Prevention of Blindness Week

Looking for history, theme, activities, quotes, and Slogans for Prevention of Blindness Week 2023? So in this article, you can get complete knowledge of Prevention of Blindness Week.

My name is Pankaj, and I am going to provide complete knowledge of Prevention of Blindness Week. I have been researching on google for 18 days. During that time I have found some interesting knowledge, which I am going to share with you.

One of the most beautiful blessings to us from God is to see this beautiful world. We see how beautiful nature is, we can see all our beloved ones, and we can capture and treasure many memorable moments in our eyes.

So, it is our prime responsibility to take care of our eyes. After using smartphones, we see that many people got addicted to using phones so much that they even see the phones in the dark taking their eyesight for granted. Better late than never, we should realise our mistakes and ensure we care for our eyes.

As part of Prevention of Blindness Week this year in 2023, the Government of India is conducting a campaign from 1st April to 7th April 2023 to bring Awareness among people and educate them about the prevention of blindness.

During this week, everything will be explained in detail about how to protect our eyes, what kind of food should be taken, and what mistakes we generally make that affect our eyesight.

This week is especially about Glaucoma, a total loss of vision. In the year 1976, the National Program for Control of Blindness was started, and since this, it has been continued every year for a whole week in the month of April.

Our Role to spread Awareness

  1. Let us get complete knowledge about this in the whole week clearing all our doubts.
  2. Let us spread Awareness among our family members and friends.
  3. Let us share some useful information related to this in our social media groups so that many people can be benefitted.
  4. There are four main causes of blindness, so let us get complete information about it.
  5. The four causes include cataracts, age-related macular degeneration, Glaucoma and diabetic retinopathy.
  6. Let us also share tips on how one can improve their eyesight.
  7. To improve eyesight, one must always eat healthy food that includes fruits and vegetables.
  8. Smoking should be stopped completely as it affects eyesight.
  9. While going out in the sun, one has to wear sunglasses.
  10. Take regular breaks whenever necessary from the computer and mobile screens.
  11. Go for regular eye checkups.
  12. One can include walnuts, carrots, salmon, eggs, sweet potatoes, flax seeds, squash, soybeans and green leafy vegetables for eye health.
  13. Do some eye exercises, and you can ask your doctor to suggest a few eye exercises for you.
  14. Get enough sleep. Lack of sleep would also affect your eyesight.
  15. Create eye-friendly surroundings at your home.

I want to share some more information that I have learnt recently about the eyes. If you too have any information, you are most welcome to share the information so that our knowledge can be helpful and bring Awareness among many people.

1. Headaches and Eyes are often interlinked:

Most of the time, we may ignore headaches considering stress or work pressure, but there is a possibility that the headache can be an indication of a vision problem. This can be caused as we spend most of the time looking at the screen on our mobiles or laptops, which automatically causes this problem.

2. Kids also get a headache that may be connected to eye problems:

So, parents and elders at home, please don’t ignore this important information; we often give our phones to keep our kids busy so that we can do our work, but overuse mobile would affect the kids’ vision.

3. Right time right checkup would save us:

So, any time you feel that you have a headache or kids at home complaining, don’t neglect but go and meet your ophthalmologist immediately and get checked.

4. There are certain places at the workplace where we may need to take additional precautions to keep our eyes safe. So make sure you take completely necessary precautions at the workplace before starting your job.

5. Take regular breaks from work either at home or the office. If you feel that your eyes are strained, then take a nap and relax for some time.

6. If you have an eye problem, immediately book an appointment and go for a checkup.

7. If you are wearing spectacles, then change them from time to time. Ensure you always wear your spectacles while working on something important, and don’t strain your eyes by keeping them away.

8. Practice well if you are using the lens. You should always touch your contact lens only after washing your hands properly.

9. Never use water on contact lenses.

10. Always use lens solutions while cleaning or storing them.

11. Stay hydrated, and drink sufficient water that your body needs.

12. If your job is working in the sun most of the time, then wear sunglasses and take other necessary precautions to protect your eyes from the sunlight.

13. Maintain a proper sleep cycle, and don’t let your eyes get strained.

14. Before sleep and immediately after waking up, don’t use your phone first.

15. Use eye drops on time to clear the dust from the eyes and keep them cool.

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