Uncover Unbeatable Deals: Addmotor Electric Bike Black Friday Sale is Live


Who doesn’t look forward to Black Friday? A day where keen shopping enthusiasts find hidden treasures at dream prices. 

But this Black Friday, the allure isn’t just in the electronics or apparel sections; it’s in the e-bike segment. Offering an unprecedented combination of $214 worth of free gifts plus an extra $100 off (with the code A100) on the fat tire electric trike for sale, Addmotor came up with an unbeatable deal

This is the perfect opportunity to invest in an etrike for etrike enthusiasts, urban commuters, and adventures, and with this, you are going to have a real treat in store this year. 

Let’s dive deep into the exceptional deals from Addmotor, particularly spotlighting their stellar ebikes, the HEROTRI M-365X and the SOLETRI M-366X. 

The Addmotor Legacy

Stepping back, it’s essential to understand the journey of Addmotor in the e-bike landscape.

For those new to the world of ebikes, Addmotor isn’t just another brand. Born from passion and molded by commitment, the company has shaped the e-bike industry for years. 

Whether it’s the bustling urban commuter, the free-spirited traveler, or the adventure-seeker, Addmotor’s influence is widespread. 

Their secret? 

A blend of quality, continuous innovation, and most importantly, customer satisfaction, ensuring every ride is safe, enjoyable, and eco-friendly. Pioneering innovation and pushing the boundaries of e-bike and fat tire etrike design, Addmotor has earned a reputation for seamlessly blending style, efficiency, and durability. 

So, without making our list too long, we’d like to recommend the following two Addmotor trikes for this Black Friday.  

Before that, remember, both of these e-trikes come with $214 in Free Gifts and an additional $100 OFF for these Black Friday 2023 deals. Make sure to use code ‘A100 for $100 off and $214 Gifts at checkout to make the most of your purchase.

HEROTRI M-365X: Beach Cruiser Electric Trike for 2 Adults

The HEROTRI M-365X is an etrike crafted with precision and designed for performance.

Exuding style and confidence, the HEROTRI M-365X isn’t just an etrike; it’s an experience. A flagship offering for those seeking an efficient ride combined with the essence of modern craftsmanship as well as vintage aesthetics.

So, let’s unfold what this fat tire etrike is going to offer you- 

Retro-Inspired Design:

Who says you can’t ride in style? 

The HEROTRI M-365X, with its unique step-over design and retro aesthetics, makes heads turn while you cruise through your journeys, embodying a perfect blend of classic appeal with a banana saddle and modern functionality.

Beyond looks, this design ensures time-tested ergonomics and comfort for both of you and your partner.

Dual Shock Design:

Comfort and control are front and center thanks to the dual shock design. This system significantly lessens the jolts and bumps associated with rough surfaces, providing an exceptionally smooth ride. By absorbing the force from uneven ground, it reduces the physical impact on the rider, making longer rides more comfortable.

Motor and Battery Specifics:

With the potent 750W motor coupled with a high-capacity 48V*20Ah Samsung battery, the HEROTRI M-365X promises you the freedom to go distances without fretting over power.  

The motor provides enough torque to tackle hills and varied terrains, capable of speeds up to 20 mph. Plus, the robust battery boasts longevity and reliability with a range that can stretch up to 85 miles on a single charge, making long commutes a breeze.

U-shaped Handlebars:

Ergonomics come into play with the U-shaped handlebars, designed for natural hand placement and reduced strain on the wrists and shoulders. 

They allow for a relaxed yet controlled riding posture, perfect for leisure cruises or extended trips. Their shape contributes to better handling, especially during sharp turns and quick stops, giving riders confidence in navigation.

Upgraded Parking Brake:

Safety isn’t just about the ride; it’s also about the stops. The Upgraded Parking Brake ensures that once parked, the trike remains in place securely, preventing accidental rolls or slips, especially on inclined surfaces. This feature is particularly beneficial in urban settings, where suitable flat parking spaces might not always be available.

20″ X 4″ Fat Tires:

These aren’t your average trike tires. This broad and sturdy design is a game-changer for stability, shock absorption, and traction on slippery and loose surfaces like sand, snow, or mud. 

Whether you’re navigating a rocky trail or a wet city street, these tires reduce the impact on the rider and chances of skidding, ensuring a secure, smoother, more stable ride.

SOLETRI M-366X: Full Suspension Electric Trike for 2 Adults

The SOLETRI M-366X, another masterpiece in the Addmotor collection, it’s the fat tire etrike that boasts both form and function.

Striking the perfect balance between functionality and artistry, the SOLETRI M-366X is more than just an etrike; it’s a bold statement. With the following advanced features, it is tailored for the truly adventurous, the explorers, and those who defy the ordinary.

2-Seater Design:

This electric trike for 2 adults redefines shared riding experiences with its long banana 2-seater with a wooden footrest board. This feature allows for a companion on your adventures, making rides more enjoyable, and also adds an element of safety, as you’re not alone. 

The additional space does not compromise comfort, as it’s designed with ample space, ensuring both riders enjoy the journey without feeling cramped. This feature is invaluable for couples, friends, or even a parent-child duo, making rides enjoyable and shared.

Step-Thru Bike Frame:

The low height of the step-thru frame promotes ease of access for riders. This design is especially beneficial for those who may find high-top tubes difficult to navigate, such as seniors or riders with reduced mobility. 

Instead of lifting a leg over a high-top bar, riders can easily step through, making mounting and dismounting effortless. It encourages a confident riding experience by simplifying the mount and dismount process.

Full Suspension System:

The SOLETRI M-366X’s full suspension system is a testament to Addmotor’s commitment to comfort. It provides a smoother ride by absorbing bumps, jolts, and vibrations from uneven terrains. 

Whether you’re cruising through city streets or adventuring on rough trails, this system ensures comfort, reducing strain on your back and joints. This system is particularly advantageous for long rides, absorbing the force of impacts and providing a cushier ride.

Multi-Function LCD Display:

The incorporated EB 2.0 Multi-Function LCD Display provides you with essential information at a glance. From battery life, speed, and distance traveled to more intricate details like motor performance, the command center ensures riders are always informed.

Rotatable Handlebar:

Flexibility is a must, and that’s what the rotatable handlebar brings to the table. You can adjust the handlebars to suit your preferred riding posture, ensuring you don’t have to contort yourself into uncomfortable positions. This feature is beneficial for long rides, where the ability to make minor adjustments can significantly enhance overall comfort.

Closing Thoughts

As we look towards the future of commuting, etrikes represent a promising, eco-conscious alternative. This Black Friday, seize the moment with Addmotor’s unbeatable deals.

Ready for a change? Hop on and ride into the future with Addmotor. After all, the road less traveled is waiting.