Odisha Foundation Day 2023

Odisha Foundation Day, or Utkala Dibasa, was celebrated on April 1st, 1936. This day has gotten much prominence since Odisha became a separate state from Madras’s Presidency.

History of Odisha Foundation Day

The revolution for separate Odhisha took place for 30 years. The revolutionary moment took place under the leadership of Utkala Gourba Madusudan Das, Maharaja Sri Ram Chandra Bhanj Deo and many others. The Odhisa consists of six districts: Cuttack, Ganjam, Puri, Sambalpur, Baleswar, and Koraput. Cuttack is the capital.

The theme of Odisha Foundation Day

As the state is formed with a lot of sacrifices of many people, it is our responsibility to remember our ancestors on this day. The day is also dedicated to discussing all the essential things that may need to be done for the growth and progress of the state. The day is celebrated with a fireworks competition. Various cultural programs are also arranged, including a lot of singing and dancing. People come from different places to be a part of this day.

11 Amazing Tourist Places to Visit in Odisha

Looking for the tourist places to visit in Odisha? So on Odisha Foundation Day 2023, we provide 11 Amazing Tourist Places in Odisha.  There are many more places to visit in Odisha. You can plan as per your schedule and budget. Nowadays, many companies provide guidance if you want to visit the places.

So, if you are planning your vacation to visit Odhisha, you can prepare well and enjoy and share your memorable experiences here so that our travel lovers will also visit the place.

1. Puri:

It is one of the most famous pilgrimage places for Hindus. It is the temple of Lord Jagannath. There is also a beach on the Bay of Bengal coast. People prefer this place mostly when they want to go on a short trip. The best time to visit this place is from July to March.

2. Bhubaneswar:

If you love architecture and visit grand temples, you should visit Bhubaneswar. It is also the temple city of India. It is also a popular place for business and commerce. The best time to visit is October to March.

3. Gopalpur:

15 kilometres from the southern coastline of Odhisha you can visit the town Gopalpur. It has a seaport and is always busy with trade and commerce. The best time to visit is from November to February.

4. Talasari Beach:

If you love spending time on the beach, you must visit this spectacular Talasari Beach. The best time to visit is October to December and also in February.

5. Berhampur:

If you love shopping and buying sarees for yourself or your loved ones, visit Berhampur. This place is also known as

6. Home for Lord Brahma:

You can get Ikkat silk sarees here in different patterns and colours.

7. Jeypore:

If you are planning a family vacation and would love to treasure some memories, visit Jeypore. It is the largest city in Odisha. So you can see freshwater lakes, valleys and waterfalls here.

8. Chilika Lake:

If you are a nature lover and enjoy boating, then Chilika Lake is the best choice. In Asia, it is the largest internal saltwater lake. It has slat pans and fisheries in a few small islands near it.

9. Dhauli:

It is a small town 8 kilometres away from Bhubaneshwar. It is located on the bank of river Daya. This place is also famous for the followers of Lord Buddha. It also said to be the reform of Ashoka’s character.

10. Tikarpada Wildlife Sanctuary:

The place is so beautiful and picturesque with its natural beauty. So there are a variety of wild animal species here. Also the sanctuary is around 795.52 square kilometres.

11. Rayagada:

It is one of the districts of Odisha with a distinct culture and rich history. The place is also famous for handmade products, crafts and cuisine.

Famous Food of Odisha

If you are a foodie, you can taste the wide variety of Odhisa. The most famous food is Pakshala, prepared with rice, Dali, Aloodum, Dahi Maccha, Mandia Jau, Khatta, Pithas, Dahi Badi, Eggplant curry, and Fish curry is also famous here.


Q1. Why we celebrate Utkal Divas in Odia?

Odisha Foundation Day, or Utkala Dibasa, was celebrated on April 1st, 1936. This day has gotten much prominence since Odisha became a separate state from Madras’s Presidency.

Q2. How many district in Odisha in 1936?

Odisha has 30 Districts.

Q3. Odisha foundation day is also known as?

Odisha foundation day is also known as “Utkala Dibasa”

Q4. When is Odisha Day 2023?

As per the history, Odisha Day is celebrated every year on April 1st.

Q5. When did Odisha get freedom?

Odisha get freedom 1 April 1936 from British.

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