African National Congress Foundation Day

Every year on January 8, African National Congress Foundation Day is observed.

On this day, Africans battled British and Boer colonizers for their rights while brandishing spears.

The ANC sees today’s events as a battle for justice and freedom.

Since the democratization in April 1994, the African National Congress (ANC) has maintained its position as the dominant force.

African National Congress Foundation Day in Hindi is widely acclaimed.

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History of African National Congress Foundation Day

The day’s creation signaled the beginning of the end of centuries of oppression and exploitation of the African people.

Bloemfontein, under the name South African Native National Congress, was the first leader of the African National Congress.

This group’s mission was to bring all black South Africans together and work toward achieving equal rights and freedoms.

As a result, the National Party government in 1948 enacted voting rights and the apartheid system.

African National Congress Foundation Day theme is decided every year.

The ANC’s goals were to defend the rights of black South Africans, bring Africans together as single people, and protect their freedoms.

South Africans of color and people of mixed races should have full voting rights.

Additionally, the apartheid system was implemented after the National Party won the 1948 election.

In 1972, the ANC released its first particular statement.

However, the ANC didn’t make another statement until 1979.

Since then, it has become customary to release a report on each foundation day that includes a report from the president.

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Expansion of the African National Congress Foundation Day theme 2024

Despite being founded in 1912, the ANC saw a sharp rise in membership in the 1950s as South Africa’s black population became increasingly intolerant of the rigid racial segregation policy that had been put in place by the white minority government in 1948.

South Africa belongs to everyone who lives there, black and white, according to the ANC’s renowned Freedom Charter, which was published in 1955.

The African National Congress definition has constantly been an uprising against the government.

Following the Sharpeville massacre, ANC was outlawed in 1960.

With the founding of an Umkhonto we Sizwe in 1961, the ANC formally adopted violence.

As a result, Nelson Mandela and Walter Sisulu received life sentences for their ANC-related activities, and Oliver Tambo left South Africa to find the ANC’s external wing.

The ANC went underground and started guerilla activities from bases abroad after a large portion of its leadership was imprisoned or exiled.

The government again permitted the African National Congress apartheid and other Black African organizations in 1990.

In addition to this, Mandela’s release in the same year after more than 27 years in prison gave the black population of South Africa another cause for celebration.

The ANC began organizing for the upcoming election once it was no longer necessary to operate clandestinely.

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Best quotes from Nelson Mandela

Part of Nelson Mandela’s lasting legacy, who was the leader of the African National Congress, includes the wise counsel he provided throughout his life. Listed below are just a few of his best sayings:

1. Display passion

Everyone can succeed if they committed to and passionate about their work, regardless of their circumstances.

2. Nothing is impossible

“Until it accomplished, everything seems impossible.”

3. Lead from the rear

“Lead from behind, and let others think they are in front.”

4. Workout

“I’ve always thought that exercise is important for both physical and mental well-being.”

5. Avoid wasting time.

“We must make good use of our time and always remember that time is always right to act morally.”

6. Pick your friends carefully.

“Independent-minded friends are my favorite kind because they force you to consider all sides of a situation.”

7. Loving others

“No one hates another person from birth because of their skin color, ethnicity, or religion. People must learn to hate, and once they do, they can taught to love because the human heart more naturally inclined to love than to hate.”

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Celebration of the African National Congress Foundation Day in 2024

By Covid-19 guidelines, the ANC will celebrate its 110th founding day this year in Limpopo.

President Ramaphosa will greet the public on this day by making a memorable speech that will serve as the year’s order based on the populace’s interests.

Giving statements is a tradition that had existed since the first Foundation Day in 1972 when President OR Tambo started it.

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