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Republic Day India was first observed on January 26, 1949, and came into existence in 1950. This was the first time when the Constitution of India came into existence. Republic Day India is a national holiday and a public holiday too.

The Indian National Congress proclaimed the Declaration of Indian Independence on January 26; they chose this day as Republic Day in 1930.

As a responsible citizen, every citizen of India celebrates Republic Day every year. In several countries, Republic Day is the name of a holiday to celebrate the day when they became republics.

People celebrate Republic Day to show respect and honour to the Constitution of India. It is a day to remember when our country India became an independent republic.

History of Republic Day India

On August 15 1947, India gained independence from the United Kingdom. There was no permanent constitution at this time in India. The drafting committee presented the Constitution’s first draft to the national assembly.

On November 4, 1947, the drafting committee sent the first draft of the Constitution to the national assembly. On January 24, 1950, the final version of the Indian Constitution in both English and Hindi language, a national assembly was signed. This was the history of how it evolved.

On Republic Day, January 26, 1950, India’s Constitution came into existence. The Constitution of India gave citizens of India the power to govern themselves by selecting their own set of governments.

After this, Dr Rajendra Prasad became India’s first president by taking an oath in the Government House at the Durbar Hall, where he held India’s national flag and did a residential drive with a route to the Irwin Stadium.

From then onwards, on January 26, people recognized different festivities and celebrations across India.


Republic Day is the true spirit of the independence of India. Parades that the military performs, military equipment displays and the Indian national flag are some of the important symbols of Republic Day.

The structure of India’s national flag is a combination of the horizontal tricolour of deep saffron at the top, then white in the middle of the flag, and dark green at the bottom, and all of the colours are in exact proportion.

Two to three is the ratio of the flag’s width to its length. There is a navy-blue wheel in the centre of the white band in the Indian flag representing the chakras plan of the wheel.

Which shows up on the abacus device of the Sarnath Lion Capital of Ashoka. Its distance across approximates the white band’s width, and it has 24 spokes.

Life of the public on Republic Day

On January 26 each year, Republic Day is a national holiday in India. On Republic Day, every national, State and local government offices, banks, and post offices banks remain closed.

Also, most stores, businesses, and organizations stay closed or reduce service hours. Public transport works on this day as many locals travel for Republic Day celebrations.

Also, activities like Republic Day parades cause a lot of disruption to traffic. Also, there is tight security on this day, particularly in places like New Delhi, India’s capital.

Some Important Events Held During Republic Day

Other important events occur during the three-day Republic Day celebration after the parades are over. Some of those events are:

The Rally in New Delhi, which the Prime Minister does, includes playing music, dancing, and other kinds of entertainment that draw on the cultural importance of India.

LokTarang: A National Dance Festival: On January 24, this festival begins and ends on the last day of Republic Day celebrations. This festival mainly focuses on celebrating the diverse cultural dance styles of India.

Performances of states: Each State in India celebrates Republic Day celebrations based on their different cultures. These include activities and events by children in schools and colleges and dances by local troupes and performers.

The Parade on Republic Day

The most important event is the Republic Day Parade. This three-day celebration happens on the Rajpath in New Delhi, the capital of India, in front of the President of India.

All the states of India now follow the same pattern as New Delhi and do parades to celebrate Republic Day.

The festival starts with the State leader laying a wreath at the India Door, remembering every individual in the military who has given their life for the country.

When the wreath is applied, there is a 21-weapon show of respect followed by a public song of praise. Honour grants are then presented to specific individuals from the military and populace for demonstrations of valiance and bravery. Whenever this finishes, the parade starts.

A parade is a huge event. A head of State from each State of India and another country is constantly invited to be a part of the parade during the Republic Day India celebrations with the President.

On Republic Day, India’s military is showcased during the parade and cultural displays from all around India and its states.

When the parade begins on Republic Day, India, those who got the awards of honour and respect from the President of India salute them for the service they do to India.

A helicopter detachment simultaneously flies over the Gate of India and showers the group with flower petals. Individuals from the parade walk in the parade, dance companies, perform and sing, and simultaneously, contender jets soar over, streaming the three shades of the banner as smoke limps along them.

The parade generally finishes with individuals from the military performing thrill seeker stunts on cruisers.

Republic Day 2023

This year, on Republic Day 2023, on January 26, India will celebrate its 74th Republic Day. The Indian national army participates in the parade on Republic Day India each year.

Every responsible citizen will also participate in the Republic Day celebrations 2023, and being a responsible citizen, they should do this as their duty and celebrate Republic Day 2023.

People should also encourage others to perform at least certain activities in their homes only that show respect and appreciation to the people who helped achieve the Constitution of India.

Also, this year, the government of India has invited Egyptian President Abdel Fattah to be a part of the Republic Day India celebrations.

Republic Day celebrations in schools

Various lists of events occur during Republic Day celebrations that happen at school. The events on Republic Day include Republic Day wishes, Republic Day speeches, Republic Day performances, flag hoisting, etc.

Let’s discuss how they celebrate all these events on Republic Day India. All children take part in Republic Day celebrations with total energy and enthusiasm.

This is because they are all taught about Republic Day in all grades of school, the freedom struggles India faced, India’s political history, and the Constitution of India.

The children learn about how the great people of India fought together to achieve freedom, and this makes the children take part actively in Republic Day celebrations.

1. Flag hoisting

It’s the first and significant step to begin the Republic Day celebrations in school, where a few students sing the national anthem and the principal, chief guest, and a few crucial members come together to do flag hosting. This happens to respect the flag of India.

2. Republic Day Speech

The next step is for some students; the principal gives a Republic Day speech in English and in some schools in Hindi. In this, they talk about the importance of celebrating Republic Day India and show respect towards the great sons of India who helped to achieve freedom.

Few of them also write Republic Day essays on some great freedom fighters. On Republic Day celebrations, students are told about the cultural heritage and other aspects of India, which creates a sense of pride and respect in being a citizen of a country with a rich culture.

It’s their social responsibility to protect their national heritage.

3. Competitions

On Republic Day India, in school, various competitions happen. Students do singing competitions, and some dance to songs like nanhamunnarahihu, rang de Basanti, etc.

The dance performances happen on patriotic songs, and students only sing patriotic songs. They also mimic great freedom fighters like Jawaharlal Nehru, Mahatma Gandhi, etc.

Also, on Republic Day celebrations, they decorate their classrooms with balloons of flag colour, flags, etc. On this day, everyone has a sense of patriotism.

4. Chief guest invitation

The principal of the respective school sends an invitation to some other reputed person from some good educational institution. Many schools even invite celebrities as a guest for Republic Day celebrations.

The same chief guests acted as judges for the competition that took place. He is the one who mainly spreads or unfolds the Indian flag and also does flag hoisting along with others.

The Republic Day celebrations end by giving a vote of thanks which a senior student hosting the event provides. This includes showing respect and appreciation to all the students, teachers, staff, principals, and chief guests because of whom this event was successful.

Therefore Republic Day India is a fantastic celebration.

Republic Day India Significance

We celebrate Republic Day because, on this day, the Constitution of India came into existence in 1950. We celebrate this day to show respect towards Indian and Indian freedom fighters.

India’s Constitution was officially embraced in 1950, supplanted the English frontier Administration of India Act (1935) as the nation’s overseeing text.

On January 26, 1950, the Introduction to the Constitution of India, an assertion introducing the critical standards of the Constitution, became effective. This finished the nation’s change to a sovereign republic.

The Constitution lays out significant privileges that ought to be delighted in by all residents of this country, no matter what their political convictions.

It also lays out a few crucial obligations for all country residents to keep. This day denotes the festival of strengthening Indian residents to choose their administration. A public occasion remembers the course of the foundation of the Indian Constitution.

Facts about Republic Day

  1. Between 1950 and 1954, the Republic Day March was held at Irwin Arena (presently Public Arena), Kingsway, Red Post, and Ramlila grounds.
  2. Republic Day festivities have been held at Rajpath beginning around 1955. Rajpath was once known as the Kingsway to pay tribute to India’s then sovereign, George V. The street was renamed Rajpath after autonomy, which implies Lord’s Direction in Hindi.
  3. Consistently, the head of a specific country is welcome to be the main visitor for the Republic Day march. President Sukarno of Indonesia quickly attended India’s Republic Day festivities as a patron in 1950.
  4. The procession begins after the appearance of the Leader of India. The President’s unceremonious guardians show respect for the Public Banner first. The Public Hymn is played, trailed by a 21-weapon salute. The terminating is, be that as it may, not done utilizing 21 standards. It is finished with seven standards of the Indian armed forces known as ’25-Contemplates’ that fire three adjusts each.
  5. Every military member participating in the walk should undergo four layers of examination. Besides that, their arms are widely assessed to guarantee they are not conveying live slugs.

How is Republic Day Celebrated?

Republic Day is praised all over India with incredible pride and enthusiasm. It’s daily to respect the Constitution of free India. Public banner lifting in schools and universities is regular.

Widespread developments supporting India’s battle for opportunity are held across the country. In New Delhi, the National Flag is lifted by the President of India at the India Gate.

The grand marches happen at Rajpath, New Delhi. The motorcade is directed by the Indian President and is coordinated by the Ministry of Defence. Other than displaying its tactical ability, the occasion additionally advocates India’s different culture.

The occasion likewise recognizes the saints who have forfeited their lives for the country. The Prime Minister of India respects the saints by placing a wreath at the Amar JawanJyoti at India Gate.

A 21-firearm salute, National flag lifting, and National Anthem trail it. Awards are introduced to overcome fighters such as Paramvir Chakra, Ashok Chakra, and Vir Chakra. Indeed, even youngsters and general residents who have shown mental fortitude amid affliction are met with grants.

The victors of chivalry grants recognize the President in military jeeps. This is trailed by India’s showcase of its tactical power. Walk past by the military, police, and National Cadet Corps additionally occurs with the Leader of India tolerating the salute from various regiments.

The festival happens all around the nation. Nonetheless, Delhi is the capital of India and witnesses the most fantastic Republic Day festivities.

How to Observe National Republic Day?

1. Create a trending hashtag

Make a moving hashtag and ensure everybody you know posts something enthusiastic on Republic Day utilizing that same hashtag. You could wind up in the afternoon’s leading Twitter hashtags.

2. Binge-watch patriotic movies

This is the most effective way to unwind yet simultaneously have affection toward the country. Select something like five devoted films that will make them feel propelled.

3. Host a house decoration contest

Report an enhancement challenge in your town where the most energetic-looking house wins. Along these lines, every one of the neighbours in your space will take part in embellishing their homes with the shade of the National Flag.


Republic Day is finished with total energy and enthusiasm in India. This day let us remember the respected troopers and pioneers who have forfeited their lives for our autonomy.

It revitalizes the feeling of patriotism in every individual in our country. Attributable to this day, we additionally come out as comfortable with the country’s impending ability, brave kids, and residents of our country.

India is a country with different religions and societies. Numerous celebrations commended in India, and a specific gathering praises every celebration.

The meaning of Freedom Day and Republic Day is that it honoured by the entire country with next to no segregation. The Republic Day occasions revive the soul of pride and enthusiasm among the residents.

Understudies promise to be productive members of society and make their country an ideal and more serene spot to live. All readers should actively participate in the Republic Day India celebrations.

This shows how responsible a citizen they are.

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