A Guide to Fitting Architraves Around Your Doors


Have you ever noticed the frame around a door and wondered what it is? Often, most entries are square, meaning you can only cut a standard 45-degree joint into the architrave to install it properly. Sometimes, the door could be square, so you will take additional steps to cut the pieces at the right angle. Are you in the process of fitting the architrave by yourself? Before you begin, below are some of the tools that are needed. They include tape measure pencil, hand saw, drill, hammer, silicone gun, silicone level, and safety glasses. With the following tools and guidance through the article, you will have the best door architrave. 

The Margins

The molding should be slightly removed from the door frame when installing the detailed door architrave. You should bear in mind that you need to be able to nail the architrave into the door lining so that the measurement can be adjusted accordingly. Ensure you mark the margins on the right, left, and top of the door and join them in the corners at a right angle. 

Marking and Cutting First Upright

Cutting and fixing a leg first and not beginning with the head is always recommended. However, if you start with the head, you need to adjust the leg because the miter isn’t perfect, and the leg must be lifted when altered. You can cut it down once you have decided on the length to use on your first leg. Then, you need to hold the left leg against the architrave using the margins as a guide as you do your markings. Once you have the markings, you can use a miter saw to cut the miter. After cutting it, you can place the mitered leg in position and temporarily secure it. 

Cutting and Adjusting the Head

Now, you are ready to start fitting the head. An opposing miter must be cut out of a long piece enough to fit at the top of the door. After all this, you might find out that the miter doesn’t sit flush when lined up with the leg, which might result from poor alignment. 

The Final Leg 

Now that the head has been mitered, the right hand upright can also be mitered. You follow the same procedure as step 2 here, but remember the miter direction will differ. Once you have marked the upright, you must cut and fit it according to its head. First, fit the head fix temporarily, and you can offer the right-hand leg and confirm if the miters sit flush. 

Make any adjustments needed, and once you are happy and contented, you can secure all the pieces in place. At this point, using a strong adhesive and the nails is always recommended, which is also never necessary. To make the miters hold tight, fixing through both pieces to the point where they meet is recommended. If this can be done from the head down to the legs, you need not worry about anyone seeing the holes. Once you have a detailed door architrave, punch all the nails so their heads cannot protrude. 

After all this process, guess what? You have a perfect architrave at your door. Are you proud of yourself for the milestone? Be proud of what you have just done for your door. 

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