Happy Birthday Kabir Bedi

Wish you a very Happy Birthday Kabir Bedi!

Kabir Bedi was born on 16 January 1946. He is an actor in Hindi films. His career has crossed three land masses covering India, the US, and particularly Italy, among other European nations in three media: film, TV, and theatre.

Kabir Bedi is India’s most well-known global entertainer, with a lifelong career ranging from Bollywood to Hollywood and Europe in films, TV, theatre, and radio.

Kabir’s Italian series “SANDOKAN” made him a significant European star. Featured in one of the world’s most-stared television series, “THE Strong AND Wonderful.” He acted in the James Bond “OCTOPUSSY.”

He has been a democratic individual from the “Oscars Foundation” (Institute of Film Expressions and Sciences) starting around 1982.

Recently, he has worked in five films in five languages: English, Hindi, Italian, Malayalam, and Telugu.

Let’s discuss the struggles faced by Kabir Bedi and his achievements.

Early Life of Kabir Bedi

Kabir Bedi was brought into the world in Lahore in the Punjab Region of English India (presently in Punjab, Pakistan) on 16 January 1946 into a Punjabi Khatri Sikh group of the Bedi family that had dedicated itself to India’s battle for freedom from English provincial rule.

He was one of three kids. His dad, Baba Pyarelal Singh Bedi, was a creator and scholar. His mom, Freda Bedi, was an English lady brought into the world in Derby, Britain, who became renowned as the primary Western lady to take appointments in Tibetan Buddhism.

He was educated at Sherwood School, Nainital, Uttarakhand, and St. Stephen’s School, Delhi.

Struggles faced by Kabir Bedi

1. Kabir Bedi faced extreme ups and downs in his early 90s. His son Siddharth passed away at an early age. His son had Schizophrenia. And at the same time, when his son had Schizophrenia, he had huge losses due to bad investments.

His son committed suicide, and Bedi could not save him. He was left devastated after this tragic incident. However, slowly he overcame this.

2. After his son’s tragic death, his beloved ParveenBabi, with whom he was in a relationship, died in 2005 due to multiple organ failures. He loved her so much.

Achievements and Awards of Kabir Bedi

1. Producer Tiziana Rocca and Roberto Stabile, the top worldwide branch of the Italian national audiovisual body ANICA, introduced the award to Kabir. Veteran entertainer Kabir Bedi honoured with the lifetime achievement award at Venice Film Celebration on Saturday.

2. Starting around 1982, Kabir Bedi has been a democratic individual from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. He is likewise a democratic individual from the Screen Actors Guild.

3. He has won various films, promoting, and ubiquity awards across Europe and India.

4. By the pronouncement of the President of the Italian Republic on 2 June 2010, Kiran Bedi authoritatively knighted. He got the most elevated positioning of common citizen distinction in the Italian Republic. He given the title of “Cavaliere” (Knight) of the Order of Merit of the Italian Republic.

5. He has a Privileged Degree from Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology (KIIT) College, Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India.


Kabir Bedi faced a lot of problems and struggles in his life. But despite so devastated in his life, he overcame all this and moved on. He has achieved success in his life.

One should learn from him. Problems come and go, but we should not find ways to escape rather than look for ways that help to tackle these problems like our great actor Kabir Bedi did in his life.

Wish you a very Happy Birthday Kabir Bedi!

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