Get 250+ List of Important Days in March 2023

Important Days in March 2023

List of Important Days in March 2023 : Every month has significant holidays and occasions, some of which have a specific theme. Some occasions raise awareness while also honouring past sacrifices. Here, we give you a quick overview of the important days of March that will improve your general knowledge and aid in your preparation for upcoming competitive exams.

To effectively prepare for the upcoming exams, the students must recall the list of important dates in March 2023, along with their corresponding themes. The students can recall the March 2023 special days in Hindi and gain knowledge of them for the long term from a test perspective.

These days are set aside to raise people’s awareness of various issues. Every piece of data has value, and we pay attention to it. Please refer to the article to learn more about special dates in March 2023 and their meanings.

The list of important dates in March 2023 below was put together based on celebrations and events that take place both in India and around the world.

March month important days: A-List.

Due to their unique purposes, match month has several significant holidays observed-the list of March 2023 important days is provided below. See below the list of significant dates for the month of March, which is important for the upcoming exams.

Self-Injury Awareness Day

On March 1, it was observed all over the world. This is the first among important dates; March 2023 that is observed to demolish the stigma associated with self-harm and educate parents, family members, educators, and healthcare professionals on the warning signs of self-harm.

World Civil Defence Day

Every year on March 1, people worldwide observe World Civil Defense Day. This event aims to increase public awareness of civil defence’s vital role in disaster recovery. This day among the important dates in March 2023, encourages citizens to become more knowledgeable about disaster prevention, planning, and self-defence. Its goal is to increase public awareness of civil defence.

World Wildlife Day

This day, observed on March 3 around the world, is closely related to Sustainable Development Goal No. 12, “Life without water,” which emphasises the importance of marine wildlife to our daily lives and focuses on marine species. World Wildlife Day in 2022 will have as its theme “Recovering key species for ecosystem restoration.

International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day is observed on March 8, 2023. Additionally, it advances the cause of gender parity. Purple is universally thought to be a feminine colour. The Women’s Social and Political Union in the United Kingdom in 1908 inspired the purple, green, and white colour scheme, which symbolises women’s equality. Read More

CISF Raising Day

March 10 2022, marks CISF Raising Day. On this day, the Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) Raising Day is remembered. The Indian Parliament passed an act in 1969 that created the CISF. The seaways, airports, and some of India’s most valuable assets are all under the control of this organisation. A few reserve battalions of the CISF work with state police to uphold law and order.

No Smoking Day

National No Smoking Day is on March 10. No Smoking Day is observed to increase public awareness of tobacco use’s harmful health effects and motivate smokers worldwide to give up the habit.

National Safety Week

National Safety Week observed every year from March 4 through March 10. It believed to promote environmental preservation, health, and safety. To lessen the number of traffic accidents, it commemorated to raise public awareness of vehicles and traffic accidents.

Thousands of people  killed in traffic accidents each year. At the national level, it observed by trying to launch missions and campaigns to achieve its goal. This year’s National Safety Week theme was Sadak Suraksha – Jeevan Raksha.

Mauritius Day

Annually on March 12, Mauritius celebrates National Day as a public holiday. This holiday, also known as Independence and Republic Day, honours Gandhiji and the Indian freedom struggle and commemorates two significant occurrences in Mauritius’ recent history, which occurred on March 12. These events are the country’s independence from Britain in 1968 and its transformation into a republic in 1992.

Pi Day

Pi Day observed annually on March 14 to honour the mathematical constant Pi. It defined as the reciprocal of the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter, and its value 3.14.

International Day of Rivers Action

Every year on March 14, there a celebration known as the “International Day of Action for Rivers” that aims to protect, honour, and raise awareness of the value of rivers. The International Day of Action for Rivers‘ 25th anniversary commemorated this year worldwide. Read More

World Consumer Day

To uphold consumer rights, March 15 designated as World Consumer Day. Former US President John F. Kennedy’s speech about consumer rights to the US Congress on March 15, 1962, served as the impetus for this day. Fair Digital Finance was this year’s World Consumer Rights Day 2022 theme.

National Vaccination Day

The National Vaccination Day is on March 16. National Immunization Day (IMD) is another name for National Vaccination Day in India. The first dose of the oral polio vaccine administered on March 15, 1995, marking the occasion. Read More

World Sleep Day

March 18 is World Sleep Day. Every Friday before the Spring Equinox, World Sleep Day observed every year.

International Day of Happiness

March 20 recognised as the International Day of Happiness each year. As the name implies, it solely focused on the sensation loved most by everyone. Read More

International Day of the Unborn Child

International Day of the Unborn Child celebrated on March 25. This day observed as a day of opposition to abortion and commemorated globally in honour of unborn foetuses.

Purple Day of Epilepsy

Purple Day of Epilepsy is on March 26. The goal of this day is to raise awareness of epilepsy and how it affects people’s lives. One of the key international health-related days from the List of Important Days in March 2023 is this one.

World Theatre Day

World Theatre Day celebrated on March 27. The purpose of World Theatre Day is to raise awareness of the value of the art form “theatre” and how it has contributed significantly to the entertainment industry. This regarded as one of the innovative days from the list of March 2023’s Important Days.

Sr. No. Days Date
1 Zero Discrimination Day 01-Mar
2 Self Injury Awareness Day 01-Mar
3 National Pig Day 01-Mar
4 National Wedding Planning Day 01-Mar
5 World Compliment Day 01-Mar
6 World Civil Defence Day 01-Mar
7 Baby Sleep Day 01-Mar
8 Endometriosis Awareness Day 01-Mar
9 Independence Movement Day 01-Mar
10 International Ideas Month 01-Mar
11 National Horse Protection Day 01-Mar
12 National Hotel Slipper Day 01-Mar
13 Public Risk Management Awareness Day 01-Mar
14 Self-Injury Awareness Day 01-Mar
15 Share a Smile Day 01-Mar
16 World Civil Defense Day 01-Mar
17 World Music Therapy Day 01-Mar
18 World Seagrass Day 01-Mar
19 Peasants Day 02-Mar
20 Texas Independence Day 02-Mar
21 World Teen Mental Wellness Day 02-Mar
22 Adwa Victory Day 02-Mar
23 American Citizenship Day 02-Mar
24 National Banana Cream Pie Day 02-Mar
25 National Egg McMuffin Day 02-Mar
26 National Hospitalist Day 02-Mar
27 National Walter Day 02-Mar
28 World Wildlife Day 03-Mar
29 Employee Appreciation Day 03-Mar
30 World Hearing Day 03-Mar
31 National Anthem Day 03-Mar
32 Mother’s’ Day in Georgia 03-Mar
33 Bulgaria Liberation Day 03-Mar
34 Canadian Bacon Day 03-Mar
35 Caregiver Appreciation Day 03-Mar
36 International Irish Whiskey Day 03-Mar
37 Japan Dolls Festival 03-Mar
38 National Mulled Wine Day 03-Mar
39 National Speech and Debate Education Day 03-Mar
40 Navy Reserves Birthday 03-Mar
41 Peach Blossom Day 03-Mar
42 World Day of Prayer 03-Mar
15 National Safety Week 04-Mar
16 National Grammar Day 04-Mar
17 Brain Injury Awareness Day 04-Mar
18 World Day of Fight against Sexual Exploitation 04-Mar
19 HPV Awareness Day 04-Mar
20 National Sons Day 04-Mar
21 Ramakrishna Jayanti 04-Mar
22 Benjamin Harrison Day 04-Mar
23 Holy Experiment Day 04-Mar
24 National Backcountry Ski Day 04-Mar
25 National Dance The Waltz Day 04-Mar
26 National Snack Day 04-Mar
27 World Obesity Day 04-Mar
28 International Open Data Day 05-Mar
29 National Absinthe Day 05-Mar
30 Clean Up Australia Day 05-Mar
31 Dissociative Identity Disorder Awareness Day 05-Mar
32 National Potty Dance Day 05-Mar
33 Reel Film Day 05-Mar
34 World Information Architecture Day 05-Mar
35 National Dentist’s Day 06-Mar
36 National Dress Day 06-Mar
37 National Frozen Food Day 06-Mar
38 Ghana Independence Day 06-Mar
39 Guam Discovery Day 06-Mar
40 No Homework Day 06-Mar
41 World Tennis Day 06-Mar
42 Alexander Graham Bell Day 07-Mar
43 Holika Dahana 07-Mar
44 National Library Workers Day 07-Mar
45 Plant Power Day 07-Mar
46 Sock Monkey Day 07-Mar
47 Unique Names Day 07-Mar
48 International Women’s Day 08-Mar
49 No Smoking Day (Second Wednesday of March) 08-Mar
50 National Proofreading Day 08-Mar
51 Holi 08-Mar
52 World Maths Day 08-Mar
53 National Barbie Day 09-Mar
54 International School Meals Day 09-Mar
55 National False Teeth Day 09-Mar
56 National Heroes and Benefactors Day 09-Mar
57 Popcorn Lover’s Day 09-Mar
58 Harriet Tubman Day 10-Mar
59 International Day of Women Judges 10-Mar
60 Middle Name Pride Day 10-Mar
61 National Dry Shampoo Day 10-Mar
62 National Peel Day 10-Mar
63 Paper Money Day 10-Mar
64 World Kidney Day 10-Mar
65 National Promposal Day 11-Mar
66 Debunking Day 11-Mar
67 Independence Restoration Day 11-Mar
68 Key Deer Awareness Day 11-Mar
69 National COVID-19 Day 11-Mar
70 National Dream Day 11-Mar
71 Wash Your Nose Day 11-Mar
72 World Plumbing Day 11-Mar
73 Worship of Tools Day 11-Mar
74 Mauritius Day 12-Mar
75 National Girl Scout Day 12-Mar
76 Aztec New Year 12-Mar
77 IUGR Awareness Day 12-Mar
78 Mauritius Independence Day 12-Mar
79 National Plant a Flower Day 12-Mar
80 National Working Mom’s day 12-Mar
81 World Glaucoma Day 12-Mar
82 National Napping Day 13-Mar
83 Commonwealth Day in Canada 13-Mar
84 Canberra Day 13-Mar
85 International Every Girls Wins Day 13-Mar
86 National Good Samaritan Day 13-Mar
87 National Jewel Day 13-Mar
88 Taranaki Anniversary Day 13-Mar
89 Pi Day 14-Mar
90 International Day of Action for Rivers 14-Mar
91 National Potato Chip Day 14-Mar
92 Celebrate Scientists Day 14-Mar
93 Crowdfunding Day 14-Mar
94 Genius Day 14-Mar
95 International Ask a Question Day 14-Mar
96 International Day of Mathematics 14-Mar
97 Legal Assistance Day 14-Mar
98 National Learn About Butterflies Day 14-Mar
99 National Save a Spider Day 14-Mar
100 Science Education Day 14-Mar
101 White Day 14-Mar
102 World Consumer Rights Day 15-Mar
103 CISF Raising Day 15-Mar
104 Belarus Constitution Day 15-Mar
105 Buzzards Day 15-Mar
106 Dumbstruck Day 15-Mar
107 Equal Pay Day 15-Mar
108 International Day Against Police Brutality 15-Mar
109 International Day to Combat Islamophobia 15-Mar
110 International Redefining Wealth Day 15-Mar
111 National Peanut Lovers Day 15-Mar
112 National Pears Helene Day 15-Mar
113 World Contact Day 15-Mar
114 World Essential Workers Day 15-Mar
115 World Speech Day 15-Mar
116 National Vaccination Day 16-Mar
117 National Panda Day 16-Mar
118 Freedom of Information Day 16-Mar
119 Lips Appreciation Day 16-Mar
120 National Farm Rescuer Day 16-Mar
121 No Selfies Day 16-Mar
122 Orange And Lemons Day 16-Mar
123 World Sleep Day 17-Mar
124 Doctor Patient Trust Day 17-Mar
125 Evacuation Day 17-Mar
126 National Day of Action Against Bullying and Violence 17-Mar
127 National Preschool Teachers Appreciation Day 17-Mar
128 Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Birthday 17-Mar
129 Saint Gertrude of Nivelles Day 17-Mar
130 Ordnance Factories Day (India) 18-Mar
131 Awkward Moments Day 18-Mar
132 National Biodiesel Day 18-Mar
133 National Corn Dog Day 18-Mar
134 Global Recycling Day 18-Mar
135 Goddess Of Fertility Day 18-Mar
136 International Sports Car Racing Day 18-Mar
137 National Anthem and Flag Day in Aruba 18-Mar
138 Save the Florida Panther Day 18-Mar
139 National Supreme Sacrifice Day 18-Mar
140 Red Nose Day 19-Mar
141 Certified Nurses Day 19-Mar
142 International Client’s Day 19-Mar
143 National Automatic Door Day 19-Mar
144 National Stretch Mark Day 19-Mar
145 Operation Iraqi Freedom Day 19-Mar
146 National Poultry Day 19-Mar
147 International Day of Happiness 20-Mar
148 World Oral Health Day 20-Mar
149 World Sparrow Day 20-Mar
150 National Proposal Day 20-Mar
151 Act Happy Day 20-Mar
152 Bock Beer Day 20-Mar
153 French Language Day 20-Mar
154 Hufflepuff Pride Day 20-Mar
155 Kiss Your Fiance Day 20-Mar
156 National Jump Out Day 20-Mar
157 National Native HIV/AIDS Awareness Day 20-Mar
158 World Behavior Analysis Day 20-Mar
159 World Flour Day 20-Mar
160 World Frog Day 20-Mar
161 World Storytelling Day 20-Mar
162 World Forestry Day 21-Mar
163 World Down syndrome Day 21-Mar
164 World Poetry Day 21-Mar
165 Afghanistan Day 21-Mar
166 Astrology Day 21-Mar
167 Big Bang Day 21-Mar
168 Credit Card Reduction Day 21-Mar
169 Education Freedom Day 21-Mar
170 Egypt Mother’s Day 21-Mar
171 International Colour Day 21-Mar
172 Namibia Independence Day 21-Mar
173 National California Strawberry Day 21-Mar
174 National Flower Day 21-Mar
175 National Fragrance Day 21-Mar
176 National Healthy Fats Day 21-Mar
177 National Renewable Energy Day 21-Mar
178 National Rosie The Riveter Day 21-Mar
179 National Single Parent Day 21-Mar
180 National Teenager Day 21-Mar
181 South Africa Human Rights Day 21-Mar
182 World Social Work Day 21-Mar
183 World Water Day 22-Mar
184 Bavarian Crepes Day 22-Mar
185 International Day Of The Seal 22-Mar
186 National Ag Day 22-Mar
187 World Day of Metta 22-Mar
188 World Meteorological Day 23-Mar
189 National Puppy Day 23-Mar
190 National Chia Day 23-Mar
191 OK Day 23-Mar
192 Otago Anniversary Day 23-Mar
193 Pakistan Day 23-Mar
194 Ramadan 23-Mar
195 World Math Day 23-Mar
196 World Tuberculosis (TB) Day 24-Mar
197 Commonwealth Covenant Day 24-Mar
198 International Day For Achievers 24-Mar
199 National Adverse Drug Event Awareness Day 24-Mar
200 National Cocktail Day 24-Mar
201 World Tuberculosis Day 24-Mar
202 International Day of Solidarity with Detained and Missing Staff Members 25-Mar
203 International Day of the Unborn Child 25-Mar
204 International Waffle Day 25-Mar
205 Greek Independence Day 25-Mar
206 ​Maryland Day 25-Mar
207 National Dante Day 25-Mar
208 National Guadalupe Day 25-Mar
209 Struggle For Human Rights Day 25-Mar
210 World Retrospective Day 25-Mar
211 Purple Day of Epilepsy 26-Mar
212 National Spinach Day 26-Mar
213 Epilepsy Awareness / Purple Day 26-Mar
214 Independence Day of Bangladesh 26-Mar
215 National Nougat Day 26-Mar
216 Prince Kuhio Day 26-Mar
217 Wear A Hat Day 26-Mar
218 World Purple Day 26-Mar
219 World Theatre Day 27-Mar
220 International Scribble Day 27-Mar
221 International Whiskey Day 27-Mar
222 Myanmar Armed Forces Day 27-Mar
223 National Medical Science Liaison Awareness and Appreciation Day 27-Mar
224 Viagra Day 27-Mar
225 Respect Your Cat Day 28-Mar
226 National Black Forest Cake Day 28-Mar
227 National Weed Appreciation Day 28-Mar
228 Virtual Advocacy Day 28-Mar
229 Knights Of Columbus Founder’s Day 29-Mar
230 National Smoke and Mirrors Day 29-Mar
231 National Vietnam War Veterans Day 29-Mar
232 Vietnam Veterans Day 29-Mar
233 World Piano Day 29-Mar
234 Rajasthan Diwas 30-Mar
235 Ram Navami Day 30-Mar
236 Doctors’ Day 30-Mar
237 National Fitness Recovery Day 30-Mar
238 National Pencil Day 30-Mar
239 National Victoria Day 30-Mar
240 National Virtual Vacation Day 30-Mar
241 World Backup Day 31-Mar
242 International Transgender Day of Visibility 31-Mar
243 International Day of Drug Checking 31-Mar
244 World No Tobacco Day 31-Mar
245 Eiffel Tower Day 31-Mar
246 International Hug a Medievalist Day 31-Mar
247 Dance Marathon Day 31-Mar
248 Crayola Crayon Day 31-Mar
249 Anesthesia Tech Day 31-Mar
250 National Tater Day 31-Mar
251 National Prom Day 31-Mar
252 National Farm Workers Day 31-Mar
253 National Bunsen Burner Day 31-Mar

FAQs Regarding Important March Dates

Q.1 What holiday observed on March 12?

Ans : Every year on March 12, Mauritius celebrates National Day. This holiday, also called Independence and Republic Day, honours Gandhiji and the Indian freedom struggle, as well as the national day of Mauritius, which gained independence from Britain in 1968 and became a republic in 1992.

Q.2 What important days in March 2023 observed?

Ans : Candidates can use this article to determine which holidays observed in March.

Q.3 What the important days in March 2023?

Ans : World Water Day, Forestry Day, Poetry Day, and Down Syndrome Day are the important March 2023 dates.

Q.4 When March’s National Safety Day observed?

Ans : March 4 designated National Safety Day and is one of the important dates of March 2023.

Q.5 Why March a Big Month?

Ans : The important dates for March 2023 begin on the vernal equinox, which also falls on the first day of spring.

Q.6 When March 8 observed as International Women’s Day?

Ans : On March 8, people worldwide celebrated International Women’s Day.