National Birdwatching Day

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To commemorate the anniversary of the birth of Salim Ali, a renowned ornithologist from India, November 12 is annually observed as National Birdwatching Day.

Wherever and whenever you watch birds, you develop a close relationship with nature. Try birding for a change on this National Birdwatching Day and see what doors it opens for you as you sit by your window and observe the world through a pair of binoculars.

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Here are some exciting details about Salim Ali, a great visionary and renowned ornithologist:

  • In the natural history section of Mumbai’s Prince of Wales Museum, Ali started working as a guide lecturer in 1926.
  • He was among the first scientists to conduct thorough bird surveys in India and abroad.
  • Salim not only researched birds but also contributed to the field of nature protection during the post-Independence era. Ali was a significant figure in Indian wildlife conservation and environmentalist circles.
  • He received a foreign award worth INR 5 lacs for his outstanding efforts, but he donated the entire sum to the Bombay Natural History Society.

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Early Life of Salim Ali

Being kind to birds does not take anything positive from a person. Salim Moizuddin Abdul Ali, the main character in my story, is a real-life illustration of this statement. Ali, who was from the Indian Subcontinent, was a renowned naturalist and ornithologist.

At the age of 10, Sálim developed an interest in birds and was the first person to conduct methodical bird surveys all over India.

In Khetwadi, Maharashtra, on November 12, 1896, he was born into a Salumaimani Bohra family.

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Books by Salim Ali

Salim Ali published several books on birds. In 1941, he published a book titled “The Book Of Indian Birds.” This book has a wealth of details about birds and has sold millions of copies.

He spent 10 hours writing “Handbook of the Birds on India and Pakistan” with renowned bird scientist S. Dillon Ripley. This book serves as an overview of years of research.

In addition, he has published a book titled “The Fall of a Sparrow” based on many fascinating developments in his life.

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Salim Ali worked with Indian birds for nearly 60 years of his life. Mr. Ali was very knowledgeable about birds. He worked hard on a natural conversation in addition to studying birds. Salim Ali had won a five lakh rupee international prize. He donated to the Bombay Natural History Society the entire sum. He received the Padma Vibhushan in 1983. The eminent Indian ornithologist died unexpectedly on June 20, 1987.

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