World Hindi Diwas

Every year, January 10 is observed as Vishwa Hindi Diwas or International Hindi Day (World Hindi Day in Hindi).

In India, many languages are spoken, with Hindi being one of them. The Central Government officially recognized Hindi as a language.

People honor and value the great Hindi literary works on this day. On this day, several events are planned to promote Hindi.

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History of Vishwa Hindi Diwas

On January 10, 1975, Nagpur, Maharashtra, hosted the first-ever World Hindi Conference.

Thirty nations participated in the conference, which was opened by the then-prime minister Indira Gandhi.

And in 2006, Dr. Manmohan Singh, a former prime minister, proclaimed that every year, January 10 would observed as World Hindi Day.

The ministry of external affairs also started observing the day abroad for the first time.

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Objectives of International Hindi Day

World Hindi Day was first celebrated in 2006, and it firmly emphasizes inspiring a passion for Hindi and raising awareness of Hindi as a global language.

In the world, Hindi spoken more frequently than English, Spanish, and Mandarin combined. It is one of the most common in India.

What distinguishes National Hindi Divas from World Hindi Day?

On September 14, India also observed the National Hindi Divas.

National Hindi Divas, which observed to honor the Constituent Assembly’s adoption of Hindi as India’s official language, set this holiday apart from World Hindi Day.

According to estimates, Hindi the fourth most widely used first language in the world, with over 260 million native speakers.

Although their dates differ, both occasions honor and respect the Hindi language.

The National Hindi Diwas observed on September 14, while World Hindi Day celebrated on January 10.

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Inspirational World Hindi Day Quotes

Rahul Sankrityayan, a writer and multilingualism, stated that Devanagari is the most scientific script in the world.

Without a national language, our country is stupid, said Mahatma Gandhi :

No one can prevent the development and promotion of Hindi, according to Pt. Govind Vallabh Pant.

If only one script were necessary for all Indian languages, it would only be Devanagari – KrishnaswamyIyer, Justice.

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Observances of the day

The President of India recognizes everyone who has contributed to the Hindi language on the occasion of World Hindi Day 2024.

The weeklong World Hindi Day celebration referred to as Hindi Pakhwasda. Everywhere, from schools to offices, celebrates this day.

On this day, numerous events planned.

The President recognizes all those who have excelled in any area of the Hindi language achievement on the occasion of Hindi Diwas.

A whole week dedicated to celebrating Hindi Diwas, referred to as Hindi Pakhwada.

Everywhere, from schools to workplaces, observes this day.

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Some World Hindi Day in India Facts

The Persian word “Hind,” which means “land of the Indus River,” is where Hindi gets its name.
Hindi regarded as one of the contemporary Aryan languages.

Bihar was the first Indian state to formally adopt the language when it took the place of Hindi as its official state language in 1881.

World Hindi Day celebrated in 2006. Hindi declared an official language under Article 343 of the Constitution on January 26, 1950.

Jawaharlal Nehru, the nation’s first prime minister, decided to observe Hindi Diwas on September 14.

To promote the Hindi language internationally, former Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh established World Hindi Diwas in 2006.

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