We wish you a very very Happy Birthday Imran Khan!

Imran Khan was born on January 13, 1983. He is from India but is an American actor. He also worked in many Hindi movies.

The famous actor Aamir Khan has some relation with Imran Khan and is the nephew of Aamir Khan. In his childhood, he appeared in a few movies and played the child artist role.

He has some additional qualifications, like being a social activist and writing columns for the Hindustan times. His wife’s name is
Avantika Malik.

He married her in the year 2011 after a relationship of ten years. So Imran Khan’s father is Bengali Hindu, and his mother is a Muslim.

The early life of Imran Khan

He was born in 1983 in Madison, Wisconsin, United States. His father’s name is Anil pal, and he is Bengali; his mother’s name is Nuzhat Khan; he is a Muslim.

Father is a software engineer, and his mother is a psychologist. Father studied at lIT Bombay and worked at Yahoo as a senior manager in California.

Imran Khan has citizenship in America. At an early age, his parents divorced. He faced many difficulties and struggles during those times.

Then his step-father, Raj Zutshi, helped him with all the ups and downs in life. He faced much hardship in his early life because his mother again divorced Raj Zutshi.

Also, in 2011, India’s first legal gay magazine was recognized and labelled as a “gay icon.”

In his early life, he faced a lot of hardships and struggles, and also he achieved many things. Let’s discuss in this article a few of his struggles and achievements.

Struggles of Imran Khan

1. In his early years of academics, he developed a problem of stammering all his studies, academics and grades fell. He couldn’t cope with the surroundings and people around him. All academics went into a strong decline.

This was also due to his family situation, which was the divorce between his parents.

2. When his mother divorced her first husband, she married another one, and then she sent Imran to a blue mountain school in Coonoor, Tamil Nadu, a boarding school.

There for a long duration, he suffered from depression but somehow managed to cope with it.

3. He faced a downfall in his career of acting in the Bollywood industry. He worked in certain movies which received bad reviews from the audience, so despite improving, he fell into the trap of not growing.

After his movie KattiBatti, he decided to take a break from the film industry for some time. Therefore as he took a break, he was not receiving any offers from the director. This was his turning point of failure in life.

He also faced a lack of finance and work problems. At one point, we heard about his marriage and that they will separate from each other.

Achievements of Imran Khan

1. His first and turning point in life achievements was the award in the year 2008 for best debut actor for the movie Jaane Tu… YaJaane Na. He won the Guild award for the best male debut for the same film.

2. In 2014 he received a Filmfare glamour and style award for the most stylish actor (male). Also, in 2011, India’s first legal gay magazine was recognized and labelled as a “gay icon.”


He faced many downfalls in his life. Did not restrict himself to the Bollywood industry but also did things apart from that. He is a social activist who wrote essays for the Hindustan Times. He participated in events hosted by PETA, demonstrating his support for the organization. People should take inspiration from him and his works in many fields.

We wish you a very very Happy Birthday Imran Khan!

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