use of plastic, etc.
  • Participate in all types of activities and try to post on social media using different hashtags about International Development Week.

Schools can organize essay contests and debates on global issues, which will encourage students to know more about the problems faced by the world. We can invite political leaders to give speeches on global issues. We can request media people to highlight the development ideas throughout the week on different platforms.

Significance of International Development Week

International Development Week shows that the involvement of the country’s individuals, from the grass root level to the topmost authority, is compulsory to achieve sustainability goals.

We cannot fight the climate crisis, reduce social divisions and inequity and achieve global peace without the contribution of all the members of society.

IDW also shows the importance of empowering women and breaking the gender barrier. Women’s participation is essential for the peace and progress of the world community.

IDW is an event that helps Canada explore, and Canadians can make a difference around the world. The three core values of the development of the world are

  • Sustenance
  • Self-esteem
  • Freedom

IDW is the activity where we strive for a better world for the elimination of poverty, discrimination, and injustice. Development is necessary, and a supporting range o development activities like Primary education, health services, clean water, agriculture, sanitation, business climate improvements, infrastructure, and institutional development.

Cerebral, Emotional, Physical, Social, and Spiritual development are the five areas in any part of the world. Rostow penned the classic stages of Economic Growth in 1960 using the five development idea, which has five steps that all the countries of the world must pass to achieve development.

They are : 

  1. Traditional Society,
  2. Preconditions to take off,
  3. Take-off,
  4. Drive to maturity,
  5. Age of high mass consumption.

The following is the picture that depicts the development process.

Important International Development Quotes:

The following are the International Development Week Quotes that inspire people to participate in the development programs:

The duty of the United Nations is to make every international border a garden, a place of art and cultural festival.” Says Amit Ray

Something ought to said for those who see beyond what most cannot, and this most precious opportunity happens when one’s value begins blossoming its perfect absolute,” Says Steven.

Something ought to said for those who see beyond what most cannot, and this most precious opportunity happens when one’s value begins blossoming its perfect absolute,” says Jacqueline.

The problem with the World Bank is with development – the spreading of Western over-consumption worldwide.”
― Herman E. Daly

“You cannot move forward in your life if you do not allow yourself to move.” Steven Cuoco, Guided Transformation.

The five principles of sustainable development are :

  • Conservation of the ecosystem or the environment.
  • Conservation of the planet’s biodiversity.
  • Sustainable development of society.
  • Conservation of human resources.
  • Population control and management.

International Development is concerned with the global challenges of combating poverty and injustice, because of which people will get a better place to live for.

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