National Tourism Day

People recognize National Tourism Day on January 25th every year. To be aware of the beauty of India, people should travel across India.

India is a place that includes a variety of beautiful and aesthetic mountains, rivers, beaches, etc. So every person should at least dedicate a day to travel or tourism.

People celebrate this day to make people aware or create awareness about why it is important to celebrate national Tourism Day and protect and preserve the future.

Many of us are unaware that national Tourism Day is observed on January 25th, so the first thing is to make people aware of the day and then explain its importance.

Also, it’s very important to pay tribute to or appreciate the heritage and culture of India. This day also holds a critical position as it makes people aware of India’s diversity.

Let’s discuss in this article how to make everyone aware of this, what necessary steps we can take, and tell them the importance of national Tourism Day.

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National Tourism Day 2023 Theme

The idea of the travel industry alludes to the comprehensive system that recognizes the travel industry’s fundamental qualities and recognizes the travel industry from comparative, frequently related, however various peculiarities The two terms’ travel’ and ‘the travel industry utilized in confinement or together to depict three ideas:

1. The development of individuals

2. An area of the economy or an industry

3. A wide means of connecting connections of individuals, their necessities to go external to their networks, and administrations that endeavour to answer these requirements by providing items.

4. National Tourism Day laid out to advance the travel industry and perceive its commitment to the development and maintainability of vacationer locations and nearby networks.

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Why National Tourism Day celebrated?

National Tourism Day celebrated on September 27th, and in India, National Tourism Day celebrated on January 25th.

This festival tied to developing and making mindfulness among the general public worldwide on the meaning of the travel industry and its social, political, monetary, and social worth and worth.

National Tourism Day 2023 Interesting Facts:

1. Impact of tourism on GDP: National Tourism Day plays an important part in contributing to India’s economic growth. In India, the tourism industry contributed a total of $124.8 billion to GDP.

2. Considered the world’s quickest-growing tourist sector: In comparison to the entire world, India’s tourist industry is growing at a faster rate. India got ranked as one of the world’s quickest-growing attractions for tourists.

3. Important role in providing employment: Employment is essential for economic growth. National Tourism Day, which provides awareness about tourism, is very important because tourism contributes significantly to generating employment. According to a recent study, it seen that the tourist industry of India employs around 40 million people. It is one of the primary sources of the largest employment generation.

4. Percentage of people in the tourist sector employed: around or more than 23.5 million people in 2015 India’s tourism sector is employed. This suggests that the tourist industry employs more than 7.7% of Indian workers. As a result, the tourist industry employs the majority of Indian workers. So being responsible citizens, it’s our responsibility to appreciate the places of India by visiting them and safeguarding the tourists of India.

5. Mela of Kumbh: The biggest and the most famous Kumbh Mela is among the traditions of India, and people of India visit there and even people outside. It is the world’s largest religious gathering. On national Tourism Day 2023, people can confess that this year at least one day, they will devote towards visiting Kumbh Mela.

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National Tourism Day History

In 1958, the public authority understood the significance of the travel industry coming to India, which prompted the making of a different branch of the travel industry.

The point of dividing was safeguarding our public legacy and caring for the vacationer locations to watch out for their excellence while making them agreeable travellers.

National Tourism Day 2023 Significance

India is the most seasoned human advancement globally and offers variety and multiculturalism. The nation has a rich legacy and alluring spots to visit, making it a famous traveller objective.

The day praised in the country for educating individuals regarding the development possibilities of the travel industry area and what it means for India’s financial turn of events.

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How National Tourism Day celebrated?

  • Those people who are unaware of National Tourism Day should try to collect information and gain knowledge.
  • Spread awareness about this day among your friends, relatives, etc.
  • Various competitions organized, such as poster contests, caller tune contests, photography contests, etc.
  • On this day, you should visit your favourite place you have always wanted to visit.
  • If you can’t visit this year, plan the trip on this day for the future.


The principal focus of observing India National Tourist day is to teach individuals about the advantages of voyaging and the significance of the travel industry. India is a tourist paradise, and this exchange assumes a significant part of the country’s economy.

This likewise assists us with recollecting how different India is with its tremendous ocean sea shores, shining backwoods, great mountain tops, and a lovely treat.

This is an extraordinary chance to see the value in the way of life and the legacy of various pieces of India and comprehends the nation better.

Observing Indian Public The National Tourist Day a magnificent drive taken by the Indian Government.

Many of us don’t know about this day, but we can learn anything at any time, and it’s good to know about something new every day we wake up.

All the readers can learn about national Tourism Day and work on celebrating it in the upcoming year. Which is national Tourism Day 2023. also, they can suggest people read the article. Know about this day in detail.

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