International Customs Day

International Customs Day is celebrated every year on January 26 to recognize the role of customs officials and agencies in maintaining border security and facilitating international trade.

World Customs Day theme 2023 is “Customs fostering Sustainability for People, Prosperity, and the Planet”.

International Customs Day : History

World customs organization plays a crucial role in ensuring that goods and products are properly declared and taxed, preventing the entry of illegal and hazardous materials, and facilitating the smooth flow of legitimate trade across World borders.

This helps promote economic growth and development while protecting the health and safety of individuals and communities.

In addition to their role in trade and security, customs agencies also play a critical role in promoting sustainability.

Wikipedia includes measures to combat environmental crimes such as illegal logging and wildlife trafficking, as well as efforts to reduce the carbon footprint of international transportation and support the transition to a green economy.

The International Customs Day 2023 theme of “Customs fostering Sustainability for People, Prosperity, and the Planet” highlights the important contributions of customs agencies to global efforts to achieve sustainable development.

This includes reducing poverty and inequality, promoting economic growth and job creation, protecting the environment, and ensuring that all share trade benefits.

Some possible International Customs Day slogans could include:

  • “Customs: Protecting people, prosperity, and the planet.”
  • “Customs: Securing borders, facilitating trade, promoting sustainability.”
  • “Customs: A vital link in the global supply chain.”
  • “Customs: Building a sustainable future for all.”
  • “Customs: Keeping the world moving and growing.”

About National Customs Day India and WCO International Customs Day

National Customs Day celebrated annually in India on January 26 to mark the formation of the Central Board of Excise. And also Customs (CBEC), the apex policy-making body for India’s customs and indirect tax administration.

The day celebrated to recognize the contribution of customs officials to the country’s economic development and reaffirm customs’ important role in international trade.

WCO International Customs Day 2023 celebrated on January 26 each year by the World Customs Organization (WCO). And also its member countries to recognize the role of customs in promoting international trade and facilitating the movement of goods across national borders.

This day provides an opportunity to highlight the work of customs officials in protecting communities from illicit trade, collecting revenue, and supporting economic development.

It is also a time to celebrate customs organizations’ achievements and discuss challenges and opportunities in the field of customs.


Customs Day 2023 is a momentous occasion to recognize the valuable work of customs officials. And agencies in promoting trade, security, and sustainability.

As global challenges such as climate change, inequality, and terrorism continue to evolve. The role of customs agencies in addressing these issues will become even more crucial.

By fostering a sustainable and secure global environment, customs officials are helping to build a better future for all.

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