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Looking for 2023 Theme, History, Activities, Wishes and Quotes for World Theatre Day 2023? So in this article, you can get compleate knowledge of World Theatre Day.

My name is Pankaj, and I am going to provide compleate knowledge of Theatre Day 2023. I have recerch on google since 15 days. In that time I have found some intersting knowledge, which i am going to share with you.

World Theatre Day is one of the important days celebrated in March on the 27th. This day is celebrated to bring awareness among people and let them know the importance of World Theatre Day 2023.

Even today, theatre plays do not lose their craze and importance. Worldwide we see that Arts students perform different plays attracting many audiences.

Sometimes, the plays are also meant for a noble cause, like collecting funds for charitable works, etc. A play is a work of drama with a dialogue between the characters. The one who writes the plays is called a Playwright.

World Theatre Day History

Back then, when there were no smartphones, TVS, or Radio, the only means of entertainment for people was Theatre. Theatre played an important role. Life stories taken from the famous kings and queens the dramas played so that people would have entertainment and lesson.

People used to look forward to watching theatrical plays. Among many famous plays, the most notable ones were William Shakespeare’s. The plays categorized under Romantic and Tradic. Romantic tragedy, Tragedy-comedy, etc.,

Along with entertainment, these plays also used to teach valuable life lessons to the commoner. Despite being so powerful and the leader of the people with one weakness, the King used to have a downfall. The people used often reflect on it. A powerful king with great knowledge can see a downfall, so how about common people like us?

I want to share a few of my favourite plays with the basic outline of the play.

1. King Lear

It is one of the plays of William Shakespeare. It is the mythological Lier of Britain that comes under tragedy. King Lear so powerful and liked by all his people. His only drawback flattery, flattered by his 2 eldest daughters; he neglects his truthful daughter Cordelia and meets with a tragic death neglected and plotted by his two daughters.

2. Macbeth

Macbeth was a powerful Scottish General. He is courageous, but his drawback is being more ambitious; he kills the King. He has his wife suffers all their life physically and mentally after killing the King, and the King’s blood is on their hands while killing them disturbs them and turns them insane.

3. Julius Caesar

Julius Caesar also comes under the tragedy, but it sets a true example of friendship. His friend Brutus brought justice to Julius when his close people murdered him. They murder him, worrying that he may become the King since everyone loves and admires him the most.

4. Merchant of Venice

The most popular play by William Shakespeare. This play is also part of a lesson for students of 8th standard. This play is much loved and enjoyed by the students. It comes under the category of Romantic Comedy. How Anthonio risks his life for his friend Bassanio and later Bassanio and Anthonio’s lover Portia comes in disguise to trick Shylock and save his life.

5. Comedy of Errors

It is a Restoration period Comedy. Oscar Wilde wrote it. It is mocking the lifestyle of Aristocratic society. Covered the major areas of life like marriage, love, fortune-hunting, and adultery. It discusses human nature and its qualities related to greed, lust, rumors, gossip, and materialist nature.

6. She Stoops to Conquer

This play is about the true love of Marlow and Kate, Hastings and Constance becomes successful despite many greedy plays played by Mrs.Hardcastle to stop the wedding. Despite overcoming many hurdles and misunderstandings, the story is about how the couple comes together.

7. Pygmalion one of the best Comedies played and enjoyed many times. The play is about Henry Higgins, a Phonetician who accepts a challenge from one of his friends. As per the challenge, he makes a Cockney flower seller girl a Duchess in 6 months, changing her language and speech.

8. I am including a few Playwrights and their writings that I have enjoyed reading the plays and watching them. It would be much appreciated if you could share your favourite Playwrights’ names and their writings.

  • William Shakespeare: Hamlet, Romeo and Juliet, Macbeth, Othello, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, etc.,
  • Arthur Millar: Death of a Salesman, The Misfits, The Crucible, A view from the Bridge, All My Sons, etc.,
  • Anton Chekhov: The Cherry Orchard, The Steppe, Three Sisters, Uncle Vanya, Ward No.6, etc.,
  • George Bernard Shaw: Man and Superman, Pygmalion, Saint Joan, Heartbreak House, Major Barbara, etc.,
  • Athol Fugard: The Road of Mecca, Master Harold……. And the Boys, The Island, Blood Knot, etc.,
  • Lillian Hellman: Watch on the Rhine, The Children’s Hour, Toys in the Attic, The Autumn Garden, The Little Foxes, etc.,

The list is neverending, and many more must appreciated and read about.

World Theatre Day 2023 Activities:

  1. Schools and colleges should encourage students to play drama.
  2. More theatres should built and encouraged to play the plays.
  3. Every Arts college provides students with a theatre to practice the plays.
  4. Play is about emotions, feelings, and human perceptions about people and incidents.
  5. Parents should encourage their kids to participate in plays.
  6. More competitions can held on World Theatre Day, inviting students from different colleges and schools.
  7. At the workplace, to reduce the employees’ stress, the company can conduct a small skit and play activity for its employees.

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