international lego day

International Lego Day is based on Lego, a plastic brick used to entertain children for over 70 years.

It makes children happy all over the world. Lego is used to make toy buildings, vehicles, machines, small houses, and anything you can imagine.

Also, after making certain things from these building blocks, they can be put back together as previously. This means you can play endlessly with these bricks and put them back.

Playing Lego is perfect for youngsters to foster critical thinking, coordinated movements, dexterity, strength in the fingers, and concentration, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

International Lego day is observed on January 28 yearly to celebrate these fantastic and enriching toys.

Lego blocks began in Ole Kirk Christiansen’s studio, which created wooden toys in 1932 in Billund, Denmark. A couple of years after he formally named the organization LEGO® – after the Danish expression “leg godt,” significance played well.

World LEGO Day – January 28 – is when Godtfred Kirk Christiansen (Ole’s child) presented the patent for the first LEGO blocks in 1958. They were the first of their sort with a complex interlocking framework that makes greater and more grounded constructing projects.

How to Observe the International Lego Day?

To observe World Lego Day, you can sit with your children close to Lego blocks to release your innovativeness and assemble houses or subjects as indicated by your inclinations. On the other hand, you can visit the LEGOLAND amusement park in Carlsbad, California, and Winter Shelter, Florida, to see the rich, various universes of Lego. Also, there have been many energized films about Lego; take time today to follow them. Share your second via virtual entertainment with the hashtag #InternationalLegoDay.

How to Celebrate International Lego Day?

International Lego Day 2023 will be observed on Monday. People will also celebrate this day this year as in previous years. Let’s discuss some of the Lego day activities:

1. Build a Lego toy:

Be a child and build a lego toy. If you have old Legos, use them or use kid’s lego toys and build something with them. Lego is suitable for mental stress and relaxation.

2. Plan to visit the Legoland theme park:

Legoland theme park is situated in Carlsbad, California, and Winter Sanctuary, Florida. There’s likewise a Legoland Revelation Center in Tempe, Arizona. On the off chance that you’re searching for a road trip, you can visit one of the 132 Lego retail locations across America.

3. Watch Lego Movie on the big screen:

The Lego Film (2014) scored 96 percent “new” on Bad Tomatoes, with many lauding the film’s disrespectful tone and vivid activity. The spin-off, The Lego Film 2: The Subsequent Part, delivered five years after the fact in 2019. You can likewise go to YouTube and watch a Lego maker construct stunning designs.

4. Encourage kids to play with Lego toys and tell them the benefits of playing with Lego.


World Lego Day is a day for celebrating the building blocks which gave children happiness for about 70 years. It is the day that many people are unaware of. The main motive of the article is to make people aware that these days exist and that everyone should celebrate these small days. Also, people would know the importance of International Lego Day.

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