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World Sparrow Day is observed on March 20th of every year. After urbanization, with the construction of many buildings, we are cutting plants, which is becoming a threat to birds like sparrows. World Sparrow Day is especially to bring awareness among people to conserve and protect the sparrows.

It is the day when everyone should take some free time from their busy schedule and admire the beauty of nature and biodiversity. House Sparrow is called the Indian state bird of Delhi. Sparrows are important in controlling insects and depend on an insect diet to feed their younger birds.

Sparrows are Endangered in India

If we remember our childhood, the most common bird we see daily and known to us very well is the crow and Sparrow. But in recent times, can you recollect any incident where you have seen Sparrow? After building apartments and bigger independent houses, our generation might have seen the bird Sparrow only in the books.

Knowing that the common house sparrow is vanishing from our lives is painful. Sparrows play a crucial role in balancing our ecosystem, and we people are wiping them by constructing huge malls and buildings.

Do you want to save our Sparrow?

If you want to save our Sparrow, then you can be part of the organization” Nature Forever Society,” started by Mohammed Dilawar. Mohammed Dilawar has done his Masters in Environmental Science and Ecology. He worked for the Bombay Natural History Society and started developing his interest in birds. He started his society in the year 2009. It is an innovative project started to monitor the common birds. He started his project on World Sparrow Day.

Through detailed mapping, the CBMI monitors the birds. Dilawar’s project is successful by people coming forward and taking the initiative to revive these birds. Sparrows are shy and elusive in nature. The best time to view these birds is before 8 am. Many people are donating rice and bird baths, etc.; if you have time, you can see the terrace of Dilawar, where you can see the spectacular birds in groups joyfully making their soundings and having the rice.

Robo-2 Movie to wake People and Make them Think.

As you know, movies are truly entertaining and carry a message for society. While writing this blog about World Sparrow Day, one Movie that strikes me is Robo-2. Many of you may have watched it. The Movie carries a very important message as to how mobile towers and the selfish means of humans have become a threat to birds’ lives.

Being so busy, we only spend time on the most important things as responsible citizens. It is not just a job or any work that we are busy with and need to remember the important duties, but we should also take time to think about such important matters. The Movie and its incidents touch me.

I am looking forward to becoming part of this day. After watching the Movie, I put water and rice on the balcony. Sometimes I see pigeons and crows coming during summer for food and water, which makes me really happy.

All our negligence and unthoughtful acts are going to affect our future generations. With half-knowledge thinking that we are giving our kids the most advanced technology and advanced life, we are causing our nature to get affected, which would affect human life in the future.

So, next time we encounter any important message related to our nature and ecosystem, let us work together to make it successful and provide the best future for the next generations. Let us take the message given by the director on a serious note, and let us try our best to save the birds. If we take the first initiative, we can automatically see many hands joining us to save the birds.

World Sparrow Day Quotes

I love these quotes on Sparrows; these are good to read and make us think about our Sparrows.

“Sparrows were an interesting bird. They had dialects unique to each region they inhabited. If Waterton had a sound, it was the lonely Sparrow, keening for its mate. The trill was peaceful, but melancholy.” By Danika Stone

“Like the Sparrow, I’ve got a song to sing. Unlike the Sparrow, I must sing mine by faith.” By Elisabeth Elliot

“A traveler who knew many continents was asked what he found most remarkable. He replied: the ubiquity of Sparrows.” By Adam Zagajewski.

“Look at the sparrows; they do not know what they will do next. Let us live from moment to moment.” By Mahatma Gandhi

“The sparrows jumped before they learned how to fly, and they learned to fly only because they had jumped.” By Lauren Oliver

World Sparrow Day 2023 Theme

The World Sparrow Day 2023 Theme is “Love Sparrows.” This year, the government and many NGOs are coming forward to educate people about the importance of saving sparrows from becoming extinct. Many people are coming forward and trying to spend some time to see what they can do to save these birds. I am sure we all love sparrows, especially after knowing how they have been part of our lives for a long time.

World Sparrow Day Activities

If you have any ideas or thoughts about saving these precious birds, you may come forward and share your thoughts with all of us. Let us together save these birds and our future generations. We can share our ideas on social media, neighbourhoods can visit schools and colleges daily. We conduct a few competitions in the schools to educate the kids. Become a part of Dilawar’s project.

Make a little space in our balconies by putting some rice and water and letting the birds come and have their food. Let us take our kids to the zoo and other places to see the birds and learn about their importance in human life.

Sparrow Awards

The government is awarding everyone who is selflessly working to conserve the environment. The first Sparrow Awards was started in 2011 on March 20th, in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Winners of Sparrow Awards 2014 are Jag Mohan Garg, N. Shehzad & M. Saud, Jal Grahan Kameti, and Piplantri.

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