International Epilepsy Day

How is the awareness brought among people on International Epilepsy Day?

International Epilepsy Day is observed to spread the awareness about epilepsy. International Epilepsy Day 2023 theme is “Friendship and Inclusion”. Epilepsy Day Wikipedia gives us all the related information.

Epilepsy is a condition where more than one non-communicable which is a neurological disorder that is characterized by recurrent epileptic seizures.

The main symptom of epilepsy seizures is continues shaking which is due to an abnormal electrical activity in the brain. This can last for undetectable period.

This condition can result in physical injuries, bones can be broken etc. Therefore Epilepsy is recognized as a long-term risk of epileptic seizures.

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What happens to the people suffering from Epilepsy?

This condition can become worse depending on the parts of the brain involved and also the person’s age. The following are the causes of this epilepsy.

In many cases epilepsy attacks the interaction parts where both genetic and acquired causes seen. Brain trauma, Heart strokes, tumors and brain related problems comes under acquired causes which are because of some previous infections.

These causes cannot detected in many of the cases. Almost 70% of the cases are unknown. The genetically, congenital conditions are more common in younger ones and strokes are more seen in older people.

One of the type of seizures Acute Symptomatic Seizures where this seen because of the other health problem which is when occurred around a specific cause like head injuries, toxic ingestions etc.

The history says that this disease thought as a spiritual health condition. They thought this could a form of spiritual possession which also associated with genius and also with divine. In the ancient times this disease referred as a sacred disease.

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History behind Epilepsy

This word Epilepsy derived from Greek mythology which associated with moon goddesses named Selene and Artemis. The notable exception to this divine and spiritual view was that of the school of Hippocrates. The following are the myths related to this disease.

Stigma: This is a belief that people who are economically, socially and culturally backward causes this. It believed that in the countries like India and China Epilepsy used to justify a marriage proposal.

It believed that this disease is because of a curse. Also said that in the parts of Africa this disease caused because of the evil spirits, witchcrafts and it is also contagious.

The annulment of marriage given because of this disease in the United Kingdom. These disbeliefs made people worry about the society and they would deny accepting the disease.

Economics: This Seizures in United States gave an economic cost of more than one billion dollars. In Europe the cost was around 15 billion Euros.

Vehicles: People with epilepsy will not be able to drive if they met certain conditions. Diagnostic delay has suggested to be a cause of some potentially avoidable motor vehicle collisions since at least one study showed that most motor vehicle accidents occurred in those with undiagnosed non motor seizures as opposed to those with motor seizures at epilepsy onset.

People who do not meet the requirements may acquire a license which  restricted if they are free from seizures at least for five years.

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There are mainly two types of Epilepsy. They are:

Tonic Seizures: Here people lose consciousness and their body parts get stiff and there is chance that they may fall.

Clonic Seizures: Here people limbs jerk and they may lose control of bladder or bowel and they may bite their tongue and also may feel difficulty in breathing.

The first aid on need to perform in Epilepsy is to put some soft and flat folded jacket under the person’s head. Loosen the ties or buttons if any around the neck which may make it hard to breathe.

Why International Epilepsy Day Celebrated?

Epilepsy in India recognized on 17th November. This day is to spread awareness about Epilepsy. International Epilepsy Day observed annually on second Monday of the month February.

In 2022 it falls on 14th February. John Hugh lings Jackson considered to be the father of Epilepsy. He was scientist who laid the foundation for epileptology. Epilepsy denoted by color lavender. In this month people need to try to teach about the causes and symptoms of epilepsy.

On this day we need to bring the victims together know their stories and try to motivate them also educate others how to be careful. Lavender symbolizes epilepsy. The symbol of epilepsy is hippocampus which is a site of the epilepsy focus in people but earlier seahorse was the symbol.

Anti-epilepsy drugs should made available in all the countries for free so that we can cure the disease as soon as possible. International Epilepsy Day 2023 theme is to focus on the disbelief of people living with epilepsy that is facing around the world.

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