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People celebrate stories in the form of National storytelling week. National Storytelling week is celebrated between the 29th of January and to 5th of February.

Various storytelling resources are available to share with the children and encourage them to read. They are also encouraged to write their own stories.

Stories show us the world, they permit us to step into another person’s point of view and feel sympathy, they assist us with unwinding and getaway, and they can assist with creating fundamental proficiency abilities.


We know from our examination that kids who appreciate perusing are more likely to peruse over the level expected for their age than those who loathe perusing.

Perusing can likewise uphold kids’ and youngsters’ prosperity. We tracked down that perusing, composing, and paying attention to book recordings during lockdown has upheld kids’ psychological prosperity.

Youngsters said that perusing (59%), composing (41.3%), and paying attention to book recordings (31.8%) during lockdown encouraged them.

It’s never been a more significant opportunity to praise the enchantment of stories and urge kids to pursue entertainment only. Let’s discuss how to encourage people to celebrate storytelling week.

Resources to Help People Celebrate National Storytelling Week

National Storytelling week activities include:

1. Dive into the young reader’s story club: This short film assortment highlights phenomenal narrators, artists, journalists, and artists recounting energizing stories.

Every video has an alternate subject and a tomfoolery challenge to finish. The narratives can be utilized in the study hall or at home, and you can expand on them to present various subjects and classes.

2. Support early years children in telling stories: Kids get a handle on their surroundings through stories. Innovative narrating includes youngsters making up their accounts because of their inclinations, encounters, and creative mind—support early years kids to recount additional accounts in your setting using our top tips.

3. Share your class’s favourite stories with The Reading Tree Challenge: This challenge should be possible throughout the year and is a great visual approach to sharing stories.

Students are urged to compose the name of a book they have perused on a clear leaf, rate it out of five stars and add it to the uncovered parts of The Expectation Tree, allowing understudies the opportunity to grandstand and praise every one of the tales they have been investigating while at the same time watching the tree develop.


The National storytelling festival is a small day, but it’s equally important because it encourages children to read stories. It celebrates the stories in the form of this day. Everyone should celebrate storytelling week and encourage others also to celebrate it.
Through this article, I expect more and more people to celebrate National storytelling week 2023 more enthusiastically.

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