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World Sleep Day 2023 : When we look back on our olden days, things were so different. The lifestyle of people was different. The timings they used to maintain for working, eating, and sleeping was organized. Even statistics say that the olden people had fallen sick rarely and they were so organized that everything was done on time. They were so good in terms of decision-making, time management, stress management, etc.,

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Changing Times and Changing Lives

After globalization, there is much change in the timings of a person’s work schedule. Many of them need to work on the nightshifts and sleep during the mornings. Sleeping during the morning and working at night is against the law of nature. The lifestyle is completely changed this way, and sleep pattern is also changed, which is the cause of many diseases.

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How do night shifts affect Health?

  1. It changes the sleeping pattern, and it takes much time for the body and mind to adjust.
  2. A peaceful sleep during the night differs from sleeping in the morning.
  3. The person may need more time to sleep during the day after night shifts, sometimes even skipping food.
  4. Skipping food makes a person weak and dull, with fewer energy levels.
  5. Without proper sleep, there may be mood swings, affecting professional and personal life.
  6. The person may be unable to spend quality time with family and friends. Since when they sleep, the family is awake, and when the family is awake, they get into sleep.
  7. They may not be able to actively participate in all the family-related events, missing sleep during the day after working at night.
  8. Balancing both personal and professional life would be the biggest challenge.
  9. The stress levels may go high.
  10. The person may also have insomnia when there is a disturbance in the sleeping pattern.

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Why is Sleep so Important for One’s Health?

Many people take sleep for granted and think that only eating proper food on time would be helpful for them. But they fail to notice that a person can survive a few days without food but not without sleep.

Sleep plays a major role in a person’s life. It is important in terms of maintaining good Health and good relations. Sleep is as important as diet and exercise for the human mind and body. Sleep helps a person in many ways, like improving brain performance, Health, and mood.

On the contrary, not getting sufficient sleep every day would lead to many diseases and disorders. Proper sleeping hours may lead to heart disease, dementia and obesity, and many more.

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World Sleep Day 2023 Theme –

Every year on March: 17th, throughout the world, World Sleep Day is celebrated. World sleep society is coming up with different themes each year to celebrate this year globally to bring awareness among people.

Every year they come up with a thoughtful theme to educate people around the world about its importance. The theme for the year 2023 is “Sleep is Essential for Health.”

As we see the theme, it is self-explanatory; anybody who wants to be in good Health should ensure they get 8-9 hours of good sleep every day. The right sleep at the right time would save a person in many ways. As food is important for the body, sleep is for the mind.

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How to get good sleep?

Getting a good and sufficient sleep is always in one’s hands. It all depends on how well they organize things around them. One has to make a few changes and necessary plans around them so their family members can have a great sleep and good Health.

Here are a few tips to help you with good sleep:

  1. Thirty minutes before your sleep, keep your mobile phone on silent mode.
  2. Try to come to your bed 15 minutes before your scheduled sleep time.
  3. You can develop a reading habit or listen to soothing music to have a good night’s sleep.
  4. Change the colour of the bed light in the room, and it should not be so bright that it disturbs your sleep.
  5. Drink less water before sleep so that you need to wake up frequently for urination, which would disturb your sleep.
  6. Don’t have any negative or disturbing conversations before going to bed.
  7. Don’t eat heavy food that may again disturb your sleeping pattern.
  8. Avoid the foods that may make you thirsty and wake you in the middle of the night to quench your thirst.
  9. Once you set the alarm, don’t go back to check again once you sleep.
  10. Prepare a timetable or schedule for all your activities, including your sleep, and follow it strictly.

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Activities to conduct on World Sleep Day 2023

  1. At offices, schools, and colleges, some programs should be conducted to bring awareness among people to talk about the importance of sleep.
  2. Doctors can take the initiative and educate people through conferences and workshops about the importance of Health and its health effects.
  3. Some NGOs can come forward and educate people with banners and road shows.
  4. Celebrities can also educate people on TV and Radio shows.
  5. An awareness program should be conducted with live examples of people who suffer from health issues due to lack of proper sleep.
  6. Good examples can also be given to people, like how the right time and sleep make people successful in their personal and professional lives.

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Parents should cultivate this habit among their children from their early days so that when they grow up, they will follow it. Even though many programs are conducted every year, it is the responsibility of every individual to take care of their Health.

The habits we develop today will bring many changes in our lives. People should understand that we should take fewer medicines and get sufficient hours of sleep.

One simple decision taken today and a little change in the sleep schedule would bring a great change and much happiness in the long run.

It would make both the individual and the family happy. Ultimately, the country would also progress. So, let us take an oath and organize our lives well.

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