The Formula 1 Champion Who Triumphed Without Max Verstappen


Also this F1 season sees the undisputed domination of Red Bull, with Max Verstappen first in the drivers ranking with 314 points. Second in the ranking is the other Red Bull driver: Sergio Pérez occupies second place with 189 points. The Austrian team based in Milton Keynes, England, also leads the constructors’ ranking with 503 points, ahead of Mercedes with 247 points.

The Spanish driver, Fernando Alonso, is trying in some way to challenge Red Bull’s dominance (which has been going on for years now), who at the wheel of his Aston Martin occupies third place in the ranking with 149 points and six times on the podium. Alonso returned to racing for an English team after his time driving for McLaren (from 2015 to 2018). The brief interlude with the French car manufacturer, Alpine, did not produce the desired results and Alonso has decided to marry the cause of Aston Martin, with which he is getting some satisfaction. The former Ferrari driver is trying to keep the attention of F1 fans high, even if the two Red Bull seem to be the absolute rulers of the competition.

And speaking of Ferrari, the current season seems unable to give many joys to the fans, who are experiencing another complicated year. Amid internal controversies within the team and not very exciting results, the team’s top driver, the Monegasque Charles Leclerc, manages to be seen at the top of the ranking with 99 points with three podiums. The other Ferrari driver, Carlos Sainz, occupies the seventh position in the drivers ranking with 92 points. The gap between the men of the Italian team from Red Bull is huge and the internal problems at Ferrari certainly won’t help bridge this gap.

In Montreal Leclerc had been sent out in Q2 with intermediate tyres, the Monegasque had asked for explanations but had been told to set the time with those tyres, the eleventh time set by Leclerc at the end of qualifying for the Canadian GP. This was perhaps the straw that broke the camel’s back, with the pilot who first took it out on his team of mechanics, apologizing later.

The Ferrari team, like others, encounters many problems and seems to be very far from the first position.

Bwin tried to imagine Formula 1 World championship odds without Verstappen, with the chances that other drivers would have of winning the title. Sergio Perez in the other Red Bull car at 1/4, Lewis Hamilton in his Mercedes at 11/4, Fernando Alonso in Aston Martin at 33/1, Lando Norris in the McLaren at 100/1, George Russell in the Mercedes at 250/1, Charles Leclerc with Ferrari at 250/1 and the other Ferrari driver, Carlos Sainz at 500/1.

The odds tell of a parallel Formula championship, where at the moment the other drivers would have good chances, but without Max Verstappen and his Red Bull. In a thrilling Formula 1 season, a champion emerged, overcoming formidable competition and adversity, all without the presence of the formidable Max Verstappen. Their journey to victory captivated motorsport fans worldwide.

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