National Wedding Planning Day

National Wedding Planning Day is observed on March: 1st. The National Wedding Planning Day was created by the company Knot. Knot is a wedding planning company. The main theme of national Wedding Day is to inspire the couple and help in planning for their wedding. Wedding Day includes many things like Wedding venue, Food, Invitations, Shopping, and many more.

There are many stages in human life. Each stage is filled with beautiful memories and challenges. One has to enjoy each stage and treasure the life memories. A wedding is one such stage where we can enjoy and treasure beautiful moments of life.

In our beautiful life journey, we chose a person who would travel with us lifelong. A wedding is an amazing event that happens only once in a person’s life. The wedding day should be planned so that we have to enjoy and remember it for our whole lifetime.

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National Wedding Month 2023

In India, we see weddings happen mostly in November and December. Of course in the other months also weddings take place. The wedding date is fixed based on the bride and groom’s horoscopes. These days, people prefer to have engagement 2-3 months ahead to save some time for the wedding plans.

Being busy with a lot of work and other schedules, this way people can get ample time for planning everything. We also see interstate, inter-caste, and inter-religion, and many different kinds of weddings occur. We also see that many of our Indians are marrying foreigners in our traditional Indian way.

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National Wedding Day 2023

Based on the Hindu calendar, weddings can occur this year in January, February, March, April, May, June, November, and December. The best muhurth and auspicious days for weddings are in these months only.

There is no auspicious time for weddings this year in the other months, July, August, September, and October. So, planning the work and leaves and as per the available months, one has to plan for the wedding in 2023.

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National Wedding Dress Day

National wedding dress day is celebrated on March: 6th. This day gives us a chance to recollect and treasure so many beautiful moments connecting with the biggest day of our life. Many people worldwide look forward to these two important days to celebrate them and have a very good idea of understanding the opinions of many others around them.

This way, they would get a great chance to celebrate their special day grandly. As we know, wedding dresses are different as per the countries, and we find bride’s and groom’s wedding dresses are also totally different based on their state.

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National Wedding Show

National Wedding Show is an important and the most awaited day by many people worldwide who are planning to get married soon. The National Wedding Show is held in the UK every year. In 2023 it is going to be held on April 1-2. On this wedding show, there will be 100 plus and maybe even more specialists with unique ideas for your wedding day.

They also come up with many discount prices on your wedding dresses. You can choose from a variety of designs. You can also talk to experts and see their advice and get the most fashion-trend wedding dress for your special wedding day. The other wedding show that will take place in 2023 is in UK and Birmingham on March 3-5.

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National Bridesmaid Day

National Bridesmaid Day is celebrated on March 25th. This day is especially to appreciate the hard work bridesmaid does, especially on their best friend’s wedding day. The best way to get the best bridesmaid dress for your wedding day is to attend the show again; since there will be a lot of collections there, you can choose the best one for your friend. Being a bridesmaid is considered an hour since one takes an important role on the most important day of a friend’s wedding.

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National Wedding Planning Day – Wedding Planning Checklist

There are many things that would include, and one must make a list while planning a wedding. We want to help you with details in this blog so that you can have an idea of all the important things you can add to your checklist while planning a wedding.

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1. Guest List :

One of the most important things is to make a list of who will attend the wedding. A wedding happens only once in a lifetime, so it is important to remember and invite all the important people in our life. So, sit with your family members both bride and groom, and list all the important people you want them to attend on your special day.

2. Wedding Venue Selection:

When the wedding season starts, most function halls and wedding halls will be pre-booked. So, to avoid last-minute confusion, the wedding venue should be booked in advance once the list of guests is finalized based on the number of guests.

3. Hiring a Wedding Planner:

If you are unsure about managing everything on your own due to a busy work schedule, you can hire a wedding planner. The wedding planners will have a complete idea about the rituals, and they will plan a perfect wedding for you.

4. Food:

One of the most important aspects people remember in their lifetime is food. So, take some special care and make the food arrangements. Understand your guests’ tastes and preferences, get the best catering services, and arrange for the most delicious food.

5. Photos and Videos:

You also need to capture the memorable moments of your life. So make sure that you appoint the best video photographer. Plan for a unique wedding album covering all the important rituals of the wedding. You may also plan for your pre-wedding shoot.

6. Wedding dresses:

You should look grand and special on this big day. So, take time and go with your family for the shopping. This way, you can spend quality time with the family and get the best dress for your big day.

7. Invitation cards:

Selecting and sending cards are important for any wedding. So, make sure that this important work should be delegated to one of the elders in the family.

As we go on, the list is unlimited. So friends, take some time, go with the list, and have a Happy National Wedding Planning Day .

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