National Pig Day

National Pig Day is celebrated as different events at schools, colleges, zoos, sporting events and nursing homes in the United States. They organise big parties serving pork delicacies, and pink ribbon pigtails are tied around the trees to honour the pigs. Pigs are the most intelligent and clever domestic animals. This day also makes many people aware of how intelligent these animals are. There is also a historical moment connected to this: in the year 1772, a trained pig counted numbers, told time and surprised and entertained a huge crowd in the streets.

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Why is National Pig Day celebrated?

National Pig Day is celebrated every year on March 1st. The purpose of celebrating this day is to save the pigs and make mankind understand how the pigs are the most intellectual and domesticated animals. The holiday season of Pigs Day is mostly celebrated in the United States in the Midwest. Pigs Day was started in 1972 by two sisters, Mary Lynne and Ellen Stanley.

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National Pig Day in India

In Hindu religious culture, Pigs are deities. The pig avatar is called Varaha in Sanskrit; Varaha is considered one of the avatars of Lord Vishnu. There is a historical story behind the Varaha avatar. Once demon Hiranyaksha stole the Earth and hid her in the primordial waters, so in order to save the Earth, Lord Vishnu took the form of Varaha and saved the Earth. Vishnu, who was in the Varaha avatar, slew the demon, retrieved the Earth from the ocean by lifting it on his tusks, and resorted it into the universe. Varaha’s avatar is Lord Vishnu with a Boar head and a human body.

The word Varaha can be found in Rigveda. It says that the boar is the beast that tears up the roots and brings up the good. In India, people celebrate Pigs Day as the incarnation of Lord Vishnu and visit the temple on the day to offer prayers. The prominent temple of Varaha is Sri Varahaswami Temple which is in Tirumala. The temple is built in Andhra Pradesh. Another famous Varaha temple in Tamil Nadu is Bhuvarahaswami Temple in Srimushnam.

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National Pig Day Activities

There are many activities conducted on Pig Day. On Pig Day, we also see that kids are gifted with many story books with pig characters. This idea is to honour the Pigs and develop the story reading habit among children. Pigs are adorable, and this special quality makes everyone like them. We also see hundreds of breeds of pigs, most of which are from Eurasian Wild Boar. People celebrate this day by posting photos taken with their pet pigs or anywhere on social media. They send messages with all the information they have about Pigs Day and its celebrations. People also prepare food like barbecue, ham, spare ribs, bacon, pork belly, baby back ribs and many other delectables. They invite family and friends for lunch or dinner.

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National Pork Month

This is the month when pig meat pork is sold in the market widely. It also brings awareness among people about how pork meat is beneficial and contributes to their good health. We also see that much meat is exported and imported this month. Many people are educated about its benefits and the different ways one can consume this meat.

Pork meat consists of Vitamin B12 and Vitamin B6, which are helpful for brain function and blood cell formation. Pork meat is also an excellent source of iron for people suffering from anaemia. The meat is also easily digestible and absorbed into the human body. The meat also consists of protein, iron, zinc and niacin. Pig is also called with the other name swine. The name swine is used in the fields of Science, breeding and farming. Pig heart valves are also used to replace the heart valves in human beings. In the most recent case of David Bennett, who was left with no survival option, miracles saved him when a genetically modified pig heart was transplanted into him. This process of heart translation is called xenotransplantation.

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Facts about Pigs

  1. Pigs don’t sweat
  2. Pigs are clever and highly intellectual animals.
  3. Pigs can raise their kids with smart activities.
  4. Pigs are smarter comparatively smarter than dogs if trained well.
  5. Pigs can run upto 11mph and are very good at the sense of direction they run.
  6. Pigs are very good at memory especially locating places and objects.
  7. Pigs can drink at a time 14 gallons of water.
  8. Pigs communicate with other pigs in more than 20 different vocalisations.
  9. Pigs have squeals of 115 decibels which is comparatively 3 times more than the sound of an airliner.

Therefore, the pigs should be acknowledged and given proper care and protection to protect them. You can visit a local pig farm to understand more about the pigs. You can also visit a zoo and understand its lifestyle and how they are taken care of. If time permits, you can also attend the pig parade organised annually on Pigs Day by the United States.

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Important Points about Pig Farming

  • The pig shed should be constructed well in a dry and grounded place.
  • Water consisting areas should be avoided.
  • The pig’s shed should have 4 to 5 feet side walls.
  • The walls should be plastered well and made damp-proof.
  • The place should be cleaned from time to time to maintain the hygiene of the pigs.
  • It should be 7-8 feet when constructing the shed’s roof.
  • Also, make sure that the pigsty should be very well-ventilated.
  • It requires medium capital to start pig farming.
  • The pigs should be fed on time.
  • The pigs should be protected well from other wild animals.
  • Proper care should be taken of the piglets.
  • All the necessary amenities are needed to run a successful pig business.
  • Most importantly, go for proper training before starting a pig farm or raising the pigs.

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