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Missionary Day Mizoram India 2024: Introduction

The Reverends Lorrain and Savidge, two Welsh missionaries, were instrumental in bringing Christianity to the village of Sairang and other parts of the Lushai Hills and the Mizoram state. So, these missionaries taught the Mizo people to read in their own language and produced a Mizo-English dictionary. Their entire way of life was altered from their previous animism when the Gospel was taught to them.

Even after British India expanded to include their territory, the inhabitants of the Lushai Hills were only “loosely controlled” because they had previously raided British plantations in the lowlands to the south. However, everything started to change for good on January 11, 1894, when these two Presbyterian missionaries set out on their expedition.

In Mizoram, the Presbyterian Church first observed Missionary Day in 1974; the state government declared it a public holiday. Especially in Presbyterian and Baptist churches, missionary meaning is that many people attend special services on this day for prayer, worship, and remembrance of the blessings God sent through the arrival of the Gospel with Mizoram’s first two missionaries in 1894.

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About Mizoram and its residents

Nobody knows the Mizos’ ancestry. The nearby ethnic groups frequently refer to the inhabitants of the Mizo Hills as “Crucis.” Before the arrival of the British, different Mizo clans maintained their villages. They engaged in jhum cultivation, also known as slash and burn.

Christianity in Mizoram

In Mizoram, Christianity is the most prevalent religion. Most of Mizoram’s population, 87% of whom identify as Christians of various denominations, are Presbyterians. More than 98% of Mizo people identify as Christians. The Mizoram government declared that Christianity is the country’s official religion because it is such an integral part of the Mizo community’s daily life.

Christianity has had a significant influence on Missionary Day Mizoram culture. The government granted Christianity a special status in the state to maintain a minimum level of secular environment and approach. According to the Mizoram government, which includes Vanlalruata, the leader of the political party People’s Representation for Identity and Status of Mizoram missionary HmasaBer, which was once an anti-corruption organisation, Mizoram is a Christian state as of June 2018.

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According to the 2001 census, about 7.93% of Buddhists and a small minority of Hindus (3.55%), mostly Missionary day in Manipuris, are Chakma settlers of Arakan origin. So about 8,000 members of the Jewish sect BneiMenashe identify as descended from the biblical Menasseh, with the majority being ethnic Mizo. 1.1% of the people in the state are Muslims.

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World Missionary Day Quotes

“Let us not forget that God has sent us here with a mission, and we must not forget it on World Missionary Day.”

“World Missionary Day wishes to remind us that we should support our local churches because they contribute in many positive ways to our society.”

“As it is World Missionary Day, let’s pray fervently. Let us pray that God will continually bless our churches and us.”

“Let’s pay attention to our spirits, which are the sounds of our consciousness. Let’s all join together to celebrate World Missionary Day Theme. “

“The world needs sacrifice and prayer for everyone; happy World Missionary Day.”

“Let’s not forget that God has sent us to this place with a mission, and we mustn’t forget it on World Missionary Day.”

“Happy World Missionary Day to all of you! Let’s make this world a wonderful place by adhering to the path the Almighty has shown us.”

“World Missionary Day serves as a reminder of the need for us to support churches’ work to improve our society.”

“Every World Missionary Day serves as a reminder that there are churches worldwide with important modern-day missionaries that we must carry out.”

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