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National Bird Day 2024: Introduction

On January 5, bird watchers, nature lovers, and wildlife enthusiasts celebrate National Bird Day. It’s also one of several holidays set aside to honour birds.

National Bird Day 2024 is a day to raise awareness of issues vital to the preservation and survival of captive and wild birds, according to Born Free USA, which emphasises the holiday’s significance.

By Born Free USA, nearly 12% of the world’s almost 10,000 bird species face extinction.

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What day of the year is National Bird Day?

National Bird Day, which has American origins, has been celebrated annually on January 5 since its inaugural event in 2002.

This particular day was chosen because January 5 is the day of the yearly “Christmas Bird Count.” This yearly citizen survey has been conducted in the USA for a while. The findings offer details on the quantity and condition of birds across the United States of America.

The background of National Bird Day

The first-holiday honouring birds was established in the United States in 1894 by Charles Almanzo Babcock, the superintendent of schools in Oil City, Pennsylvania. Babcock had a strong moral conviction about the importance of promoting bird conservation, and his suggestion for the day appeared well received. Eventually, Babcock’s National Bird Day evolved into the May holiday now known as International Migratory National Bird Day.

At least in part, National Bird Day is devoted to spreading awareness about birds kept in captivity. This day is an initiative of the Avian Welfare Coalition, which works tirelessly to raise awareness of birds that are managed to capture or produced in captivity for either profit or the amusement of people.

The day’s objective is to raise public awareness of the destructive nature of bird commerce, the brutality of bird breeding facilities, and suggestions for assisting and bettering the lives of birds already kept in captivity.

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How should the day be observed?

Discover the wonders of various birds as you observe the day. Public awareness and support for conservation are necessary for educating people about how to ensure the survival of birds.

Improve the curb appeal of your backyard. Add feeders, covers, and other things. Discover the favourite foods of the local birds and watch them swarm to your sanctuary.

Contribute to an aviary or bird sanctuary that works to increase the chances of endangered birds surviving.

Visit an aviary while you’re starting to learn about all the unique species. Additionally, a zoo, botanical garden, or conservation area might allow you to see a few of the more exotic species up close.

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