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The Importance of Science in Society

The unprecedented growth in science and technology keeps on changing our future. We have come a long way with different innovations in gadgets and technological aids that help us in our daily lives.

Our dependence on technology was evident during the times of covid when online services and cloud computing helped; us in undeniable ways in work, education and shopping. Science was, has and will be a definite part of our existence as the human race.

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National Science Fiction Day

Science fiction mainly gained popularity and fame in the 1950s in the United States of America. We saw a rise in the massive influence of science fiction in media outlets.

Cinematography, books, articles, and news columns started exploring unique and eye-catching ideas of dystopian societies, alien civilizations, humanoid creatures, extraterrestrial life, galactic wars and alternate futures.

Seeing the popular demands in this area of science fiction; motivated readers and science fiction lovers to come up with a National Science Fiction Day. November is known as the sci-fi month, and the 2nd of January is when Sci-fi day/ National Science fiction day is celebrated.

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National Science Fiction Month

Sci-fi month it’s an online extravaganza that is held annually in November. It’s mainly arranged to celebrate the enthusiasm of sci-fi fans who love to share their experiences and journey of reading sci-fi books.

The sci-fi genre is broad and touches upon many other disciplines like sci-fi, movies, TV shows, comics, arts, short stories, blogging, etc. If you are a nerd for science fiction, this is even a mask for you.

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How it all started

It began with the effort to celebrate the contribution of Isacc Asimov’s work. As we all know, Isacc Asimov is one of the most influential sci-fi writers of all time.

The first notable evidence of a famous written work in Sci-fi was in the year 1616 named ‘The Chemical Wedding ‘written by Christian Rosenkreutz.

The first ever sci-fi novel was Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, published in 1818. The initial emergence of sci-fi as a genre stirred controversy among existing authors and writers.

A few years after that, H.G Wells became the father of science fiction with his notable novels like The Time Machine (1895) and The War of the Worlds (1898).

By this time, the genre was within the periphery of the common people. Isacc Asimov became a revolutionary figure in sci-fi novels with notable works like “Foundation”, ‘I, Robot’, ‘The End of Eternity, ‘Foundations and Empire’ etc.

However, writers like Robert A. Heinlein and Arthur C. Clarke were well-recognized authors in this genre. These prominent figures paved the path for the Sci-fi genre in literature.

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What is the motto of science fiction day?

As mentioned earlier, the science fiction Bay was curated with the rise of the sci-fi genre. This day was mainly used to celebrate great works in the genre of sci-fi and to encourage young people to appreciate and read sci-fi. sci-fi day is also prominent for celebrating works in sci-fi movies.

Science fiction day reminds us that the gap between fiction and reality is negligible. It helps us to encourage the works of visionary writers who often predicted future events in the timeline. Today flying an aeroplane is achievable, but if we look back in time. We will find out that it was just a dream for mankind.

Similarly, if we look at our modern metropolitan cities and societies. We find that our existence with inanimate objects like machines and computers is mind-blowing. Imagine a person landing in today’s time from 200 years back; for him. This world might be like a dream which may not make sense.

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Science Fiction Day 2024

Science fiction day 2024 will be a non-official holiday celebrating everything related to science fiction. It will be celebrated next year on the 2nd of January (Monday).

To celebrate this day the following year. You can sit at your home and do a series of activities Which are as follows:

Watch good sci-fi movies like Blade Runner, Altered States, Dune, back to the Future Series, Aliens series, Terminator series etc.

Watch good television shows like X-files, Doctor Who, Fringe, Firefly, Red Dwarf, Altered Carbon etc.

Read good sci-fi books written by notable authors.

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