How Old Is Jj From Outer Banks In Real Life


The Netflix series Outer Banks has become a major hit with viewers, and one of the show’s stars, JJ (Jonathan Daviss), has become a fan favorite. But how old is JJ in real life? In this article, we’ll explore JJ’s age in the show and in real life, as well as some interesting facts about the Outer Banks star.

JJ’s Age in Real Life

JJ is a young adult in the show, but how old is he in real life? The answer is 17. JJ is played by actor Jonathan Daviss, who was born on January 15, 2003. This makes him 17 years old in 2020.

Despite being only 17, Daviss is already an experienced actor. He has had roles in several television shows, including The Fosters, Switched at Birth, and NCIS: Los Angeles. He also had a minor role in the 2018 film The Hate U Give.

Facts About Outer Banks’ Star

Jonathan Daviss is originally from Houston, Texas. He’s been acting since he was 8 years old, and he’s been a professional actor since he was 12. Daviss is also a talented musician, and he plays the guitar, drums, and piano.

Daviss is an avid tennis player, and he’s been playing the sport since he was 9 years old. He also enjoys playing video games and spending time with his family. He has two sisters, and his parents are both teachers.

Despite his young age, Jonathan Daviss is already an experienced and talented actor. He has a natural charisma that has made him a fan favorite on Outer Banks.

Jonathan Daviss has quickly become a fan favorite on Netflix’s Outer Banks. The 17-year-old actor has already had a successful career, and he’s sure to have an even brighter future ahead of him. With his natural charisma and talent, JJ is sure to be a star for years to come.

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