national hummingbird day

The US celebrates these relatively small bird species on the first Saturday of every September with National Hummingbird Day. The tiniest birds in the world, hummingbirds never cease to astound us with their distinctive features and traits.

These tiny creatures have captured our attention for various reasons, including their ability to change colours and lively demeanour.

When is national hummingbird day 2023

Get the fun collection of hummingbird viral videos and adorable images as you anticipate September 3rd, 2023, being National Hummingbird Day, and treat the special day out in the most beautiful way!

On National Hummingbird Day 2023, check out the videos and HD pictures that are just too adorable to miss!

The significance of National Hummingbird Day is that hummingbirds, the smallest birds in the world that is migratory and only discovered in the Americas, including all of North, Central, and South America, travel great distances while migrating.

One of the rarest and most prized bird species worldwide is the hummingbird. They also possess various qualities that set them apart from other bird species, including the potential to hover quickly in the air while flapping their wings, which gives them the name “hummingbirds,” even though they are tiny and have a slower top speed.

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How Can We Support Hummingbirds?

Considering that more than the majority of the hummingbird genus are found in the tropics, buying coffee grown under cover is an excellent way to preserve hummingbird habitats.

Hummingbirds in Florida breed from spring to summer, so having many plants with tubular flowers and hummingbird feeders is beneficial.

Choose a hummingbird feeder with red fittings, multiple feeding depots, and a way to check the nectar level when shopping for one. It’s best to wash your feeder with hot water once a week.

An eco-friendly way to stop pests like ants from trying to invade your feeder is with petroleum jelly!

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In the US, September 3rd is National Hummingbird Day! This date coincided with these fantastic animals’ winter migration south. It’s time to put out feeders and plant blossoms that will look beautiful around September 3rd if you want to draw hummingbirds to your yard.

Providing nesting materials like tiny strands of yarn or cotton balls is another way you can assist. By doing our part, we can ensure that these magnificent creatures continue to adorn our gardens and yards for many coming years.

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