International Day of Drug Checking

Individuals are responsible for protecting their family members, friends, and themselves from drugs. Taking drugs ruins health, and the individual and the entire family go into trauma. These days taking drugs has become common and also readily available. The government and police department are trying their best to help the citizens to save them from these drugs. So, let us also take the initiative on this International Day of Drug Checking on March 31st and help as many as possible to save society from taking drugs. This day is observed to educate and bring awareness among people about drugs and their effects.

International Day of Drug-Checking Activities

  1. Posters can be made on the effects of drugs on our bodies.
  2. We can conduct programs where the people who got addicted to drugs and now start their everyday life.
  3. College and school students can be taken to rehabilitation centers and shown live examples of drug addicts and how they struggle to escape it.
  4. Banners and Posters can be made, and rallies can be conducted.
  5. Counseling should be given to the smoking students to leave the habit and start with the drugs.
  6. The documentary can be played on TV and all public places showing how drugs affect a person’s internal organs.
  7. People should be educated about the helpline numbers to call if they encounter any drug-related incidents.
  8. Guest lectures can also be conducted for youth, telling them what is most important in life.
  9. A website should also be created where people can put all their queries, doubts, or any help they need related to drugs.
  10. New laws should be implemented strictly so that the drug seller or buyers should not hesitate to get into this business again.

Slogans on International Day of Drug Checking

  1. There are so many powerful slogans to educate people and save humans from these life-killing drugs.
  2. Just say No- This was one of the powerful advertisements used in a campaign in the USA in the 1980s when they were leading a war against drugs. It is a short and powerful slogan that makes everyone think. Any incident you encounter related to taking drugs, just say a simple NO so that you can be saved for your lifetime.
  3. Drug Abuse is the pleasure you should feel guilty about the most- While consuming drugs gives much pleasure, gradually getting addicted to drugs makes a human an animal. There wouldn’t be any control over what a person does. Doing things under drug influence would make a person guilty of their actions which they can never undo in life again.
  4. Doing drugs is literally relaxing to death- Consuming drugs is like slow poison. It kills a person slowly. Death is not really what anyone wants in life. We all want to live our life happily. So ensure you don’t take drugs and invite death towards you.
  5. You have lived without it- you can live without it- Before getting addicted to drugs, you had a completely different everyday life. Now, with some counseling and visiting a rehabilitation center, you can come out of it and lead a simple life like before.
  6. Refuse while you can, reduce when you can’t- The very first time someone gives you drugs, straight away say No, but in the weak moments, if you get addicted to it, then make sure that every day you reduce the dose of the drugs and finally reach to a stage where you should not be taking any more drugs.

Effects of Drugs

  1. The drug affects the mental health of a person. They won’t be able to differentiate between good and bad under the influence of drugs.
  2. It develops certain disorders in a person, like anxiety, depression, and overthinking.
  3. A person would also get affected psychologically, like schizophrenia kind of mental disorders.
  4. It impairs a person’s brain once they go high.
  5. A person develops sleeping disorders due to drug intake.
  6. A person loses rational thinking and cannot make any important life decisions.
  7. There is a possibility of getting heart attacks.
  8. If a pregnant woman takes the drugs, it will affect both her and the baby in the womb worse.
  9. It may lead to cancers that cannot be cured with medication.
  10. Muscles may become completely numb, where a person can no longer drive or use motor skills.

Better late than never, let us all come forward and fight and stop this drug addiction. If anyone is addicted to drugs, come bravely forward and seek help. There is nothing wrong in correcting our mistakes rather than continuing them and making our lives and other lives miserable. A simple initiative and a brave decision can make a difference in many people’s lives.

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