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Looking for history, theme, activities, quotes, and Slogans for National Trivia Day 2024? So in this article, you can get complete knowledge of National Trivia Day.

My name is Pankaj, and I am going to provide complete knowledge of Trivia Day 2024. I have been researching on google for 5 days. During that time I have found some interesting knowledge, which I am going to share with you.

It’s National Trivia Day 2024 on January 4. Today is educating your loved ones on unknown, fascinating facts. The best trivia facts of the day will help you celebrate this day in the United States of America in 2022.

We wish you a happy day with some great trivia with National Trivia Day Messages. Share Facebook and WhatsApp status updates and quotes in honour of National Trivia Day 2024 with your loved ones.

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History of National Trivia Day

The trivia craze as we know it today probably started with a radio programme called “Take It or Leave It” from the 1940s.

In 1964, the famous television game show “Jeopardy!” debuted, fueling a nationwide trivia craze that led to trivia nights on college campuses.

By the 1970s, pubs in the UK were using trivia contests to draw customers on typically slow nights.

In Montreal in 1979, journalists Chris Haney and Scott Abbott from Canada created the board game Trivial Pursuit. The men started the game due to missing pieces in their Scrabble set.

When Trivial Pursuit first emerged in 1981, it swept the globe and solidified the appeal of knowing and disclosing obscure, occasionally unimportant, but frequently fascinating facts.

According to, the first National Trivia Day was held in 1980 and was given its name by Robert L. Birch of Puns Corps, a year before Trivial Pursuit made its Canadian debut.

Playing trivia at home with friends and family, attending a trivia night at a bar or café, watching game shows on television, or creating trivia games with a wide range of categories and topics to play online are all enjoyable ways to commemorate National Trivia Day.

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Discover the National Trivia Day theme.

There is no denying that our culture has a slight trivia obsession. A quiz show will undoubtedly be on the television if you turn it on in the afternoon. It is simple to understand why trivia has become so well-liked.

We are naturally social and competitive beings, and trivia is the ideal way to combine these two traits. Therefore, National Trivia Day is perfect for you if you enjoy learning new things or impressing others with random facts. You can indulge in this sinful pleasure while also learning more.

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What to do this National Trivia Day?

Are you a trivia fan? Participate in a trivia competition, attend a trivia night, or host one at home. Prove you know your trivia. Find out what you know about just the National Days while you’re at it. Try to respond to these National Trivia Day questions. We even don’t know the answers to some of them.

  • The National Day Calendar contains how many days?
  • Every day of the year, is there a food holiday?
  • How many holidays feature chocolate?
  • We adore our animals. How many pet-related holidays are there?
  • What nation’s holiday has the most extended history?
  • How many days are scheduled for technology?

Who Celebrates National Trivia Day?

People in the US who are enthusiastic and competent about knowing random facts celebrate National Trivia Day.

When Was the First National Trivia Day?

The first National Trivia Day was held in 1980 and is now celebrated every year on January 4.

Why Was National Trivia Day Created?

CEO Robert L. Birch initiated it on National Trivia Day. He is the leader of the Puns Corp. and a huge fan of trivia.

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National Trivia Day Quotes

We should take advantage of National Trivia Day by learning obscure facts. On this day, best wishes.

All the curious minds eager to learn things they have never heard of enthusiastically celebrate National Trivia Day 2024.

With these entertaining trivia questions, reclaim your brains. You and I are both going to have fantastic days! Happy National day of trivia.

You can feel smart after taking a strange quiz. Discover fascinating facts! national day of trivia.

I appreciate you joining me in observing National Trivia Day! This is your query.

Even though you’re on vacation, we need you to use your brain. Happy National day of trivia!

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