Happy Birthday Vinod Kambli

We wish you a Happy Birthday Vinod Kambli!

Vinod Kambli was born on 18 January 1972 and is well-known as a former Indian international cricketer. He played for India as a left-given centre request batsman and for Mumbai and Boland, South Africa. Vinod Kambli became the principal cricketer in cricket history to score 100 years in one One-day Worldwide on his birthday.

He played for the Indian cricket team from 1991 to 2000. Now he is a cricket coach in his own KhelBharti Sports Academy and MCA, i.e., Mumbai Cricket Association Academy. Sachin Tendulkar is his childhood friend. Vinod Kambli also tried his career as an actor and appeared in several movies.

Kambli began his Test profession three years after Tendulkar, and three years after he had raised a ruckus around the town ball, he got in the Ranji Prize for six.

Yet, what a beginning it was: in his initial seven Tests, he piled up two twofold hundreds of years and two single ones. His footwork was stunning against the spinners – he once crushed Shane Warne for 22 runs in an over – however.

He frequently found himself mixed up with a knot against the short ball, and his glimmer to gorge before long turned into a brand name.

Struggles and Controversies of Vinod Kambli

  1. Vinod Kambli’s life is loaded with debates, one of them being claims of Match Fixing World Cup 1996. Vinod Kambli uncovered that the principal justification for the unforeseen loss In the World Cup semi-last match against Sri Lanka in 1996 was match-fixing. Following are a few more controversies faced by Vinod Kambli in his lifetime:
  2. In 2015, his maid, SoniSarsal, blamed him and his significant other for tormenting her. She likewise documented an FIR against Kambli and his better half. As indicated by SoniSarsal, Kambli and his significant other, Andrea, had not permitted her to get back and unjustly bound her for three days when she asked them for the wages.
  3. In July 2018, Vinod Kambli and his better half, Andrea Hewitt, attacked Raj Kumar Tiwari, the dad of vocalist Ankit Tiwari, in a shopping centre in Mumbai.
  4. On 27 February 2022, Mumbai police captured him after he slammed his vehicle into the entryway of his private society in Bandra. Purportedly, he additionally contended with the guardian and a few occupants.
  5. In 2009 Kambli appeared in an unscripted TV drama ‘SachKaSaamna,’ where he said that he confronted separation in the group. Kambli guaranteed that Sachin didn’t help him during his harsh stage, and Sachin welcomed everybody to his retirement Party in 2013, yet Kambli was not a part of that party.

Achievements of Vinod Kambli

He played in world cup competitions in 1992 and 1996. He has 2 ODI hundreds of years to his credit: 100 not out against Britain at Jaipur in 1993 on his birthday, establishing the standard for turning into the principal batsman to score an ODI hundred on his birthday, and 106 against Zimbabwe at Kanpur in the 1996 World Cup.


Vinod Kambli, the former Indian cricketer who did not become very famous. His life was full of controversies and struggles. He was even blamed for fixing the match. Despite so many struggles in his life, he managed to survive and did not give up. Finally, in 2000 he announced his retirement. He joined MCA as a coach after retirement.

We wish you a Happy Birthday Vinod Kambli!

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