Bariatric Surgery Steps and Payment Process in United Bariatric Center


Our Bariatric Program at the United Bariatric Center is designed to guide individuals through the pre-surgery process, ensuring they meet the necessary insurance guidelines and medical evaluations.

Payment Methods Supported 

We accept various insurance plans including AETNA, Medicare, Humana, Medicaid, Coventry, Cigna, United Health Care, and Blue Cross & Blue Shield among others​1​. For individuals without bariatric insurance coverage, we offer self-pay options. 

You can opt for a cash self-pay method, where the total cost and breakdown of payments will be shared during your consultation. For instance, a gastric balloon surgery costs approximately $8,000 with a cash self-pay price. Additionally, we recommend CareCredit for financing your weight loss surgery, which provides a line of credit exclusively for healthcare services​.


Self-pay options provide an alternative for individuals without bariatric insurance coverage. United Bariatric Center offers cash self-pay and credit self-pay methods. With the cash self-pay method, you’d schedule a consultation to learn the total cost and payment breakdown. 

For credit self-pay, the center recommends using CareCredit, a credit card designed for healthcare services, which provides a reusable line of credit for surgical weight loss procedures, catering to patients whose insurance doesn’t cover such services. 

The credit application for CareCredit is straightforward with an instant decision upon submission, promoting a minimum FICO score of 623 for higher approval likelihood.

Self-Pay Options 

For individuals without insurance coverage, we provide cash self-pay and credit self-pay options. The credit self-pay option recommends CareCredit to help finance the surgical weight loss surgery.


United Bariatric Center offers a structured program ensuring that patients are well-prepared for their weight loss journey. Various payment options are available to cater to different financial situations, making bariatric surgery accessible. Learn more about the gastric bypass surgery cost in Missouri to get a clear understanding of the financial aspect of the program​.