Why Dab Rigs Need an Upgrade has been a traditional choice 


The glass dab rig has been a traditional choice among dab enthusiasts for years. Many people have preferred its simplicity and aesthetics, but as with any longstanding tradition, it has its fair share of drawbacks. In this article, we’ll delve into the problems associated with traditional dab rigs and why upgrading to a more modern solution, such as an electric dab rig, makes sense.

1. Bulky and Inconvenient Size

One of the most prominent issues with traditional dab rigs is their size. They tend to be bulky and cumbersome, making them far from portable. The sheer size of these rigs makes it challenging to use them discreetly, especially in social settings. Whether you’re trying to transport your dab rig or simply find a suitable spot to use it, its size can be a significant hindrance.

2. Fragility

Traditional dab rigs are primarily made of glass, which is aesthetically pleasing but inherently fragile. This fragility poses two significant problems. First, glass rigs are prone to breaking, which can be both frustrating and costly. Second, it limits the places where you can safely use them. Fear of breaking your dab rig often leads to using it only in controlled environments, restricting your dabbing experience.

3. Troublesome to Use

Using a traditional dab rig can be quite a hassle. It requires a fair amount of skill and precision to heat the nail (the part where you place your concentrate) to the right temperature and then apply the concentrate. This learning curve can be discouraging for newcomers to dabbing and may lead to inconsistent experiences. Moreover, the process often involves the use of a butane torch, which can be intimidating and potentially hazardous.

4. Safety Concerns

Safety is a paramount concern when it comes to traditional dab rigs. The use of an open flame from a butane torch poses a fire hazard, especially for those who are not well-versed in the proper techniques. Additionally, the high temperatures involved can lead to accidental burns, both to the user and to those in the vicinity. Overheating the nail can also result in the production of harmful byproducts, compromising the overall safety of the dabbing process.

Electric dab rig is the typical upgrade dab rig, it is much smaller than glass dab rig, and powered by battery,easy to use and take anywhere you to. Lookah dragon egg is considered as the most popular electronic dab rig,you can buy from Gotobuy store online,you will find more about its advantage when using.

Given these challenges associated with traditional dab rigs, it’s clear why many enthusiasts are seeking an upgrade. Electric dab rigs, for example, offer a more compact and portable solution, are less fragile, and provide precise temperature control, enhancing both the safety and convenience of the dabbing experience. While some may hold onto the tradition of using glass dab rigs, the practical advantages of upgrading to a modern solution are undeniable.

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