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We see that International Grammar Day is observed all across the world on March 4th. Canada and UK give much importance to this particular day and celebrate it as National Grammar Day Canada and National Grammar Day UK 2023.

The first national Grammar day was started by Martha, as her motive was to help her students with their Grammar in a livelier and more positive way. Language is to be celebrated and remembered well. So, national grammar day plays a significant role.

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Importance of Grammar

After globalization, we see people from different parts of the world travel to other countries for jobs and education. Every nation and country has its language.

We must bring up our children by teaching them our mother tongue so that they will grow confident. Mother tongue gives the confidence to express one’s ideas and emotions freely.

Along with the mother tongue, we should encourage kids to learn English well grammatically, both written and spoken.

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Grammar in Spoken and Grammar in Written

If we observe closely, the Grammar in spoken language differs from Grammar in writing. If we speak to someone and convey a message, they will understand and forget it after a long time.

But written Grammar is different; a little mistake in written English Grammar can bring much trouble, and it may completely change the meaning of the words. So, one has to remember this concept well while planning to learn the language.

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National Grammar Day 2023 : A simple Comma can save a Life or take a Life

I remember my school teacher was very particular about teaching Grammar during my school days. Even a small mistake in placing the comma or full stop was not accepted.

So, one day, out of curiosity, we asked our teacher what difference a single comma can make anyway. So, my teacher understood that talking about it would not make any difference, but explaining it by example would help us remember the grammar rules and their importance in the future.

Many years ago, I don’t remember the exact year, and please excuse me about that; once in the US, when the technology was not so advanced, the entire communication was based on letters. So, this particular example is connected to that. Once, a notorious criminal killed many people, looted many people, and made many people suffer.

That criminal was given punishment. The punishment was sent in typed form from the court to the jail. The original message was, “Hang him, don’t let him go.” And the one who was tying it made a mistake and replaced the comma with “Hang him, don’t, let him go.” So by changing the position of the comma, the entire meaning of the message got changed, and a criminal was back to society.

This message stayed in my mind for a very long time. And not only that, while traveling, but I also came across many hilarious and sometimes horrific grammatical errors. I wanted to share a few examples here so that you can understand what message I wanted to convey to people talking about the importance of Grammar.

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Thoughtful Examples to make you Think

  1. Once when I was travelling with my family to another state, I read a signboard saying, “ Thank you for your patients.”
  2.  I remember another crazy incident that happened in a supermarket. My kid wanted a donut, so after completing my shopping, I went to buy one for him, and after reading the sign board there, I made sure that I never brought any eatables from that bakery again. The sign board said,” Please use your tongue or tissue paper when selecting, and we thank you in advance.”
  3. I happened to go to a watch movie with my family recently, and there I read the signboard,” No smoking aloud.”
  4. Another hilarious incident during my college days was one of my friends who always made spelling and grammar mistakes and, rather than putting effort into correcting them, would like to show off. So, once he posted in our class group to our teacher during our vacation, Mam, I m looking for a gud book to study ad bored at home. Can you recommend a book? My teacher immediately replied, “ Oxford English Dictionary and Wren and Martin, also please make sure you buy Wren and Martin Grammar book with key.
  5. Once, I visited a clinic where I read this signboard and understood that commas here would have been of great help,” PLEASE NO smoking food or beverages permitted in the clinic. Thank you.”

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Tips to improve your written skills without Grammatical Errors

  1. Make it a habit of reading an English newspaper every day to learn the spelling correctly.
  2. While chatting with anyone over the phone or any other chat, always use complete sentences instead of shortcuts.
  3. While sending an important email, make sure that you first prepare a draft and then frame the sentences correctly, check twice, and then send.
  4. You can start developing reading habits; the books can be of your choice, like personality development books, sports or business, or anything you love to spend time reading.
  5. Try to express your emotions and feelings to your beloved ones by writing them on a greeting card on their special days.
  6. Always make sure that you correct your errors and never repeat them.
  7. Always be a learner, and this attitude would help make life perfect.

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National Grammar Day 2023 : Some Common Errors in English

1. The man which works here is from India.

Correction: The man who works here is from India.

2. The police is coming.

Correction: The police are coming.

3. When I was small……

Correction: When I was young….

4. One of my friend is coming to the party.

Correction: One of my friends is coming to the party.

5. He went out of station.

Correction: He went out of town.

6. They have visited Niagara Falls last weakened.

Correction: They visited Niagara Falls last weekend.

7. I passed out degree in 2014.

Correction: I graduated in 2014.

8. Every students like the teacher.

Correction: Every student likes the teacher.

9. She did not took it.

Correction: She did not take it.

10. I look forward to meet you.

Correction: I look forward to meeting you.

11. I did not knew it.

Correction: I did not know it.

12. He ordered for pizza.

Correction: He ordered pizza.

13. It was more then enough.

Correction: It was more than enough.

14. She is married with a doctor.

Correction: She is married to a doctor.

15. I must to call him immediately.

Correction: I must call him immediately.

1. His two sons are at college but none of them passed this year.

Ans: His two sons are at college but neither of them passed this year.

2. She helps the people who are in need. Does she?

Ans: She helps the people who are in need, doesn’t she?

3. The cost of all commodities have gone up.

Ans: The cost of the commodities has gone up.

4. He is your brother, isn’t it?

Ans: He is your brother, isn’t he?

5. Either you or he are coming to me tomorrow.

Ans: Either you or he is coming to me tomorrow.

6. You are more beauty than her.

Ans: You are more beautiful than her.

7. She refused to marry with him.

Ans: She refused to marry him.

8. These both girls are clever.

Ans: Both these girls are clever.

9. The Director issued order for his promotion.

Ans: The Director issued orders for his promotion.

10. He spoke well yesterday, isn’t it?

Ans: He spoke well yesterday, didn’t he?

11. He will meet Rahul if he will come to Hyderabad.

Ans: He will meet Rahul if he comes to Hyderabad.

12. He talks as if he knows everything.

Ans: He talks as if he knew everything.

13. I have an urgent work

Ans: I have urgent work now.

14. As expected he arrived today morning.

Ans: As expected he arrived this morning.

15. I have lived here since 1970.

Ans: I have been living here since 1970.

1. William is my cousin brother.

Ans: William is my cousin.

2. We usually go to college by walk.

Ans: We usually go to college on foot.

3. Radha is more taller than Ravali.

Ans: Radha is taller than Ravali.

4. Let us discuss about the dispute.

Ans: Let us discuss the dispute.

5. He asked me where was I going.

Ans: He asked me where I was going.

6. You must write with ink.

Ans: You must write in ink.

7. Neither of the brothers were at home.

Ans: Neither of the brothers was at home.

8. I have a work to do.

Ans: I have work to do (or) I have a piece of work to do.

9. She bought 4 dozens of oranges.

Ans: She bought 4 dozen oranges.

10. I had received your letter.

Ans: I have just received your letter.

11.Why you are so late?

Ans: Why are you so late?

12.His brother-in-laws are going abroad.

Ans: His brothers-in-law are going abroad.

13. My cousin brother is coming tomorrow.

Ans: My cousin is coming tomorrow.

14.She is suffering with cholera.

Ans: She is suffering from cholera.

15.My teacher gave me many advises.

Ans: My teacher gave me much advice.

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