Twitter's Blue Tick Verification


Twitter recently announced changes to its verification process, including a new application system and additional criteria for receiving the coveted blue tick verification badge. Here’s what you need to know.

What is Twitter’s Blue Tick Verification?

Twitter’s blue tick verification is a process that allows users to verify their identity and authenticity as a public figure, celebrity, brand, or business. The blue tick badge appears next to a user’s name on their profile, indicating that Twitter has confirmed they are who they claim to be.

What’s Changed with the New Verification Process?

Twitter has introduced a new application process for its blue tick verification, which allows anyone to apply for verification by providing personal identification and additional information about their presence on Twitter. Additionally, Twitter has introduced new criteria for receiving verification, which include:

  • Complete profile information, including a profile picture, bio, and header image
  • A confirmed email address and phone number
  • Active use of Twitter for at least six months
  • Adherence to Twitter’s rules and guidelines
  • Additional information to prove their identity, such as government-issued ID or articles written about them

Why Did Twitter Change Its Verification Process?

Twitter’s previous verification process was criticized for being opaque and arbitrary, leading to confusion and frustration among users. By introducing a new application process and additional criteria, Twitter hopes to make the verification process more transparent and accessible to all users.

What Does This Mean for Users?

For users who are eligible for verification, the new application process provides a clear path to obtaining the blue tick badge. However, not all users will be eligible for verification, and Twitter has stated that it will review each application on a case-by-case basis.


Twitter’s new verification process is a step forward in providing a more transparent and accessible way for users to verify their identity on the platform. While not all users will be eligible for verification, those who are should take advantage of the new application process to increase their credibility and authenticity on Twitter.

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