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We wish you all a Happy International Mother Language Day. Let us all speak at home in our mother tongue and encourage everyone, especially the next generations, to speak in our mother tongue. This is the tribute we pay to our mother country and tongue. In this blog, we have included many important points related to this important day.

Among all the important days celebrated, International Mother Language Day is one of the important days celebrated every year on February 21st to spread awareness among people about the importance of multilingualism and linguistic and cultural diversity.

As we know, in our country India, there are thousands of languages spoken, and it is the most unique in the entire world. We must remember that language is a means of communication and represents our intellectual heritage and diverse culture.

History of Mother Language Day Significance:

When India got its Independence from the British, India was divided into a separate Hindu state and a separate Muslim state. There was a lot of conflict and difference between East Pakistan and West Pakistan. East Pakistan is present in Bangladesh. In 1948, the government of Pakistan declared Urdu as the national language, which led to many violent protests among people and hurt the feelings of Bengalis’. After so many sacrifices, on February 29th, 1956, Bengali was recognized as the second official language of East Pakistan.

When did International Mother Language Day is celebrated?

1. In 1952, four students were killed while campaigning to use their mother tongue Bengali as an official language in Bangladesh.

2. In the year 1999, in November, UNESCO proclaimed International Mother Language Day to protect the Mother Languages of the countries.

3. The United Nations General Assembly invited all member states in the year 2007 on May 16th to promote the preservation and protection of all the mother languages of the people throughout the world.

Everyone should remember that our mother language is the foundation of our culture and existence. One should respect it and carry it on to further generations.

The theme of Mother Language Day

Last year in 2022, the theme of this day was Using technology for multilingual learning; Challenges and opportunities. This year it is yet to be decided. Every year they come up with new themes to bring awareness among people about the importance of the mother language and different ways to protect it.

The main purpose is to treasure and preserve the heritage. As part of awareness programs, several conferences also held last year, where they talked about the role of teachers in preserving the mother language and how to use technology for multilingual teaching and learning. UNESCO also organized many events and conferences encouraging people to learn more than one language.

The Indian government is also taking initiatives to conduct various activities in schools and colleges to teach children the importance of their mother language and encourage them to show initiative in learning more than one language.

Benefits of Mother Language speaking:

1. As per the research educating children in their mother tongue is a crucial factor for quality learning.

2. This way, academic performance can also  improved.

3. It helps avoid knowledge gaps, especially in primary schools, and it would also increase the speed of kindergarten kids’ learning and improve their comprehension.

4. There will be a lot of improvement in skills in school and college students, like literacy, communication, social, critical thinking, and many more.

5. It improves listening and speaking skills since one grows up listening to their mother tongue.

6. One can feel comfortable and confident while expressing their feelings and emotions in their mother language.

7. Mother tongue is an identity, and it makes everyone proud of themselves when they speak in this language.

Different Activities that can conducted on International Mother Language Day 2023

1. Charts can  prepared in school with the essential words used in the mother tongue. This way, kids can learn a few words of different mother languages from their friends.

2. Essay writing or impromptu can conducted in schools to bring awareness among students about the importance of the mother language, and this way; the international mother language can celebrated.

3. Books in all languages should made available in the school and college libraries so students can develop reading habits in their mother tongue.

4. Workshops should conducted where people can encouraged to submit their research papers on the importance of the mother language.

5. Special programs should conducted on TVS and Radio so that many people can  aware of this day.

6. Activities like poem recitations or synopsis from major books can prepared and presented in the class.

7. Prizes should given to the well-performed students to encourage them to participate in such activities every year.

8. This boosts their confidence and develops their respect towards their mother language.

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