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National Science Day is celebrated every year on February: 28th. The first National Science Day was observed in the year 1987. National Science Day marks the importance of the “Raman Effect” invention by our Indian Scientist, CV Raman.

In our society, we come across two types of people: one follows everything related to religion, and the other beliefs in Science.

So, National Science Day is celebrated to bring awareness among people about the prominent role of Science in our everyday life. It also highlights the lifestyle differences among people before and after the inventions.

History of National Science Day

National Science Day is an important observance for Indian scientists and researchers, observed annually on February 28th. On this day in 1930, C V Raman – a renowned Indian scientist – discovered the Raman Effect.

It has since been celebrated as National Science Day to recognize his achievement and that of other Indian scientists.

After receiving his Nobel prize in 1930 for his research work on this groundbreaking phenomenon, Raman would receive many more such prizes throughout his lifetime.

C.V. Raman’s Contribution towards Science

C.V. Raman was an extraordinary young scientist. He initially performed tests alone before delegating K.S. Krishnan, one of his students, to study light behaviour.

They discovered that some light emanates in random directions when passing through a transparent substance – this discovery would later earn C V Raman the Nobel Prize for Physics.

List of the Themes of National Science Day


Year of Science Day

Science Day Theme

1 2022 Integrated Approach in Science and Technology for a Sustainable Future.
2 2021 Future of STI: Impact on Education Skills and Work
3 2020 Women in Science
4 2019 Science for the People, and the People for Science
5 2018 Science and Technology for a sustainable future
6 2017 Science and Technology for Specially Abled Persons
7 2016 Scientific Issues for Development of the Nation
8 2015 Science for Nation Building
9 2014 Fostering Scientific Temper
10 2013 Genetically Modified Crops and Food Security
11 2012 Clean Energy Options and Nuclear Safety
12 2011 Chemistry in Daily Life
13 2010 Gender Equity, Science & Technology for Sustainable Development
14 2009 Expanding Horizons of Science
15 2008 Understanding the Planet Earth
16 2007 More Crop Per Drop”
17 2006 Nurture Nature for our future”
18 2005 Celebrating Physics”
19 2004 Encouraging Scientific Awareness in Community
20 2003 50 years of DNA & 25 years of IVF – The Blueprint of Life”
21 2002 Wealth From Waste
22 2001 Information Technology for Science Education
23 2000 Recreating Interest in Basic Science
24 1999 Our Changing Earth

Different Activities can be conducted in Schools and Colleges on National Science Day.

  1. The schools and colleges can conduct an exhibition on National Science Day.
  2. There can also be a national-level competition where students from all over the country can be invited to participate and exhibit their inventions.
  3. Seminars, workshops and conferences can be organized for the paper presentation.
  4. Eminent speakers from the Science field can be invited, and they motivate students to choose ScienceScience as their subject and understand how ScienceScience would contribute to the nation’s growth.
  5. Quiz competitions can be held with questions related to Science inventions and scientists.
  6. Anyone interested in ScienceScience can be encouraged to forward and present their Science experiment.
  7. Essay writing competitions can be conducted at school and college levels.
  8. Poster presentations competitions can also be conducted to make presentations on the Scientists who are Nobel Prize winners.
  9. Students should be awarded in schools and colleges who made their inventions.
  10. The government can also conduct a special event inviting people with their inventions in Science.
  11. An exhibition can be conducted showing images and videos of how Science and Technology brought great change and improvement in our lives.

By conducting the above activities, there would be awareness among people about the importance of ScienceScience in our lives. Students scared to learn the subject may also understand its importance and overcome their fear of studying it.

It encourages many people to come forward with their experiments and encourages people to choose the Science field.

National Science Day strives to foster a scientific mindset among the general public, promote scientific research, and stimulate creative pursuits.

By spreading awareness of ScienceScience to the public and creating an encouraging scientific and technical environment, National Science Day hopes to enhance scientific literacy, publicize discoveries, and ignite creative endeavours.

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