No Smoking Day

One of the important days that everyone should remember is No Smoking Day. We can save both the present generation and future generations from falling victim to the habit of Smoking. No Smoking Day is observed on the second Wednesday of March. No Smoking day 2023 in India is on 8th Mach. This day is meant to reach our family members and friends suffering from nicotine addiction.

Recent research shows that the number of smokers is increasing every day. The worst part is that most of them are not even trying to quit Smoking. Cancer and other lung-related diseases are also increasing day by day.

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Smoking is burning your Money.

Many people may feel thrilled that they are smoking and getting a great kick out of it. But to be more practical, Smoking means you are burning your Money. We get nothing out of Smoking but wasting our Money without any purpose.

It is like spending Money to get more lungs related and other diseases. At first, people may start the habit causally, but later it may become a habit that becomes an addiction and becomes difficult to come out of.

No Smoking Day’s main purpose is to help and encourage people to quit Smoking.

Fun with Smoking short-lived.

Whatever fun people get through Smoking only short-lived. The first cancer reported in the year the 1920s, which is due to Smoking. Cancer and Smoking cause many health issues, and the suffering could be long-term.

One should understand that Smoking affects not only the one who is smoking but also their family members. Smoking in the air we are indirectly becoming the reason for others suffering.

There is no point in repenting later in life without realizing at the right time and getting rid of this habit. A timely realization and taking the necessary steps to quit Smoking would help.

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Cancer survivor story

I just recollected a case study I witnessed while working as part of an NGO.

There was a wealthy man with a wife and two kids. He addicted to Smoking, and he did not make any attempts to quit Smoking. He had a good business, family property, and a great family, which everyone wished to have.

One day all his dreams shattered when he learned that he diagnosed with lung cancer and the treatment had to started immediately. The cancer was due to his smoking habit. He realized and cried a lot, but it was too late.

He had to spend his entire property on cancer treatment and had undergone much trauma. He made his family suffer because of his actions. Fortunately, his cancer treated, and out of danger, but his entire property spent only on treatment. He had to work hard again to provide for his family.

His family’s luxurious and happy life missed from their lives just because of his smoking addiction. Later, he became a volunteer in the NGO, and on weekends he started counseling young people giving his life example and helping people to quit the habit.

No Smoking 2023 Theme

The 2023 Theme of No Smoking is, “We need food, not tobacco.” The theme conveys the most important message: to live a happy and healthy life, we all need good food, not tobacco. Tobacco can give you temporary pleasure and, in the long run, fatal diseases that you won’t even have time to repent later on. Statics says that the number of cases of people’s death due to Smoking is increasing each year.

Even though the government mentions smoking boxes and how it causes cancer with images and messages, people are irresponsible and take their lives for granted. One should remember that not just one person but the entire family is suffering because of them.

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Let us observe but not ignore

One of the best ways we spend our free time for relaxation is by watching a movie. We also observed before the start of every movie.

In that case, we notice that the government has taken the initiative, and advertisements played before the movie starts to educate people about how Smoking and cancer have ruined many people’s lives.

So, next time we encounter any such incident, rather than ignoring it, let us pay attention and get the message to educate the smokers around us.

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