Indian Coast Guard Day

The ICG Day or Indian Coast Guard Day 2023 commended on February 1 consistently. The Indian Coast Guard is a multi-mission association, directing round-the-year genuine tasks adrift.

Even with being generally little, it has many errand capacities for both surface and air tasks. The association run by the Director-General Indian Coast Guard (DGICG), who is practicing his general order. And superintendence from the Coast Guard Headquarters (CGHQ) in New Delhi.

At CGHQ, he helped by four Deputy Directors Generals of the position of Inspector General. And other senior officials heading different staff divisions. The Indian Coast Guard Day laid out on February 1, 1977.

Indian Coast Guard comes under the Defence Ministry. The Coast Guard has a committed and proficient group of officials and selected staff.

The Indian Coast Guard, as of now, has five air stations with ten air territories. Even likewise a sum of 42 waterfront line stations throughout the country.

The shoreline of India arranged in a sum of 7516.60 kilometers long shoreline course and has become the most active course on the whole. Indian shore contacts nine states – Gujarat, Maharashtra, Goa, Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Odisha, and West Bengal, and two association regions – Daman and Diu and Puducherry.

This year Indian Coast Guard commands its 45th Raising Day on February 1, 2023. Indian Coast Guard Day 2023 commended to acclaim and respect the troopers’ endeavors, valiance, and commitment, and they give their lives to support their homeland.

These warriors are working nonstop to defend our coast monitors and the oceanic zones of our country. Indian Coast Guard Day 2023 distinguishes them for the deeds they have accomplished for the government assistance of the country.

They confront outrageous hardships and liabilities like Inquiry and Salvage activities, and so on, and they continue to watch the line region of the country. The central command of the Indian Coast Guard is the Ministry of Defence, New Delhi.

History of Indian Coast Guard Day

The Indian Coast Guard formally settled on August 18, 1978, by the Coast Guard Act 1978; however, before that, on February 1, 1977, because of a crisis, a break Indian Coast Guard laid out to forestall sneaking products adrift. The Indian Coast Guard appropriately controlled and worked by the Ministry of Defence.

Indian Coast Guard was officially settled on February 1, 1977, by the Indian Parliament’s Coast Guard Act 1978. The Ministry of Defence constrains it. ICG started with only seven surface stages in 1978 and presently has 156 boats and 62 airplanes in its stock. By 2025, it is customary to arrive at its objective power levels of 200 surface stages and 80 airplanes.

Indian Coast Guard: Role in the Pandemic

Despite Covid-19 pandemic limitations, the Indian Coast Guard keeps up with nonstop vigil in the Selective Monetary Zone by sending around 50 boats and 12 airplanes daily.

According to PIB, ICG has captured more than 13,000 groups and north of 1,500 boats associated with criminal operations in the Exclusive Economic Zone. In 2021, 40 unfamiliar teams and 7 boats were caught by the ICG.

Significance of Indian Coast Guard Day

Indian Coast Guard is fundamental for defending the coasts and forestalling criminal operations. To guarantee that quality assets accessible to the Coast Guard, the benchmark for the enrollment of officials and EPs set high right from the screening stage.

The choice interaction rigid and guarantees that main the most appropriate applicants enlisted the help. The Blue shade of the Coast Guard ensign implies a boat on Government Obligation.

On the Coast Guard ensign, there a Public banner on the upper left quadrant and a Coast Guard symbol in the fly piece of the banner. The Coast Guard ensign lifted interestingly installed by the Indian Coast Guard Boat Kuthar on August 19, 1978, at the debut function of the Indian Coast Guard at Mumbai.

The importance of Indian Coast Guard Day is:

  • ICG gives security to anglers and sailors.
  • They additionally give assurance and well-being to counterfeit islands, seaward terminals, and different establishments.
  • Their obligation added to secure and safeguard marine nature and the climate.
  • They also help the Department of Customs and different experts in enemy sneaking tasks.
  • Gives policing regional and worldwide waters. Additionally, National defense during hostilities.

Indian Coast Guard Day 2023 Theme

Indian Coast Guard Day 2023commended with a particular subject consistently. During the current year, the Indian Coast Guard Day 2023 subject not proclaimed at this point.

Installed by Coast Guard transport. There is a fair blend of officials and mariners. Having a place with various branches. separated into three gatherings, with each gathering working at particular stations two times for four hours each day when the boat is adrift.

Indian Coast Guard Day 2023- Quotes

  • “Our men and women in uniform are a force for good throughout the world, and that is nothing to apologize for”- Indian Coast Guard.
  • “We do this job because every once in a while someone is out there without hope, desperately praying for their life, and we get to be the answer”- Indian Coast Guard.


The Indian Coast Guard  settled on February 1, 1977, because of a crisis. Back then, ocean-borne sneaking compromised the country’s homegrown economy.

The break of the Indian Coast Guard made in 1977 to forestall the pirating of merchandise on the Ocean.

Coast Guard Day commended for paying tribute to associations from each country. That care for maritime security and the needs of a nation.

This year, India will be noticing the 46th Indian Coast Guard Day. The post of a Coast Guard holds liabilities of chipping in, looking. And holding salvage tasks and monitoring the lines of our country.

To honor this, we all should celebrate this day on February 1.

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