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Every year on March 24th, we observe World TB Day to bring awareness among people about Tuberculosis, the tests that need to be taken and how it affects a person, and how quickly to fight against the disease and recover. In the year 1882, Dr. Robert Koch discovered that bacillus causes Tuberculosis. This day is to give hope and inspire people to fight bravely and give them support. Tuberculosis usually attacks the lungs; TB bacteria can attack any body part, like the brain, kidney, and spine. It is also noticed that even though infected with TB, some people won’t become sick.

World Tuberculosis Day 2023 Theme

The theme of World Tuberculosis Day 2023 is “Yes! We can end TB!” The theme gives the confidence that together we can fight and end Tuberculosis. This day is dedicated especially to bringing awareness among people and also highlighting all the efforts of people around the world to end this epidemic forever.

How can we observe World TB Day?

  1. It is advisable to take tests on time. The moment you suspect that there seems to be some problem and your cough is persistent and not stopping for more than four days, immediately get tested.
  2. In government hospitals, fee checks and free treatment are also given, so pay attention. It is better to be safe than to be sorry.
  3. Get your lungs also tested if you are going for a check-up in a private hospital.
  4. In most of the patient records it is found that they don’t even have an idea that they are suffering from TB. A person can suffer from latent TB for years without feeling a single symptom.
  5. Therefore, any simple doubt in your family or friend circle sharing your knowledge, give them confidence and take them for tests and treatment if it’s confirmed.
  6. Sometimes financial help may also be needed in your friend circle or relatives if they need immediate treatment. You can do all you can, and there are specific organizations where free treatment is provided; browse for the information and take appropriate action.
  7. This day is important to notice since many people suffer from TB.
  8. Based on research, it is estimated that around one-third of the world’s population is still infected with TB.
  9. By taking timely tests and treatment, a person can be saved; these days, there is much improvement with advanced medicine.
  10. By bringing awareness and helping people around us suffering from Tuberculosis, we can eradicate it as we fought and won in the case of Polio.

World TB Day Activities

  • We can prepare awareness content and images and post them on social media.
  • Children should be educated in schools and colleges to come home and share their knowledge.
  • Pregnant women should compulsorily take the TB test, and this knowledge should also be spread.
  • Colourful and message-oriented banners can be posted on the walls on March 24th.
  • We can also ask people to testify how they were tested, treated, and now leading an everyday life like everyone.
  • The government can develop a few more schemes to help people suffering from Tuberculosis.
  • NGOs can come forward and go to villages and educate the people about TB and its treatment.
  • As we say prevention is better than cure, we must educate everyone to get BCG vaccination to protect them against TB.
  • A good diet and exercise are mandatory for everyday Life once people recover from TB.

There are some slogans to inspire people and bring awareness among them related to Tuberculosis.


1. Imagine a world without TB –  This slogan gives a positive and great hope to mankind, saying that if there is no TB, then the world will be full of health and happiness.

2. Say no to Tuberculosis; say it to all – This slogan says that at first, we should get complete knowledge about TB, then we should educate everyone about it, giving them all the required information.

3. Call for a world free of TB – This makes everyone think about how beautiful Life and the world would be without TB. It also indirectly conveys a message that everyone has to get rid of habits like smoking to remain healthy.

4. Join hands against TB – This conveys that anything can be achieved if we work together and work as a team. We can save many lives if we all team up and put our efforts into bringing awareness and helping people in need who are fighting against TB.

World Tuberculosis Quotes

“The biggest disease today is not leprosy or tuberculosis, but rather the feeling of being unwanted.” – Mother Teresa

“Humans are intelligent, and let us act smart to ensure that the world is free from diseases such as tuberculosis.”

“Life is for living, and living isn’t for smoking. Spread the work and be aware of the deadly Tuberculosis.”

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