Mannam Jayanthi

Alos  On January 2 of every year, the state of Kerla observes Mannam Jayanthi, a regional Indian holiday. Mannam  Jayanthi in Kerala honours a significant Indian social pragmatist on his birth anniversary in 1878.

On January 2, 1878, Mannathu Padmanabhan Pillai was brought into the world in Changnacherry, British India. He was initially a primary teacher before becoming an attorney in 1905 and beginning his legal career in the Magistrates ’ court.

He established the Nair Service Society in October 1914, his most enduring accomplishment (NSS). An organisation called the NSS was founded to promote the welfare programs of the Nair society.

The Nairs are a collection of caste-based communities in Kerala. Currently, they help compensate about 12% of Kerala’s population.

Padmanabhan worked for the NSS for 31 years as secretary and President for three of those years.

Padmanabhan led movements calling for opening public roads near temples to low-caste Hindus, influenced by Mahatma Gandhi and his fundamentals of Satyagraha (non-violent resistance). The “Temple Entry Proclamation,” which was issued in 1936 and ended the prohibition on ‘low caste people trying to enter Hindu temples in the Kingly State of Travancore, now just a part of Kerala, as a result, was the result of this.

Additionally, In February 1970, Padmanabhan passed away at the age of 93.

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Mannam Jayanthi Poster

Mannam Jayanthi Poster

Mannam Jayanthi quotes in English

“Let’s honour Mannam Samadhi on Mannam Jayanthi by giving him floral tributes and drawing strength from those who battled for social equality. Greetings from Mannam Jayanthi!”

“On this day, let’s honour “Mannathu Padmanabhan,” a social reformer and the man who founded the Nair Service Society (NSS), for his enormous contributions and dedication to the Nair community with Mannam Jayanthiposter. Greetings on Mannam Jayanthi 2023!”

“Enjoy this day to the fullest and remember Mannathu Padmanabhan Pillai. Greetings on Mannam Jayanthi activities 2023!”

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Mannam Jayanthi FAQs

When does Mannam Jayanthi occur?

On January 2 of every year, the state of Kerla observes MannamJayanthi, a regional Indian holiday.

This holiday honoured a significant Indian social pragmatist on his birth anniversary in 1878.

The Nair Service Society: What is its significance?

Statue of Mannam in Vaikom, Kottayam

Together with a few others, he founded the Nair Service Society on October 31, 1914. So his main goal was to improve a lot of the Nair people. Also  he stopped practising law in 1915 and worked full-time as the Nair Service Society’s secretary.

Additionally, the Karayogams, an outdated Idea of village societies that essentially set the tone for family and village life, revived and reshaped by Mannam. So the Nair Regulation, which broke up matriarchal joint families and provided for the distribution of maternal and paternal property among all the children, enacted by the Travancore Government in 1924–1925, thanks to the NSS’s influence.

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He involved in Politics?

Padmanabhan elected to the Travancore Legislative Assembly in 1949. He led a coordinated opposition against the State Communist Ministry in 1959. That known as the Vimochana Samaram and included Christian Churches.

Likewise, after the movement was successful, he did as he had threatened to do if the dismissal successful and famously tethered a white horse to the Kerala Secretariat building.

As a result of the dismissal, the state began to governed by the President by Article 356 of the Indian Constitution. Also, he played a crucial role in Kerala Congress’ establishment in 1964 as India’s first regional party.

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