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On National Keto Day 2023, people are made aware of the Ketogenic diet, where the carbs are cut from the diet to the extent that the body will have to consume fat for energy.

This day reminds people to start a KETO diet, a super excellent method to lose weight and increase brain function. Ketosis is a standard human biological process where the carbs are taken in an enhanced and sufficient portion.

Medical representatives should inform people that this diet should not be extended for a period, as it may cause nutrient deficiency. It may also cause liver problems, kidney problems and constipation. National Keto Day help people inspire them to follow a disciplined diet.

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Some of the quotes are :

A low-carb, Ketogenic diet needs to be high in fat, not protein, to produce adequate Ketones.” said Jimmy Moore

I find I have a much better drive and focus when in a state of Ketosis. I have much more mental clarity and productivity, said Jimmy Moore

If Ketosis is so desirable, why has there been such deafening silence or even fierce negativity on the subject from health authorities, said Eric Westman MD

Eating carbohydrates makes you hungry. If you don’t eat carbohydrates, there no hunger given to Jimmy Moore

In the Keto diet given by Eric Westman, MD, there is only about one teaspoon of sugar in your entire bloodstream.

National Keto Day History

National Keto Day celebrated on January 5th every year. This day reminds people to reach their weight loss goal. This day helps people to educate the benefits and risks of it.

National Keto Day history began in the late 1800s. William Banting saw a man in London who was becoming obese daily and decided to take things in hand and try to control his diet.

Slowly he could see the results which inspired him. In 1924 Dr. Russell Wilder of the Mayo Clinic in the USA developed the Ketogenic diet, which helped treat epilepsy.

In 1970, the Paleo diet concept began. 1972, Atkins Diet developed, which showed the little result. 1994, NBC’s Dateline featured the Keto diet, bringing great media exposure.

Though this was not a Keto diet, Banting wrote a book called Letter on corpulence. Later, for decades, the Ketogenic diet made its way into popular use.

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National Keto Day Theme

In 2019 Vitamic Shoppe founded National Keto Day to raise awareness and educate about the benefits of the Keto diet. National Keto Day theme used to change the metabolism in people’s daily life.

This day makes people realize the risk and dangers of excess Keto intake. It has special studies and formulae which are to understood. Trainers who advise about the Keto diet should ensure people are aware of the risks and side effects in the beginning.

There are different kinds of Ketogenic diets:

  • Standard Ketogenic diet concentrates on 70% of the fat intake,20% of fat and 10% of carbs,
  • Classical Ketogenic diet focuses on five low carbs, and two high carbs,
  • Targeted Ketogenic diet concentrates on having more carbs and high-intensity workout,
  • High protein Ketogenic diet focuses on 65% of fats,35% of protein and 5% of carbs.

This diet excludes a large amount of food like beans, bread, legumes, fruits, and veggies. A national Keto Day is an approach to leading a healthy and prosperous life. Believe that you are not dieting but changing your lifestyle.

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