March 2023: List of Important National and International Days

List of Important Days in March

List of Important Days in March 2023 : Every month has significant holidays and occasions, some of which have a specific theme. Some occasions raise awareness while also honouring past sacrifices. Here, we give you a quick overview of the important days of March that will improve your general knowledge and aid in your preparation for upcoming competitive exams.

To effectively prepare for the upcoming exams, the students must recall the list of important dates in March 2023, along with their corresponding themes. The students can recall the March 2023 special days in Hindi and gain knowledge of them for the long term from a test perspective.

These days are set aside to raise people’s awareness of various issues. Every piece of data has value, and we pay attention to it. Please refer to the article to learn more about special dates in March 2023 and their meanings.

The list of important dates in March 2023 below was put together based on celebrations and events that take place both in India and around the world.

March month important days: A-List.

Due to their unique purposes, match month has several significant holidays observed-the list of March 2023 important days is provided below. See below the list of significant dates for the month of March, which is important for the upcoming exams.

Self-Injury Awareness Day

On March 1, it was observed all over the world. This is the first among important dates; March 2023 that is observed to demolish the stigma associated with self-harm and educate parents, family members, educators, and healthcare professionals on the warning signs of self-harm.

World Civil Defence Day

Every year on March 1, people worldwide observe World Civil Defense Day. This event aims to increase public awareness of civil defence’s vital role in disaster recovery. This day among the important dates in March 2023, encourages citizens to become more knowledgeable about disaster prevention, planning, and self-defence. Its goal is to increase public awareness of civil defence.

World Wildlife Day

This day, observed on March 3 around the world, is closely related to Sustainable Development Goal No. 12, “Life without water,” which emphasises the importance of marine wildlife to our daily lives and focuses on marine species. World Wildlife Day in 2022 will have as its theme “Recovering key species for ecosystem restoration.

International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day is observed on March 8, 2023. Additionally, it advances the cause of gender parity. Purple is universally thought to be a feminine colour. The Women’s Social and Political Union in the United Kingdom in 1908 inspired the purple, green, and white colour scheme, which symbolises women’s equality.

CISF Raising Day

March 10 2022, marks CISF Raising Day. On this day, the Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) Raising Day is remembered. The Indian Parliament passed an act in 1969 that created the CISF. The seaways, airports, and some of India’s most valuable assets are all under the control of this organisation. A few reserve battalions of the CISF work with state police to uphold law and order.

No Smoking Day

National No Smoking Day is on March 10. No Smoking Day is observed to increase public awareness of tobacco use’s harmful health effects and motivate smokers worldwide to give up the habit.

National Safety Week

National Safety Week observed every year from March 4 through March 10. It believed to promote environmental preservation, health, and safety. To lessen the number of traffic accidents, it commemorated to raise public awareness of vehicles and traffic accidents.

Thousands of people  killed in traffic accidents each year. At the national level, it observed by trying to launch missions and campaigns to achieve its goal. This year’s National Safety Week theme was Sadak Suraksha – Jeevan Raksha.

Mauritius Day

Annually on March 12, Mauritius celebrates National Day as a public holiday. This holiday, also known as Independence and Republic Day, honours Gandhiji and the Indian freedom struggle and commemorates two significant occurrences in Mauritius’ recent history, which occurred on March 12. These events are the country’s independence from Britain in 1968 and its transformation into a republic in 1992.

Pi Day

Pi Day observed annually on March 14 to honour the mathematical constant Pi. It defined as the reciprocal of the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter, and its value 3.14.

International Day of Rivers Action

Every year on March 14, there a celebration known as the “International Day of Action for Rivers” that aims to protect, honour, and raise awareness of the value of rivers. The International Day of Action for Rivers’ 25th anniversary commemorated this year worldwide.

World Consumer Day

To uphold consumer rights, March 15 designated as World Consumer Day. Former US President John F. Kennedy’s speech about consumer rights to the US Congress on March 15, 1962, served as the impetus for this day. Fair Digital Finance was this year’s World Consumer Rights Day 2022 theme.

National Vaccination Day

The National Vaccination Day is on March 16. National Immunization Day (IMD) is another name for National Vaccination Day in India. The first dose of the oral polio vaccine administered on March 15, 1995, marking the occasion.

World Sleep Day

March 18 is World Sleep Day. Every Friday before the Spring Equinox, World Sleep Day observed every year.

International Day of Happiness

March 20 recognised as the International Day of Happiness each year. As the name implies, it solely focused on the sensation loved most by everyone.

International Day of the Unborn Child

International Day of the Unborn Child celebrated on March 25. This day observed as a day of opposition to abortion and commemorated globally in honour of unborn foetuses.

Purple Day of Epilepsy

Purple Day of Epilepsy is on March 26. The goal of this day is to raise awareness of epilepsy and how it affects people’s lives. One of the key international health-related days from the List of Important Days in March 2023 is this one.

World Theatre Day

World Theatre Day celebrated on March 27. The purpose of World Theatre Day is to raise awareness of the value of the art form “theatre” and how it has contributed significantly to the entertainment industry. This regarded as one of the innovative days from the list of March 2023’s Important Days.

FAQs Regarding Important March Dates

Q.1 What holiday observed on March 12?

Ans : Every year on March 12, Mauritius celebrates National Day. This holiday, also called Independence and Republic Day, honours Gandhiji and the Indian freedom struggle, as well as the national day of Mauritius, which gained independence from Britain in 1968 and became a republic in 1992.

Q.2 What important days in March 2023 observed?

Ans : Candidates can use this article to determine which holidays observed in March.

Q.3 What the important days in March 2023?

Ans : World Water Day, Forestry Day, Poetry Day, and Down Syndrome Day are the important March 2023 dates.

Q.4 When March’s National Safety Day observed?

Ans : March 4 designated National Safety Day and is one of the important dates of March 2023.

Q.5 Why March a Big Month?

Ans : The important dates for March 2023 begin on the vernal equinox, which also falls on the first day of spring.

Q.6 When March 8 observed as International Women’s Day?

Ans : On March 8, people worldwide celebrated International Women’s Day.