World Thinking Day

One of the important days celebrated in the month of February is World Thinking Day 2023, which celebrated every year on February: 22nd.

World Thinking day considered a global event where all children worldwide encouraged to celebrate international friendship and given the freedom to speak out and raise awareness for issues faced by young women and girls in their everyday lives.

In order to make the world think and create a better world World Thinking Day has a theme each year. Once it was about Climate change, once it was about Peacebuilding etc.,

World Thinking Day Fund

A Belgian participant during the Seventh World Conference suggested that friendship and appreciation should also displayed through gift-giving gifts.

Before this, organizations would send messages to other organizations worldwide. This resulted in a “penny for your thoughts policy introduced.

Following the delegate’s message, PS520 raised for any organization, and this tradition continued, and in 1971, PS35,000  mounted.

History of World Thinking Day

In the year 1926, in the US, a decision taken that there should be a special day every year so that the members of the organization would get a chance to think about what it means to be a part of the organization. To learn more about Girl Scouts and Guides and its impact on people’s lives.

World Thinking Day Themes in the past Few Years:

1. 2023: This year’s theme will be “Our World, Our Peaceful Future.” The main aim of this theme is to encourage girls and young women to think about how they would affected by climate change and give them a scope to think of the actions they might take to make a difference in combating its impact.

2. 2022: The theme of this year was “Our World, Our Equal Future” the main aim of this day was to think about all the fellow sisters and brothers of the world, address their concerns, and understand the true meaning of guiding them when needed.

3. 2021: The theme of this year was “Peace Building.” Its main aim was to make the world a better place for everyone to live in peace. This can done by learning, reflecting, and taking actions that would bring a positive change in everyone.

4. 2020: The theme of this year was “Diversity, Equity and Inclusion”- The theme encourages respect for everyone regardless of race, nationality, age, religion, or appearance.

5. 2019: The theme of this year was about Leadership, how important it is to have the leadership qualities to guide the people in the country, and what actions one should take for this as a leader.

World Thinking Day 2023 Ideas

  • Enjoy World Thinking Day and be one of 10 million!
  • To get inspiration from the past and impact our global movement.
  • Connect with the global community that comprised of Girl Guiding as well as Girl Scouting.
  • Get involved and speak up about the issues we  most concerned about.
  • Help make a difference by raising funds for causes around the globe.
  • World Thinking Day posters can made, and a special activity can conducted on roads so that people will be aware of this day.
  • World Thinking Day Greeting Cards can made and given to people to understand their importance.

World Thinking Day Badge

The World Thinking Day Badge is the process of earning badges that allow girls to expand their perspectives, discover new skills, and help them develop useful skills that improve their lives. Also, girls can teach their lessons to their fellow students.

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